1902 Mansfield Telephone Company:  City & County Directory


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Ackerman, F.C., residence, 213 Home Ave
Ackerman, W.K., Grocer, 20 S Main
Ackerman, Wm. Jr., residence, 42 W Second
Ackerman, Will W., residence, 201 E Third
Ackerman & Underwood, Rest. and Saloon, 73 N Main
Adams, Chas., residence, 184 N Diamond
Adams, Elmer, residence, 11 Junction
Adams Express Company, C.H. Shafer Agt., 35 N Main
Adams, George, residence, 83 Johns Ave.
Adams, Joseph, residence, 43 Woodland Ave.
Alley, H.T., residence, 263 E Third
Ames, Leslie, residence, 56 E Fourth
Andre, Marcellus, Baths,  45 Park Ave. West
Andre, Marcellus, residence, 65 Weldon Ave.
Andrew, S.W., residence, 336 W Fifth
Angle, John E., Grocer, 8  S Park
Appleman, C.D., Scrap Iron, Metals, etc. 57 E Fifth
Arnold, Wm., Restaurant and Saloon, 151 N Main
Arnold, Wm,., residence, 270 Park Ave.East
Au, A.H., residence, 326 W Fifth
Au, Dale,residence, 195 Bowman
Au,Sherman G., Grocer and Provisions, 243 N Main
Aultman & Taylor Machinery Co., office, 343 Main
Ayers, J.C., residence 96 Marion Ave.

Baer, Chas. W., Meat Market, 293 S Diamond
Baer, Chas. W., residence, 240 Hedges
Bailey & Walters, Livery and Feed Stable, 174 N Diamond
Baker, A.S., residence, 90 1/2 N Main
Baker, Mrs. T.S., residence, 109 E Fourth
Baker, Wm.H. ,residence, 94 E Fourth
Balliett, B.J., residence, 561 Park Ave. West
Balyeat & Hale,Mattress Co.,  481 N Main
Balyeat, Edwin D., residence, 136 Hammond Ave.
Bank of Mansfield, 55 N Main
Banks, Harry, residence, 44 Church Court
Bare Bros., Hardware, 22 S Main
Barnes Mfg. Co., Pumps, etc. 483 N Main
Barnes, T.R., residence, 87 W Second
Barnhill, T.Y., Grocer, 393 Marion Ave
Barton & Willis, Coal Office, 38 N Main
Barton & Willis Coal Yard, 181 E Fifth
Barton, Fred ,residence, 409 Spring Mill
Barton,W.M., Drugs, 38 N Main
Barton, W.M., residence, 521 Park Ave. West
Batman, Rev. L.G., residence, 158 W Fourth
Baughman, E.B., residence, Weldon Ave.
Baxter,E.D., residence, 177 W Second
Baxter,Mrs. Jas., residence, 139 Park Ave. East
Baxter, John , residence, 64 Sturges Ave.
Baxter Stove Co., Manufacturers, 240 E Fifth
Beal, Chas., residence, 262 E Fourth
Beals, Mrs. Chas., residence,17 W Second
Beam,Arlintha, residence, 503 S Main
Beam, Henry, residence, 34 Bartley Ave.
Beam,W.H., residence, 186 N Main
Beck, E.S., residence, 288 W Sixth
Becker, Mrs. Jennie, residence, 305 N Diamond
Bee Hive Store, Gro. and Dry Goods, 269 N Main
Beelman, H. H., & Co., Furn and Undertaking, 78 N Main
Beelman, Chas C,., residence, 127 N Walnut
Beidle, J.S., residence 97 Daisy
Beidle Philip, residence,253 E Fourth
Bell & Brinkerhoff, Attorneys, 77 1/2 N Main
Bell, H.M., Plumber and Tinner, 91 N Diamond
Bell, H.M., residence, 2 Perry
Bell, Jas. D., Whol. Leather and Saddlery, 10 W Third
Bell, Jas. D., residence, 317 Park Ave. West
Bell, S.F., residence, 272 Marion Ave.
Bell, T.M., residence,153 S Diamond
Benedict, Dr., L. C., Dentist, 48 Park Ave. West
Berlo, Tom, residence, 213 S Diamond
Berno, Edward, residence, 181 Hedges
Binger, Samuel J., Grocer, 54 N Main
Bird, Mrs. Belle, Windemere  114 Park Ave. West
Bissman Co., Wholesale Grocers, 183 N Main
Black, F.B., residence, 30 Blymer Ave.
Black, J. W., residence, 61 Bartley Ave.
Black, T.F., residence, 490 Park Ave. West
Blizzard, J.T., :Livery, East Third
Bloor, Thomas G., 213 Park Ave. East
Boden, V.,H., residence 71 S Foster
Bollinger, Susie, residence, 16 W Sixth
Bon Ton Hotel, Peter Ackerman, Prop., 196 N Main
B & O R R Co., Freight Depot, 187 N Walnut
Boos, H.W., Restaurant and Saloon, 198 N Main
Boston Store, Dry Goods, 28 N Main
Bowden, Wm., residence, 37 Blecker
Bowers & Black, Attorneys, Bird Building
Bowers & Mickley, Cigars, etc. Bird Building
Bowers, Lewis, residence, 354 Park Ave. West
Bowers, W.H., residence 206 S Main
Boyce, Mrs. Wm., residence, 33 Vennum Ave.
Bradford. Mrs. W.S., residence, 296 Park Ave. West
Branyan,M. L. & Bros., Coal Office, 167 N Main
Breidenstein, George, Hardware, 126 N Main
Breeidenstein, George, residence, 157 W Fourth
Bricker & Workman, Attorneys, 26 1/2 N Main
Bricker, S.S., residence, 54 S Mulberry
Bride, Charles, residence, 347 W Sixth
Bristor, Dr. John H., Dentist, 1 1/2 S Main
Bristor,Dr. John H., residence, 347 W Sixth
Bromwell Brush and Wire Goods Co., Ohio State Ref'y
Brooks, Geo. L., Grocer, Park Ave. East and Bentley
Brown,Geo. L. residence, 223 W First
Brown, J.W. & Co., Whol. Dry Goods and Notions, 210 N Main
Brown, J. W., residence, 120 N Mulberry
Brown Milling Co., The Hicks, Flour, 276 N Mulberry
Brubach, Fred, Meat Market, 163 N Main
Brubach, Fred, residence, 279 W Sixth
Brucker & Cummins, Attorneys, Dickson Building
Brucker, Lewis, residence, 484 Park Ave. West
Brumbaugh, Chas, residence 323 W Third
Brumenschenkel, Joseph, residence, 580 Marion Ave.
Brumfield, Chas., residence, 323 W Third
Brunk, G.W., Tailor, 14 Park Ave. West
Brunswick Hotel, M. F. Knittle Prop., Fourth and Diamond
Bull, John, residence, 201 East Second
Bunting, Wm., Jr., residence, 109 N Mulberry
Burkholder, J. H., residence, 68 1/2 N Main
Burneson. J. L.,  residence, 501 W Fourth
Burns, J. H., & Bros., Co.,, Office, 94 1/2 N main
Burns, Dr., John M., Office, 32 W Third
Bush, Mellie, residence, 176 East Fourth'
Bushnell, Fred M., residence 456 Park Ave. West
Bushnell, Dr., Wm. S,. residence, 35 N Mulberry
Butz. Edward, residence, 295 Spring Mill
Buyer, George residence, 172 W Fifth

Cairns, Chas. O., residence, 223 Park Ave. East
Caldwell & Bloor, Drugs, 1 N Main
California Wine House, 13 N Park St.
Cappeller. W.B., residence, 15 Chestnut
Carpenter & Rebuck, Attys and Real Estate, Carpenter Building
Casad, C,. residence, 304 N Main
Case & Schmidt, Grocers, 95 N Main
Case, M.C., residence, 15 Chestnut
Catholic Church,St. Peter's, First and Mulberry
Cave, H.E., residence,138 W Third
Central Fruit Co., Wholesale Fruit Dealers, 207 N Main
Chatlain, E.,Meat Market, 228 N Diamond
Chew, Chas. W., Attorney, 3 1/2 N Main
Children's Home, County Institution, 259 Hedges
Christian Church, The First, 52 W Fourth
Chronister, W.D., residence, 6 W Fifth
Cit Elec Ry Light and Power Co., Office, 34 N main
Cit Elec St Ry L and P Co., Power Station, 259 N Main
City Clerk, City Hall
City Engineer, City Hall
Clarke, Mrs. Elizabeth, residence, 125 W First
Cline & Nelson, Grain Elevator, 26 W Fifth
Cockley, H.H., residence, 22 Sturges Ave.
Cole, David, residence, 275 McPherson St.
Cole, George E., Grocer, 153 Bowman
Collins, Etta, residence, 288 N Main
Colwell Hardware Co., Hardware, 76 N Main
Colwell, S.J.,  residence, 131 W First
Colwell, W.G., residence, 160 Marion Ave.
Combs, Ida, residence, 62 N Foster
Congregational Church, The First, Park Ave. West
Cook, Mrs. Chas., residence, 191 W Fourth
Cook, Van C., residence, 257 W Third
Cooke,E.T., residence 565 Park Ave. West
Cookston Bros. Bicycle and Electric Work, 50 Park Ave. West
Cooper, J.M., Plumber, Masonic Temple
Coss, J.C., residence, 279 W Third
Cotter Transfer and Storage Co., office, 134 N Main
Cotter, C.D. residence, 42 Sherman Ave.
Coulter & Yeater, Grocers, 41 S Diamond
County Auditor, Court House
County Clerk of Courts, Court House
County Commissioners, Court House
County Infirmary, Directors,Office,71 N Diamond
County Jail,County Institution, S Diamond
County Probate Judge,Court House
County Recorders, Court House
County Treasurer's. Court House
Courtney Gun Club, between S Main and Lexington Ave.
Cousin, J.C., Whol Scrap Iron, Metals, etc., 256 N Diamond
Cox, Jud J., residence, 113 W Third
Craig,J.H., residence, 18 Lida
Craig, Dr. J., Harvey, residence, 70 W Third
Crescent Wagon Co., Cor. Orange and First Ave.
Crim, J.W., residence, 280 Marion Ave.
Critchfield, T.F., residence, 422 W Fourth
Cromer,Walter, residence, 17 N Wood
Croneis,J.L., residence, 327 N Main
Crouse, F & Son, Stoves and Tinware, Cor, Walnut & 5th
Crouse, E.W., residence,153 Stuerges Ave.
Crouse, F., residence, 62 Crouse
Crowner, Samuel, residence, 84 Orchard
Crystal Ice Co., Artifical Ice, 30 Wayne
Culver, Bert, Transfer Line, 161 1/2 N Main
Culver,Bert, residence, 49 East Sixth
Cummings & McBride, Attorneys, 9 1/2 N Main
Cummings, S.,G, residence, 508 Park Ave. West
Cummins, D.W., residence,  76 Bartley Ave.
Cupp, G.W., residence, 237 N Mulberry
Curtis, S.R., residence 78 Greenwood Ave.

Daily & Motter, Restaurant and Saloon, 34 E Fourth
Daily , Mrs. E.C., residence, 90 W Second
Danforth,O.L., Box Manufacturers, 146 N Main
Danforth, O.L., residence 14 Lexington Ave.
Davidson, T,R., residence, 303 N Main
Davis, C.A., residence, Arlington Ave.,
DePue, Cora B., residence, 49 N Diamond
Derr, Dr., W,.H., Vet Surg and Dentist, 66 N Franklin Ave.
Dice, Wm., Drugs, 46 Park Ave. West
Dickson Bros., Meat Market, Dickson Building
Dickson, V.M., Notions, etc., 18 S Main
Dill & Dille, Coal Office, 8 W Third
Dill & Dille, Coal Yard, 238 E Fourth
Dill, T., T., residence, 57 S Mulberry
Dille, F,.E., residence, 162 W First
Dir, John H., Music Dealer, 15 N Park
Dittenhoefer, A.B., residence, 154 Park Ave. West
Donnell & Marriott, Attorneys, 3 1/2 W Third
Douglass & Mengert, Attorneys, 21 1/2 N Park
Douglass, A.A., residence, 103 Marion Ave.
Douglass, M.E., residence, 282 W Fourth
Dow, Wm., residence, 564 park Ave. West
Downs, Chas. , Grocer, 115 Newman
Driscoll, Miss Minnie, residence, 222 Harker
Dunham, H. H., residence, 8 Perry
Dunlap. E.E., Restaurant, 124 N Main

Eagle Steam Dye Works, Sowash Bros.  144 N Main
Eby, J.C., residence, 72 Orchard
Ecki, Dr. S.P., Physician 17 1/2 E third
Ecki, Dr. S.P., residence, 365 Park Ave. West
Eddy, J.H., residence, 14 Weldon Ave.
Eggert, A,J, Grocer, 17 E Fourth
Endly, G.C, residence, 30 1/2 S Main
Enos, O. L., residence, 26 Summit Ave.
Erie R R Co., Ticket Office, Union Depot
Erie R R Co., Freight Office, 328 N Diamond
Ernst, Jos D., residence,81 State St.
Etz & Smith, Restaruent and Saloon, 236 N Main

Farber, Voegele & Pierson, Attorneys, Dickson Building
Farmers National Bank, 13 N Main
Feightner, Mary J., residence, 177 E Fourth
Fernyak Bros., Machinery, 15 E Fourth
Fernyak, Joseph, residence, 340 E Second
Ferree, Charlie, residence, 15 Buckley Ave.
Fidler, J.L., residence, 33 Willow
Findlay Brewing Co, R.A.Pettit, 37 W Fifth
Findley, Dr.Edwin, office, 24 S Mulberry
Fire Department, Engine House No. 1, City Hall
Fire Department, Engine House No. 2, N Main
Fire Department, Engine House No. 3, 3 Chestnut St.
Fisher, John T., residence, 135 Bowman
Fisher, M.E., residence, 285 N Main
Flockenzier, Mrs. Conrad, residence, 201 N Sycamore
Flockenzier, Conrad, residence, 200 N Main
Flohr, Gust, residence, 480 S Diamond
Ford, Edwin D., Grocer and Livery, Park Ave. and Benton
Ford, P. P., residence, 91 Wood
Ford & Co., S.N., Lumber and Planing Mill, 22 Elm
Ford, S.N., residence, 32 N Diamond
Forney, G.W. Jr. & Co., Liv and Hack Line, 4th & Walnut
Foster, Dr. T.J., residence, 18 S Mulberry
Fox, F.H., Notions, 122 N Main
Francis, Dr. D.R., Office, 30 W Fourth
Frank,C.E., Grocer, 30 S Main
Frank,Martin & Son, Brewery, 119 N Diamond
Frazier, M.D., residence, 171 W First
Frederick, P.W., residence, 232 W Fifth
Freese, H,J,., residence, 30 Willow
Freundlich, Louis, Clothier, 21 N Main
Frey, Joseph, residence, 16 N Diamond
Friend, M.C., residence, 47 Bushnell St.
Frietchen, George, residence, 122 N Franklin
Fritz, Chas. W., residence, 146 Sherman Ave.
Fritzinger, C.E.,Insurance,9 1/2 N Main
Fritzinger, C.E., residence, 187 Marion Ave.
Fry, Aaron residence, 9 Daisy St.
Fulger, John, residence, 313 Bowman
Fulger, W.H., residence, 53 Buckingham St.

Gambler, A.J., residence, 86 E Fourth
Gardner, Ida Bell, residence, 198 N Franklin Ave.
Gardner, Joe S., residence, 106 1/2 N Main
Gaskill, Mrs. Howard, residence, 105 Orange
Gates, Elizabeth, residence, 21 W Third
Gaul, Mrs. Elvira, residence, 21 S Franklin Ave.
Geltz, W.T.,Clothier, cor Main and Fourth
Gem Dining Hall, Mrs. C.N..Houseton, Prop'r., 97 N Main
Gerisch, Mrs. Louis, residence, 126 Sturges Ave.
Germann, Henry, residence, 62 Bently
Gertig,C.W., Sign Painting, 128 1/2 N Main
Gettings, E.S., residence, 125 Blanch
Gibson, Dick, residence, 311 E Fourth
Gifford and Statler, Attorneys, 77 1/2 N Main
Gilbert & Co., Flour Mill, 152 N Main
Gilbert, A.J., residence, 255 Marion Ave.
Gilkerson, W.M., Grocer, 240 N Mulberry
Gimbel, Christ, residence, 246 N Adams
Gipe, John,Meat Market, 43 S Diamond
Goard, John, residence,439 Spring Mill
Golden, Dr., Madge A, residence,58 Park. Ave. West
Goodman, Dr., Guy T., residence, 111 N Mulberry
Grabler & Ackerman, Music Store, 15 W Fourth
Gray, Burt, residence, 21 Popular
Gray, Mc, residence, 21 1/2 N Walnut
Great Atlantic Tea Co., J.L. Barr, Prop'r, 12 S Main
Green,Mrs. Effie, residence, 176 Glessner Ave.
Greene, J Frank, residence, 194 N Mulberry
Greving, Herman, residence, 16 Superior
Griffith, C. C., residence, 49 W Fifth
Gross, Adam, residence, 62 High
Grove, F.B.,rsidence, 58 E Third
Gruenig, Geo., residence, 338 Newman
Grumbling, Fred, residence, Highland Ave.
Gurney Ball Bearing Umbrella Co. Mfr's Umbrellas and Neckwear, cor Walnut and Second

Haffa, J.E., Grocery, 213 S Main
Hahn, Berno & Co., Dry Goods,2 N Main
Hale, A.R., residence, 382 Park Ave. West
Hall, E.L., residence,311 Marion Ave.
Hanlon, I .S., residence 61 E First
Harbaugh & Lindeman, Job Printers, 32 E Third
Harbaugh, T.A., residence,  258 E Second
Hardgrove, Curtis, Grocer, Cor Diamond  and Fourth
Harding, Dr. B.F., residence, 94 N Main
Hardman, Chas. C., residence 311 W Fifth
Harmon, Monroe, residence, 55 Sturges Ave.
Harris, Geo. S. & Sorf, Stoves & Plumbing, 31 N Park
Harris, Miss Dorothy, residence, 151 W Third
Harroun, H & Co., Queensware, 27 N park
Hart, Mrs. W.H., residence, 55  S Adams
Hart,C.J., residence, Cor Cline and Marion Ave.
Hartenfels,John, residence,160 Lexington Ave.
Harter, Adam, residence, 50 Orchard
Hartman, Theo., residence, 300 Hartman
Hasenzahl, Chas., residence, 155 Vennum Ave.
Hawk, Wm., residence, Beethoven St.
Hawkins, J.A., residence, 229 W Third
Hayner, Howard, residence, 131 S Mulberry
Hecht & Myers. Cleaning and Repairing Clothing, King Bldg.
Heck, W.E., residence, 25 Foster
Heimrich, Otto, Livery, 12 E Third
Hein & Leach, Grocers, 148 S Adams
Heinberger, Geo., residence, 546 Spring Mill
Heineking, Fritz Sr., residence ,126 E Fifth
Heineking, Fritz Jr., residence, 218 Newman
Heineman, A.J., residence, 58 W Third
Heiser, Ed. Restaurant and Saloon, 238 N Diamond
Heiser, Ed., residence, 57 N Adams
Hemlick, A.J.,, Confectionery and Ice Cream, 9 N Main
Hendrickson, E.F., residence, E First
Henry & Reed, Attorneys, 21 1/2 N Park
Henry,J.P., residence, 247 Marion Ave.
Herring, Mrs. M., Grocer, 294 S Diamond
Herring Buggy Co, M'f'rs, Cor. Fourth and Foster
Herring, Wm. C., residence, 113 Bowman
Hersh, N.F.,residence, 15 Henry
Hershey, Bryon, residence, 21 willow
Hershey, J.W., residence, 161 W First
Hill & Fox, General Insurance, Sturges Ave.
Hill, W.B., residence, 103 N Franklin Ave.
Hine, Fred W., residence, 113 B Franklin Ave.
Hines, Irene S., residence, 169 Sturges Ave.
Hink,J.F., Livery, 58 N Franklin  Ave.
Hoffer, J,E., Meat Market, 75 N Main
Hoffer, Joe F., Meat Market,75 N Main
Hoffman, Chas, Tinner, 106 N Walnut
Hoffmann, I.S., residence, 66 Vennum Ave.
Hogan, Cornelius, residence, `53 N Main
Hogan, Patrick, residence, 274 W Fourth
Hogmer, Mrs. Sadie, residence, 49 S Diamond
Holm, Geo. A. & Bros., Printers and Binders, 105 N Main
Holm,Geo., residence,224 W Third
Holstine, Gus, Wholesale Liquors, 113 N Main
Homberger, Edward, residence, 522 Park Ave. West
Hoover & Helt, Grocers, 18 W Fourth
Hoover & Tressel, Boyd Patent Harness and Shaft Buckle Co., Dickson Building
Hoover, J.H., residence, 73 John Ave.
Hoover,S.D., residence, 219 Hedges
Horning & Sexton, Restaurant and Saloon, 14 S Main
Hostetter, Adella, residence, 53 Douglas Ave.
Houpt. W.H., Marble and Granite, 34 S Diamond
Houseton, Dr., C.N., residence 24 E Fourth
Houston, Wm. T., residence, 20 N Franklin Ave.
Hubbs, Chas., Copal Dealer, 28 Orange
Hughes, Hohn, residence, 110 Glessner Ave.
Humphreys Mfg. Co., Pumps, etc. 201 E Fifth
Humphreys, Mrs. John, residence, 338 Park Ave. West
Hunt, G.W., residence, 243 E Fourth
Hunt, John, residence, 26 Ritter
Hursh Bros., Drugs, Cor Fourth and Diamond
Hursh, F.B., residence, 2 Lincoln Ave.
Huston, C, H., residence, 231 W Third
Huston, Mrs., Edna, residence, Highland Ave.
Hutzelman, Henry, residemce, 79 Sherman Ave.

Independent Oil Co, Refined Oils, 31 Orange
Ink, J.B., residence, 69 Marion Ave.
Irwin, Mrs. H., residence, 48 N Diamond

Jefferson, V,.W., ,residence, 28 Glessner Ave.
Jenner & Weldon, Attorneys, 27 N Main
Jenner, John W., residence, 201 Park Ave. West
Jenner, S.E., residence, 130 W Second
Johnson, E.S., residence,151 W First
Johnson, J.K., Furniture and Carpets, 29 N Park
Jones, A.L., residence, 427 S Main

Kagey, Mrs. R.L., residence, 85 Vennum Ave.
Kahl, Mrs. Jennie, residence, 190 N Mulberry
Kallmerten, C.J., Restaurant and Saloon, 103 N Main
Kaser, Calvin, Bakery, 11 Park Ave. West
Kass Bros., Meat Market, 14 W. Fourth
Keating, C.H., Atty. 9 1/2 N Main
Keifer, Saml. Grocer, Cor. First and Hedges
Keirschbaum, Geo. B., Restaurant, 6 W Third
Keith Credit Register Co., Job Printers, News Bldg.
Keith, B.B., residence, 226 W Fifth
Keltner, C.C.m residence, 507 Spring Mill
Kenson, Dr., G.W., Dentist, 106 1/2 N Main
Kern, W.F., residence, Bissman Flats
Kessler, Alois, residence, 210 Lexinton Ave.
Kick,Mrs. Wm., residence 32 S Park
Kidder,C.H., residence, 212 N Mulberry
Kile, S & W.L., Sucker Rod Mfgs., Olivesburg Rd.
King, C.H., residence 403 Bowman
King, C.H., residence, Arlington Ave.
Kissane, R.P., Tailor, 65 1/2 N Main
Klein & Schmutzler, Restaurant and Saloon, 15 N Park
Klim, V.M., residence, 13 W Second
Kline and Crider, Grocery and Meat Market, Cor Fourth and Bowman
Kline, Wallace, residence, 150 N Franklin Ave.
Knofflock, Geo., residence 110 W First
Koch, Chas. L. & Co., Wall Paper etc., 32 S Main
Koch, Louis, Meat Market, 185 S Diamond
Kooken,H,C., residence, 129 N Mulberry
Koontz, D.S., residence, 202 N Mulberry
Kopp, Chas. D., Broker, Bird Bldg.
Krabill & Motter, Meat Market, 27 S Main
Krause Bros. Co., The, Grocers, 70 N Main
Krause, John, residence, 133 N Walnut
Krebs, H.M., residence, 12 Willow
Kuebler, Louis S., residence, 143 W First

Laird,Jacob, residence, 171 W Fourth
Lane, Geo., L., residence, 196 W Third
Lanehart, John, residence, 190 W Fifth
Langan, John, residence, 203 N Diamond
Lantz, A.C., Dry Goods, 13 E Fourth
Lantz, A.C., residence, 382 W Fourth
Lantz, C.M., Grocery and Meat Market, 8 Vennum Ave.
Lantz, J.C. & Son, Flour Mills 21 E Fifth
Lantz,Samuel, residence, 244 e Second
Laser & Houston, Attys., 21 1/2 N Park
Laser, H.R., residence, 55 S Main
Laser, J.C., residence, 356 Marion Ave.
Lash Bros., residence, 89 S Adams
Lauer & Ackerman, Meat Market, 12 1/2 S Diamond
Lauer, John, residence, 508 Spring Mill
Lautzbaugh, J.H., Meat Market, 7- Buckingham
Lacer, E.T., Grocer, 3 N Adams
Lacer, E.T., residence, 144 E Third
Lawrence, B.S,, residence, 263 Glessner Ave
Lean Mfg. Co., The Roderick Harrows, 326 Park Ave. East
Leidigh, J.W., Atty., 9 1/2 N Main
Lemon, W.W., residence, 117 W Third
Lewis, Mrs. Catherine, Buckingham Sturges Ave.
Liffring & Liffring, Drs., residence, Cor Park Ave, West and Mulberry
Liggins, J.W., residence,177 N Sycamore
Lindeman, Clarence, residence, 379 Spring Mill
Lindley,J.B.,Laundry,rear 109 N Main
Lindsey,Dr. A.N., Dentist, 32 1/2 N Main
Lindsey, Dr. A.N., residence, 270 park Ave. West
Lindsley Mfg. Co., Bed Springs, etc. opp. Union Depot
Liston, Samuel, residence, 60 Sherman Ave.
Lockard, Dr. John A., residence,59 N Mulberry
Logan & Freidgen, Seed Barn and Sale Stable, 196 N Diamond
Loiselle, L.N., Bakery, Restaurant and Ice Cream Mfg., 8 N Diamond
Long's Ten Cent Barn,Livery , Sale Stable. 62 S Diamond
Loomis, C.F., residence, 18 S Benton
Loomis, Wilbur C., residence, 302 Marion Ave.
Lore, Geo. C., Photographer, 15 1/2  N Main
Lorentz Baking Co., Bakery, 31  S Adams
Loughridge, Dr. Wm. E., residence , 17 N Mulberry
Lowery, G.H., residence, 92 Marion Ave.
Lucas, Geo. S., residence, Bissman Flats
Luscher, John,  Restaurant and Saloon, 23 E Fourth
Luscher, Louisa, residence, 213 N Main
Lutheran Church, The First, Cor Mulberry and Park Ave.
Lutheran Church, St. Paul's, W Third

Maglott, Dr. John, residence, Cor S Diamond and First
Maguire & Galbraith, Attys, 27 N Main
Maguire, Jas. J., residence, 338 marion Ave.
Manner & Henderson, Atys, 461/2 N Main
Manner, E.M., Meat Market, Cor Adams and Park Ave. E
Manner, E.M.  residence, 375 S Diamond
Manner, Harry T., residence 21 Henry
Mansfield Book Bindery, Blank Books, 100 1/2 N Main
Mansfield Candy Works, Mfgs. and Jobbers Confectionery, 106 1/2 N Walnut
Mansfield Club, The, Krause Bldg.
Mansfield Courier, The, Newspaper amd Job printing
Mansfield Elastic Web Co, 165 Park Ave. East
Mansfield Ice Co., Office, Cor Main and Third
Mansfield Linseed Olu and Meal Co., W.H.Felger, Mgr., 26 W Sixth
Mansfield Mutual Fire Inc. Co., Cor Main and Fourth
Mansfield Paper Box Co., Mfrs. Paper Boxes, 131-133 N Diamond
Mansfield Pattern & Model Works, 171 N Walnut
Mansfield Photo Supply House, W.F.Frankenberger, Mgr. 31 Park Ave. West
Mansfield Printing Co., Job Printing, 14 E Fourth
Mansfield Steam Laundry, 238 N Main
Mansfield Telephone Co.,I.S. Hoffmann Gen.Mgr., Tel Bldg
Mansfield Telephone Co., Bookkeeper, Telephone Bldg.
Mansfield Telephone Co., Wareroom, Telephone Bldg.
Mansfield Telephone Co., Wire Chief,Telephone Bldg.
Mansfield Trades Council, Smith Bldg.
Mansfield Trading Stamp Co., Advertising, 10 S Main
Mansfield Vehicle Co., Buggy Mfgs., 26 Orange
Marcks & Harrington, Restaurant and Saloon, 58 N Foster
Marmet, S.A., Grocer, 108 Orchard
Marriott, O.C., residence, 26 1/2 N Main
Marshall, Claude, residence, 133 Bowman
Martin, Chas. E. & Bros., Tinners and Roofing, Cor Diamond and S Park
Martin, A.B., residence, 541 Park Ave. West
Marzetti, Joe, residence, 145 N Main
Masline, M., residence, 287 N Main
Mateer, W.H., residence, 97 Henry
Matthes & Amsbaugh, Grocers, 12 N Diamond
Maxwell, R.B., & Co., Dry Goods, 27 N Main
Maxwell, R.R., residence, 19 Flint
May, Manuel Atty., 22 S Park
Mayor's Office, City Prison
Meck, D.C., residence 98 Sherman
Mecklem, Dr. W.S., residence, 98 Sherman Ave.
Meily  Bros., Grocers, Cor. Main and Fifth
Meily, Mrs. Chas., residence, 76 N Diamond
Mengert, L.C., residence, 90 W First
Merchants & Manufacturers Mutual Ins. Cop., M.E.Douglass, Sec.10 1/2 N Diamond
Merrell, J. M., residence, 35 Blanch
Merwin, B.,E., residence, 182 Marion Ave.
Messersmith, Chas., Grocery, 303 Spring Mill St.
Methodist Episcopal Church, Cor Diamond and Oark Ave.
Miles, Dr., C.N., residence, 8 Stocking Bldg.
Miller, C.F., residence, 238 W Third
Miller, E.L., residence, 75 E Third
Miller, G.W., residence,356 Spring Mill
Miller, John H., Tailor, 71 N Main
Miller, John H., residence, 5 Weldon Ave.
Miller, Otto S., Tailor, 111 N Main
Miller, W. Howard, residence, 140 W Second
Mills, Fred, residence, 9 Bell
Milner, Frank, residence, 152 Vennum Ave,
Minch,Fred, Tailor, 37 1/2 N Main
Mitchell, Mrs. Edith, residence, 245 W Third
Mock, Chas. H., Meat Market, 194 E Second
Mohican Club, Sturgess Bldg.
Mohler, Ira, residence, 58 Crouse
Monitor Iron Co., The ,Office ,room, 17 Purdy Bldg.
Monitor Iron Co., The Flat Iron Mfgr's, factory, rear 28 N Adams
Montis, L.A., Livery and Hack Line, 53 N Walnut
Moorehouse, Geo., Attorney, 9 1/2 N main
Morehead, R.J., Grocer, 105 Newman
Morrell, Mrs. A. E.. residence, 152 N Diamond
Morris, Geo. M., residence, 28 N Adams
Morrison, Chas., residence 89 W Second
Mosey. K. C., residence, 78 Wood
Mosey, Wm., residence, 99 W Second
Mountain, Chas., residence, S Wood
Mowry, Samuel, 150 W First
Mowry, W.C., residence, 94 E Third
Murray., L. D., residence, 202 1/2 N Main
Myers, T.B., residence 47 Vale Ave.

McBee, Thomas, residence, 105 W Second
McBride, C.,E., residence, 506 Park Ave. West
McBride, Dr., J. Lillian, residence, 181 S Diamond
McCarty, J. C., residence, 292 N Main
McCellan, C.L. , residence, 34 Ritter
McClelland, W. H., residence, Weldon Ave.
McCombs. Dr. John, residence, 34 W Fourth
McCready & Co., Grocers, 59 E Third
McCullough, Dr., A. H., Office, 78 Park Ave. West
McCullopugh, Dr. A. H., residence, 580 Park Ave. West
McDermott, Marcus, Justice of the Peace, 63 1/2 N Main
McFarland & Son, Grocers, 19 N Park
McFarland, Mrs. Rosa, residence, 109 1/2 N Main
McGinty, E., Baker, rear 17 E Fourth
McNeil, B. F., residenmce, 151 Park Ave. East
McPhern & Stone, residence, 151 Park Ave. East
McQuillen, Mrs. Isa B., residence, 55 N Diamond
McVey, Carl, 113 W Second

Nagle, Edward s., residence, 98 1/2 N Main
Nail, F.U., residence, 131 S Main
Neil, A.F., residence, 22 Augustine Ave.
National Biscuit Co., Crawford-Taylor Branch, Cor Walnut and Fifth
Nautz, Jas. M., residence, 384 W Fifth
Neal,  S.B .,Grocer, 3 N Main
New, Theo., Clothier and Furnisher, 52 N Main
News Printing Co., Counting Room, News Bldg.
News PrintingCo., Editorial Room, News Bldg.
Newcomer, Lloyd, residence, 53 Stocking Ave.
New York Auction Syndicate, Notions, etc., 91-93 N Main
Nichols, Dr. J.H., residence ,Cor Park Ave. w and Mulberry
Niman, Jas. A., Undertaker, 109 N Main
North American Watch Co., Watch Springs, etc. Spring St.
Novelty Sign Co., Mfgrs., Telephone Bldg.

Obney, W.B., residence, 112 E Fourth
Office Saloon & Restaurant, M. Reining, Prop., 72 N Main
O'Harrow, W., residence, 51 Elm
Ohio Brass Co,. The,Plating Brass, Electric, Ry Supplies, opp Union Depot
Ohio Business College, The 16 1/2 Park
Ohio State Reformatory, Sup't Office, Olivesburg Rd.
Ohio Suspender Co., 31 1/2 N Park
Oliver Chilled Plow Works, R. A. Bogardus, Mgr., opp Penna Frreight House
Osbornm J,.E., Drugs, 63 N Main
Osborne & Co., D.N., Agricult/r/l Impliments130 N Main
Oslander, Edward, Restaurant and Saloon, 66 N Main
Oswalt, A,E., Grocer, 155 N MAin
Oswalt, M.E., residence, 58 E First
Ott, Louis A., Jeweler and Optican, 24 N Main
Ozier, C.E., Cigars, etc., Public Lay Station, 7 N Main
Ozier. CD.E., residence France Flats

Page, Frank, residence, 470 S Diamond
Palmer, H.,G., residence 29 Wood
Parker, H.C., residence, 192 Park Ave., East
Parsons, LeRoy, Insurance, 30 1/2 N Main
Parsons, Le Roy,residence, 356 W Fourth
Patterson, Mrs. John, residence, 83 W Fourth
Patterson,W.G., residence, 53 Sherman Ave.
Patterson, Mrs,. W.R., residence, 169 Popular
Pennock, Chas. A., residence, 36 Augustine Ave.
Peterson, Wm. H., residence, 171 W First
Pettit, R.A., Wholesale Liquors, 37 W Fifth
Pettit, R.A., Restaurant and Saloon, 268-270 Spring  Mill
P Ft. W & C R R, Freight Office, N Adams
P FT W & C R R, Ticket Office, Union Depot
Phoenix Electric Mfg. Co., Mfgrs, Olivesburg Rd.
Pike, F.M., residence, 20 N Benton
Piper. A.E., residence, 263 Harker
Pluck,J.N., Livery, VonHof Alley
Poe. W.L., residence, 36 Vennum Ave.
Poland,A.S., residence, 255 Park Ave. West
Police Station, City Prison
Pollock,Mrs. J.T., residence, 31 Sycamore
Pollock, T.H., residence, `85 N Diamond
Porch, D. Lee, residence, 40 Augustine Ave,
Portman, John, residence, 293 E Second
Post Office, W.S.Cappeller, P.M., Masonic Temple
Postal Telegraph Cable Co., G.M. Purdy, Mgr., 61 1/2 N Main
Potter,E.J., Photographer, 13 1/2 N Park
Potter.C.C., residence, 157 E Fourth
Presbyterian Church, The First,  N Mulberry
Preston,Burton,Marble and Granite, Dickson Bldg.
Preston, Burton, residence, 545 Park Ave. West
Preuss, Rev. Geo., U., residence, 281 W Fourth
Price, A.L., residence, 187 Park Ave. West
Proctor, Mrs. T.R., residence, 135 Wood
Purdy, Geo. M., residence 12 Wood

Railway Mail Service Office,W.L.Poe. Supt., Bird Bldg.
Rawling, Eugene, residence, 219 W Third
Rebuck, W.H., residence 177 W Third
Reed. Mrs. Kate, residence, 19 1/2 E Fourth
Reed & Gugler, Laundry, 24 N Walnut
Reed, H.L. & Co., Dry Goods, Cor Main and N Park
Reed, N.K. & Co., Vehicles and Harness, 35 N Park
Reed, N. K., rersidence, Cor Second and Mulberry
Reed, W.C., residence, 266 E Fourth
Reining, Michael, residence, 165 Sturges Ave.
Reinoehl, J.J., residence, Cline Ave.
Remy, Albert. F. & Co,, Wholesale Grocers, 320 N Diamond
Remy, Albert F., residence, 183 W Second
Remy, Herman, Restaurant and Saloon, 247 N Main
Remy, Theodore, residence, 250 W Third
Renner & Webber, Brewery,75 E Fourth
Rettig, Andy, residence, 169 Newman
Reynolds, F.W., residence, 205 Coul
Reynolds, J.W.. residence,  371 Marion Ave.
Richardson Bottling Co., The, Mineral Water, 798 E Fifth
Richardson,J.R., Justice of the Peace, Dickson Bldg.
Richy, Elza, residence, 217 N Main
Richland County Infirmary Directors, Office, 71 N Diamond
Richland Savings Bank, The, 32 N Main
Richland Buggy Co., Buggy Mfgr. Newman Street
Rickets, Mrs. G.W., residence, 70 E Fourth
Rieder, G.W., residence, Oak St
Rigby Cigar Co., J.A., Cigar Jobbers, 13 E Third
Ritter, Chas., Books,Stationary & Wall Paper, 67 N Main
Ritter, Mrs. Wm., residence, 181 N Main
Robbins, Mrs. F.H., residence, 55 E Fourth
Robbins, Mrs. Jennelle, residence, 196 N Franklin Ave.
Roberts, H.C., residence, 236 Park Ave. East
Robison & Hutchison, Attys., Sturges Bldg.
Robison, T.R., residence, 459 S Main
Roe, Dr., L.W., Dentist, 3 1/2 N Main
Roethlisberger, Paul, residence, 45 Sherman Ave.
Roethlisberger, Saml. residence, 86 Wood
Romer, Mrs. Geo., residence, Newville Rd.
Ross, C.F., residence, 196 S Franklin Ave.
Ross, Wm., Restaurant and Saloon, Cor Mulberry and Sixth
Roth & Roethlisberger, Meat Market, 12 Park Ave. West
Roth, Mrs. Fred, residence, Nurse, 7 Superior
Routzahn, V.C., residence, 215 W Fifth
Rumper, E.R., residence, 278 Park Ave. West
Runyan, C.C., & Son, Plumbing,  25 Park Ave. West
Runyan, C.C., residence, 156 Sherman Ave.
Rusk Bros., Coal Office, 18 S Main

Saiter, Harry, Buggy Mfr. and Blacksmith, 59 N Diamond
Schad, A., Tailor, 60 N Main
Schisler, Geo., Plumber, 35 N Main
Schisler,Lewis, residence, 213 Arch
Schnug, C.J., residence, 272 Wayne
Schrack, Wm., residence , 272 E Fourth
Schreiber, Rev., F.A., residence 81 S Mulberry
Schroer & Son, Chas, 113 N Diamond
Schwein Bros., Tailors, 28 E Fourth
Schwier, Frank, residence, 256 N Main
Scott, C,.E., Music Dealer, 28 S Main
Scott, John E., residence, 328 W Fifth
Scott, J.Y., residence, 17 Vennum Ave.
Sedalia Coal Co., Office and Yards, Opp Union Depot
Segesman, C.F., residence, 16 1/2 N Diamond
Seibert, B.F., residence, 124 Rowland Ave.
Seidle & Tingley, Meat Market, 301 Spring Mill
Seifley, Joseph, residence, 87 W Fifth
Senhauser Clothing Co., 32 N Main
Sharp,.Chas., Restaurant and Saloon, 101 N Main
Shauck, Prof. A.K., residence, 75 N Mulberry
Shaw, A.W., residence,  98 Altamont Ave.
Shield Publishing Co., Counting Room, 17 N Park
Shield Publishing Co., Editorial Room, 17 N Park
Shocker, Thomas, residence,  128 W Fourth
Shoenfield, I., residence, 147 S Main
Shreffler, Mrs., F.H., residence,  401 W Fifth
Singer Mfg., Co., The, N.K.Scott, Mgr. 28 S Main
Slough & Brust, Real Estate, 104 Bird Building
Smith, Miss Anna Metcalfe, residence, 318 Park Ave. W
Smith, Bud,  residence, 73 Park Ave. East
Smurr, Mrs. S.J., residence, 322 W Fourth
Snyder, Dr., C.H., Dentist, Y M C A Building
Snyder, Dr., C.H., residence,  270 W First
Snyder, H.F., Home Builders League, Savings and Loan Co., 111 Bird Building
Snyder, John, residence,  84 Buckingham
Southern Hotel, The Dell Rudd, Prop. cor S Park & Main
Spain, A.L., residence, 297 N Main
Spayde, Miss Maude, residence, 341 W Sixth
Spitler, A.F., Cold  Storage, 19-21 E Sixth
Spitler, A.F., residence, 310 W Fourth
Stafford, Dan, residence, 218 E Second
Stahlheber, Tobias, 144 N Franklin
Standard Oil Co., Refined Oils, rear  B & O Depot
Standard Upholstering Co., 21 N Walnut
Stanick & Hartwig, Carriage Works, 18 S  Walnut
Stanick, Andrew, residence, 75 Wood
Stark, C.L.M., residence, 47 Douglas Ave.
Stark, L.L., residence, 136 Vennum Ave.
Stark, W.W., residence, 209 Marion Ave.
Star Laundry, Lewis & Hettinger, Props., 104 N Walnut
Stawenick, Victor, residence, 215 Popular
Stevens, A.B., residence, 304 E Second
Stevens, Dr., J.L., residence, 225 N Mulberry
Stevenson, Andrew, Attorney, 27 N Main
Stevick, Otto, residence, 258 E Fourth
Stewart,Geo., H., residence, 24 Glessner Ave.
Stillwart,Horner, residence, 34 Blocker
St. Lukes Parsonage, Cor Park Ave. W and Marion Ave.
Stohler, M.H., residence , 16 W Fourth
Stoodt, Wm. & Sons, Meat Market, 2 S Main
Stough, W.C., residence, 325 Spring Mill
Stover, Bob, residence, 142 Park Ave, East
Strong Elevator Co., office, 15 N Main
Stuhldreher,George, residence, Cline Ave.
Stutz, Wm. Jr., residence, 86 Grace
Styert, A., Grocer, Cor Diamond and Sixth
Styert, F.M., Hides, S Franklin Ave.
Styert, R.O., Meat Market, 113 Newman
Sullivan"s Cigar Store, Cigar and News Stand, 47 N Main
Sullivan, Miss May L., residence, 109 W Third
Summerville, A.J., Sec'y., Lumberman's Mutual Insurance Co., Dickson Building
Summerville, A.J., residence, 317 W Third
Sweet, Chas., Confectionary & Cigar Store, 241 N Mulberry
Swendal, A.W., residence, 217 Home Ave.

Tait, Jas. J., Plumber, 18 S Park
Tait, Jas. J., residence, 182 Sturges Ave.
Tait, Thos., residence, 10 Henry
Taylor, Orin,. J., residence, 207 W Third
Them, Mary, residence, 17 Perry
Thomas, C.,H., residence, 258 N Bowman
Thornton, Lizzie, 192 N Franklin Ave.
Thornton, W.J., residence, 226 1/2 N Diamond
Thuma, F.S., Meat market, 242 N  Mulberry
Tingley, C.B., residence, Olivesberg Rd.
Tobias, W.H., residence, 139 Popular
Todd, John H., Insurance, Dickson Bldg.
Tooney, Ed., residence, 99 E First
Townsend, E.O., residence, Penn Ave.
Tracy and Avery, The, Wholesale Grocer, Cor Fifth and Diamond
Tremont House, E.A. Leech, Prop., opp Union Depot
Tressel,L., residence, 315 W Third
Twentieth Century Mfg. Co., Washing Machines & Churns, 282 N Diamond

Uhlich, Geo., W. & M., residence, 15 Washington Ave.
Uhlich, Henry, residence, 485 Spring Mill
Uhlich, Hudson, residence, 123 N Mulberry
Uhlich, J.F., Bakery. 244 N Mulberry
Ulmer & Co., Grocers, 18 Park Ave. West
Ulmer, S.A., residence 247 W Third
Union Barber Chair Co., Cabinet Mfgs. 171 N Walnut
Union Laundry, M.F. Clinbe, Prop., Cor Third and Diamond
Upson Bros. Coal Office, 43 N Main
Upson Bros. Coal Yard, 29 W Sixth
Upson, J.E., residence, 312 Park Ave. West
U.S. Express Co., H.M., Alvord, Agt., 50 N Main

Voegele Bros. Office, Wholesale and Retail Coal Dealers, N Main
Voegele Bros., Coal Yard, 215 E Third
Vonhof Hotel, The, I. Shoefield, Mgr., 62 N Main

Wagner Hardware Co., The, 25 N Park
Wagner Hardware Co., The, Warehouse, E Fifth
Wagner, C.W., Drugs, 25 S Main
Wagner, Geo., Restaurant and Saloon, 3 N Diamond
Wagner, Geo., residence, 56 Hammond Ave.
Walter, Fred, residence, Spring Mill St.
Walter"s Sons, Fred, Wholesale Liquor Dealers-no address
Ward, M.D., residence, 117 N Mulberry
Ward, W.S. residence, 250 Park Ave. West
Waring, Geo. R., residence, 370 Marion Ave.
Water Works, The Mansfield, Office, 2 Masonic Temple
Water Works, The Mansfield, Pumping Station, N Main
Watkins, Wm. E., residence, 254 S Adams
Weaver, John, residence, 144 Park Ave. East
Webber, F.D., residence, 135 Park Ave. East
Webber, H.H., residence, 19 Arch
Weidner, Geo., residence, 127 Sturges Ave.
Weigle, Mrs. Jennie, 151 W Third
Weil. J.W., residence, 180 W Fourth
Weil, Louis, Blacksmith,40 N Walnut
Weil,Mike, Restaurant and Saloon, 120 N Main
Weil, Mike, residence, 132 N Walnut
Wells Fargo Express Co, Cor Main and Third
Welter, G,.W., residence, 138 Wood
Werner, Frank,Restaurant and Saloon,21 E Fourth
West, Dr., J Herbert, Dentist, Dickson Bldg.
West,Milt,, Restaurant and Saloon, 18 E  Fourth
West, Rob't., residence, 88 E Fifth
West, Rob't, residence, 41 N Foster
Western Union Tel Co., C.W., Mitchell, Mgr., 94 1/2 N Main
Whistler, Morgan, residence, 273 1/2 N Main
Whiteman, W.H., residence, Burns St.
Wigton, W.W., rersidence, 149 Lexington Ave.
Wilbur, R.S., residence, Cor Flint and Main
Wilcox, U.C., residence, 137 N Franklin Ave.
Wiles, Rev. H.L., residence, 49 Park Ave. West
Wilhelm, Mary, residence, 26 E Third
Wilkinson,A.L ,.residence,  372 W Fourth
Wilkinson,E., residence, 219 W Fifth
Wilkinson, G.M., Jeweler, 9 Park Ave. West
Williams, B.M., residence, 103 Vennum Ave.
Williams, Mrs. Hiram, College Place, 151 W Third
Willis, J.E., residence, 296 Marion Ave.
Wilson, H.E., residence, 110 N Mulberry
Woerth, George, Saloon, 286 S Diamond
Wolf, Rev., F.S., residence, 117 S Diamond
Wolf, Miss Helen, Dressmaker, King Bldg.
Wolforth, Valentine, residence, 134 S Wood
Woods, M.W., residence, 111 W Sixth
Worchester, W.W., residence, 134 W Second
Wrightman, Dr., A.E., Office, 16 N Mulberry

Yoha, Wm., residence, McPherson
Y.M.C.A., Park Ave. West
Y.W.C.A., 103 W Fourth

Zahniser, D.L., residence, 116 Park Ave. West
Zediker. S.P., residence, 296 E Fourth
Zerby, Ray, residence, 281 E Fourth
Zimmerman, Carson, residence, 208 N Diamond