1902 Mansfield Telephone Company:  City & County Directory


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Ackerman, O.L., residence, 240 Marion Ave.
Adams, Chas., residence, 184 N Diamond
Adams, Elmer, residence, 11 Junction Street
Alley, H.T., residence, 263 E Third
Alvord, H.M., residence, 67 N Adams
Andrew, S.W., residence, 336 W Fifth
Atherton. Frank, residence, 237 N Diamond
Atherton, J.N., residence, 548 Spring Mill
Aungst, Alex, residence, 157 Vennum Ave.
Baesch, Gust, residence, 121 Maud Ave.
Beidle, J.S., residence, 97 Daisy Street
Berlo, Jacob, residence, Jeannette and Remy Street
Berlo, Tom, residence, 213 S Diamond
Berno, Wm., residence, 148 S Diamond
Blim, Henry H., residence, 10 Fourth Ave.
Boebel, Henry, residence, 135 Glessner Ave.
Burkhart, L., residence, 282 W Sixth
Brunk, G.W., residence, Harter Ave.
Byerly, Frank, residence, 121 Newman
Campbell, B.G., residence, 213 Newman
Carter-Mann Lumber Co., Lumber and Cabinet Mfrs. no address
Carter, C.A., residence, 175 Marion Ave.
Caskey,H.E., residence, 21 Bricker
Citizens National Bank, 34 N Main
Coblentz, C.C., Druggist(Public Pay Station)
Colesworthy, Wm., residence, Spring Mill Street
Corbett. James, residence,277 E Third
Cotter, Henry, residence, 291 E First
Craig, J.H, residence, 18 Lida Street
Croft, E.P., Groceries and Provisions, 188 N Main
Cronenwett, Homer, residence, Rear 301 W Fourth
Daughtery, Charles, residence, 268 S Diamond
Daughtery, Mrs. Anna M., residence, 248 W Fifth
Daum, Michael, residence, 282 E Third
Davidson, Clark, residence, Ashland Road
Davis, F.C., residence 251 Marion Ave.
Davis, Dr., M.J., Office, 395 Spring Mill Street
Dell, Frank, residence, 118 N Franklin Ave.
Dickson, John, residence, 455 Spring Mill Street
Dupre, Ben, residence, Rear 162 W Fifth Street
Eggert, J.m., residence, 50 N Diamond
Eply, Frank, residence, 231 S Adams
Etzwiler, A.D., residence 264 Park Ave. east
Etzwiler,D.D., residence, 198 Sycamore
Fair, J.B., residence, 71 E Second
Fisher, Mrs. Kittie, residence, 67 E Second
Foulks, L.C., residence 17 Johns Ave.
Frankebergerm W., residence 104 W Second
Frisch, Auguist, Jr., residence, 344 Newman
Garn, H.W., residence 36,McPherson
Gorham, C.O., residence, 21 N Wood
Greenwald, John, residence, 215 N Diamond
Griffith, Firman A., residence, 108 E Fourth
Guternator, H.j., residence, 67 Park Ave. East
Hachten, John, residence, 84 Grace Street
Hannan, C., residence, 51 N Diamond
Hardman, Frank, P., residence, 94 Fourth Ave.
Hasenzahl, Wm., residence, 114 Woodland Ave.
Hautzenroeder, Albert, residence, 291 W Third
Hecht, Joseph A., residence, 86 Bartley Ave,
Hoffman, F.B., residence, 134 E Third
Hoover, John H., residence, 185 W Fifth
Horn, E.S., Plumber, Cor Third and Main
Humphreyes, F.J., residence, Bartley Ave.
Jolins, Horatio W., residence 229 McPherson
Kissel, Ben, residence, 130 E Fifth
Lawrence, E.G., residence, 21 Flint
Lee, J.M., residence, 160 Newman Street
Leinard, E.H., residence 171 E Third
Logsdon, Mrs. H., residence ,Rear 139 E Fifth
Lorentz. J.F., residence, 80 E First
Lowery, Frank, residence, 166 W Sixth
Manner, N.C., residence, 318 Spring Mill
Marshall, Gilbert, residence, 161 E Third
Martin, A.B., residence, 541 Park Ave. West
Meeting, John, residence, 54 Ford St
Michael, John, residence, 273 S Adams
Mills, Robert, residence, 68 E Sixth
McGinty, Mrs. E., residence, 20 Sheridan Ave.
Nelson & Craig, Grocery, Spring St.
Parry, L.L.. residence, 213 E Second
Reining, Adam, residence, Maple St.
Rummel, J.P., residence, 174 Park Ave. West
Ruth, H.N., residence, 85 Park Ave. East
Shaw, Mrs, Nellie, residence, 16 1/2 N Main
Sheriff, Ira, residence, 269 N Adams St.
Simmons, Geo., residence, 616 Spring Mill
Soden, Samuel, residence, 12 Fourth Ave.
Soles, Mrs. A., residence, 151 N  Adams
Sonner, E.J,., residence, 417 Wayne St.
Starrett, J.C., residence, 191 N Bowman
Stevens, Miss Addie R., residence, 327 Park Ave. West
Stickrod, Henry, residence, 191 N Mulberry
Stoll,. O.F., Tannery, 56 S Franklin Ave.
Stull, Lizzie, residence 182 N Franklin Ave.
Taylorm John R., residence, 44 High St.
Terman, I.R., residence, 120 Sycamore St.
Thornberry, S., residence, 160 Park Ave. West
Tolman, Walter S., residence, 347 Park Ave. West
Troop, John, residence, Jefferson Ave.
Turner, Elisha, residence, 222 W Sixth St.
Umbarger, J.K., residence, 217 W Fourth
Warne, Cora E., residence, 303 E Third
Wenrling, Henry P. residence, 32 W Arch St.
Wheeler, F.A., Druggist, 230 N Main
Wilcox, U.G., residence, 218 N Main
Winbigler, H.W., residemce 191 E Second
Wise, Frank, residence, 276 W Third