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Mr. & Mrs. George Hess

THE OHIO LIBERAL:  17 January 1883, Vol. 10, No. 40


Fifteen years ago Tuesday, December 26th., George Hess and Miss Lou Painter left the snow-clad hills on her father's farm east of Mansfield, and presenting themselves at the Lutheran parsonage in this city, urged the Rev. Fiery to pronounce the decree pursuant to the rules and rituals in such cases made and provided;  which being done, they received the congratulation of their friends and betook themselves to the ordinary but enterprising business of housekeeping.  When George completed his fine brick residence, a few months ago, they again settled down to home life on these same snow-clad hills, the surrounding scenes revived in his recollection earlier experiences to the extent that a resolution "that they have an anniversary wedding" was heartily seconded by his wife and adopted without a dissenting vote.  The invitation notices indicated that attendance at any time between 10 a.m. and midnight of the same day would be considered seasonable on this occasion.  It was about 11 a.m. when your reporter brushed the last remnant of snow from his boots and yielded to the care of the gentleman ushers in attendance. The spacious parlors were comfortable with modern sit-me-downs and cheerful from the glowing anthracite.  The constant, successive arrival of guests somewhat postponed the dinner hour, but when at length the twenty-three tables were arranged -- this is a guess as to number but they occupied two of the large rooms in addition to the kitchen -- it became evident that our host was equal to his task.  The bill of fare, when stripped of its French and hotel vernacular, was about as follows:  Buiscut, coffee, tea, bread, butter, pickles, ham, roast beef, corned-beef, turkey, three styles with usual accessions and incidentals;  sausage, potatoes, cabbage, baked beans, sugar-corn, celery, peaches, quince and other preserves;  pie-mince and lemon;  cake -- marble, mountain, sponge, fruit layer, Oscar Wilde and Jersey Lily.  The last named was particularly delicate, and much relished by many of the gentlemen present.  The dinner having occupied from 2 to 4 p.m., was followed by oranges, ice-cream, music and cigars, and the renewal of the marriage ceremony, in which the Rev. Smith officiated.  Many of the costumes worn were elegant, and worthy of mention but as space forbids we append a partial list of presents, with names of donors:  

No note could be taken of the numerous presents brought during the evening.  About the time day guests began their leave-taking, evening guests commenced to arrive.  The occasion throughout was enjoyable, and will be long remembered by all participants.

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