1902 Mansfield Telephone Company:  City & County Directory


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Adams, T.C., farm, Bloominggrove Twp.
Arnold, Joseph, farm, Franklin Twp.

Baker,David, farm, Bloominggrove Twp.
Barnes, T.,A.,farm, Cass Twp.
Big Four R R Depot. Shiloh
Black,Frank,W. residence, Shiloh
Bloom,Clement, farm, Cass Twp.
Boals,Levi, farm,Bloominggrove Twp
Boggs,Wm. A., farm, Franklin Twp.
Bushey,Henry,Furniture & Undertaking, Shiloh

Cleland,M., Crawford House, Shiloh
Cline, John, farm, Cass Twp.
Cole,Dan'l. farm,. Cass Twp.
Curtis. Rev. E.H.residence, Shiloh

Dawson,Ira, farm,Cass Twp.
Dawson,John H., farm,Cass Twp.
Dawson,J.H., residence,Shiloh
Dick,Andrew,farm, Cass Twp.
Dick,Chas., farm, Cass Twp.
Dick, David,farm, Cass Twp.
Dickerson,G.O., Meat Market,Shiloh

Egner,Fred,W., farm,Bloominggrove Twp.
Ellis,Fred W., farm, Bloominggrove Twp.

Ferrell, S., Shoe and Hdw, Store, Shiloh
Ferree,W.A., farm, Cass Twp.
Flook,S.S., farm, Bloominggrove Twp.
French, F.W., farm, Bloominggrove Twp.
French,Jmo.T., farm, Bloomingrove Twp.

Gilger,J.B., Meat Market,Shiloh
Gilger,John,farm, Cass Twp.
Glasgow, W.R., farm, Bloominggrove Twp.
Graff,Chas. A., farm, Cass Twp.
Grimwood, J,.B, Grocery, Shiloh
Guthrie & Co., A.W. Poultry Dealers, Shiloh
Guthrie, Frank D., farm, Cass Twp.
Guthrie, Oliver, farm, Cass Twp.

Holtz,Dr. S.S., Shiloh
Holtz,Simon, farm, Bloominggrove Twp.

Kaylor,Oliver,W., Livery, Shiloh
Kester,Dr. G.W., residence, Ganges
Kinsell,Johm B., farm, Bloominggrove Ywp.

Long,W.R., farm, Cass Twp.
Lybarger,Dr., C.l., residence, Ganges

Malone,Daniel, farm, Cass Twp.
McBride,N.J. Grocery, Shiloh
Miller, John, farm, Bloominggrove Twp.
Mosier,A.Clark,farm, Bloominggrove Twp.

Nelson,David, farm.,CassTwp.
Noble, J.A., farm,Bloominggrove Twp.

Rose,C.H., residence, Shiloh
Roush & St. John, Hardware, Ganges

Saunders, Dr.A.M.,residence, Shiloh
Shiloh Milling Co., Shiloh
Shiloh Review, J. Fred Wolfersberger, Editor,  Shiloh
Sloan, J.R., farm, Bloominggrove Twp.
Smith,Warren, farm, Bloominggrove Twp.
Starkey,Jas., farm,Bloominggrove Twp.
St. John,R., farm,Franklin Twp.
Stout,Ira, farm,Bloominggrove Twp.
Stout,Oscar,farm,Bloomingrove Twp.

Thompson,K.,.farm,Bloominggrove Twp.
Tongue,Henry,farm, Bloominggrove Twp.

VanSweringer,Rev.J., residence, Shiloh

Weirman, J. Albert,farm, Bloominggrove Twp.
Wolfersberger,J Fred. Editor, Shiloh Review, residence, Shiloh
Wolfe,Jerry,residence, Shiloh
Wolf, Henry, farm,Bloominggrove Twp.