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** This is NOT a complete list of adoptions that took place in Richland County.  It is only a record of those that I have come across as I have been researching other matters.

Papers of adoption were taken out in probate court Monday afternoon by John W. Beeler and his wife Samantha E. Beeler respecting a fifteen-months old daughter of Roland N. Pittenger.  The child was adopted as their own by Mr. & Mrs. Beeler and its name was changed from Eudolphia Pittenger to Eudolphia Pittenger Beeler, the father giving his consent.  Mr. Beeler is employed in Prof. Theodor Wolfram's music store.  [Mansfield Herald:  02 September 1886]

Wednesday.  In Probate court Tuesday, F.W. Culbertson and wife, of this city, adopted John Floyd Johnson, the infant son of John & Lillie Johnson, deceased.  [Richland Shield & Banner:  12 September 1891, Vol. LXXIV, No. 16]

In probate court, Charles Page and wife have adopted Litta May Harris, aged 5 years, with power to change her name to Page.  [Mansfield News:  09 April 1895, Vol. XI, No. 34]

The petition of A.T. Bashford and wife for the adoption of their neice, 11-year-old Stella Bashford, was granted by Judge Brucker yesterday.    On the 8th. of January, 1892, J.F. Bashford died, leaving a widow and two children, Stella and Ray Bashford.  In October of the same year Agnes Bashford, the widow, took the children to Mrs. Caroline Bashford, their grandmother, and left them, saying that she was going to leave the country and that she intended abandoning them.  Since that time she has manifested no interest in the children.  In the same month, Mrs. Caroline Bashford gave A.T. Bashford and wife temporary custody of Stella Bashford and placed the boy, Ray, in the family of Philip Kline, of Wooster, a brother of Mrs. A.T. Bashford.  This morning Bel & Brinkerhoff sent the proper papers to Philip Kline, at Wooster, who desires to adopt Ray Bashford as his own child.  [RICHLAND SHIELD & BANNER:  16 September, Vol. LXXVI, No. 17]

Sunday -- Maud Maria Filson, daughter of Bertha Carr, has been adopted by Clifton L. Dial and wife of near Ashland.  [RICHLAND SHIELD & BANNER:  27 June 1896, Vol. LXXIX, No. 7]

Mr. & Mrs. I.S. Donnell today adopted a child from the Cincinnati Orphan Home.  The child was born October 9, 1894 and the name was changed from Nora Frances Engerman to Ruth Elizabeth Donnell.  [RICHLAND SHIELD & BANNER:  10 August 1895, Vol. LXXVIII, No. 13]

Wednesday -- Mr. & Mrs. J.M. Shafer have adopted Harold Grandon, son of Martha Grandon, and changed his name to Harold Shafer.  [RICHLAND SHIELD & BANNER:  18 July 1896, Vol. LXXIX, No. 10]

Mansfield, May 12.  Frank S. Crowner and wife to-day adopted Kittie Torris Pearce, daughter of Heenan J. Pearce and wife, born Feb. 1, 1890.  The babe's mother is dead.  [Mansfield Evening News:  12 May 1890, Vol. 6, No. 57]

COPY OF ORDER Revised Statutes, Sections 3137-8-9

  Probate Court, Richland County , Ohio

 In the Matter of                                                    ADOPTION

Grace M. Myers                                                ORDER.


                This day Wm. Spriggins & Nettie C. Spriggins  husband and wife, appeared in open Court and filed herein their petition for leave to adopt and change the name of  Grace M. Myers.

                Velma V. Myers the mother  & father being unknown & absent. with the answer and consent in writing of Velma V. Myers the mother the Court being fully advised in the premises, find that said patinas are in habitants of the State of Ohio, and residents of the County and said Grace M. Myers is the age of one year on the 31 day of August 1915; and that the said Nettie C. Myers wife of said Wm. Spriggins was examined separate and a part from her said husband, from which examination the Court is satisfied that said wife, of her own free will and accord, desires such adoption; and the Court being satisfied of the ability and fitness of the petitioners to bring up and educate such child properly, having reference the degree and condition of the child's parents, and that said adoption is fit and proper:

                It is therefore considered and ordered by the Court, that from the date of this order the said Grace M. Spriggins be and is, to all legal intent and premises, the child of said petitioners. and that the name of said child be and is hereby changed from Grace M. Myers  to Grace Margaret Spriggins

                It is further ordered that this proceeding be recorded, and that said Wm. Spriggins pay the costs herein taxed #3.50 within ten days. Costs paid.

D.W. [writing unclear on last name of Probate Judge]

Note: The name of Nettie C. Myers is incorrect, do not know why the court let this record be recorded with such a mistake. Nettie E. Grieving Spriggins is the petitioner. In 1982 later family memebers stated that William Spriggins was the true father of Grace Margaret Spriggins, and her mother, Velma  had given her the name of Ruth Irene Myers. Grace found her mother's other children before she died. Grace's mother was, Velma Vandellia Beeman x-wife of William T. Myers. They had a son and daughter, Velma m/2   Harry C. Kelso, they had three daughters.  Submitted by Donna.

CHILD ADOPTED -- In probate court, Owen Lightcap and his wife, have taken the necessary legal steps to adopt Bessie Stull, aged 6 years.  [THE MANSFIELD NEWS, 15 October 1901, Vol. 17, No.192]

Floyd M. Oswalt, was adopted by O.A. Hubbs and Maggie Hubbs, on Monday.  The name also of Floyd M. Oswalt was changed to that of Floyd M. Hubbs.  The child will be one year of age on the 23d. of February.  [Mansfield Herald:  21 January 1886]

Mary Wikidal, a daughter of Mrs. Emma Wikidal of this city, was adopted on Wednesday by Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Ritter.  She is a niece of Mr. Ritter and her name will be changed to Mary Wikidal Ritter.  Papers of adoption were taken out in probate court.  [Mansfield Herald:  06 May 1886]

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