Building to be Erected by the First English Lutheran Congregation

After the regular church services at the First English Lutheran church yesterday morning, Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles announced that a congregational meeting would be held to take the necessary action on the work done by the church council relative to the erection of a new church edifice at the corner of Park Avenue West and Mulberry Street.  F.D. Weber was made chairman of the meeting and J.K. Johnston, secretary.  The committee selected by the council to appoint a canvassing committee, reported as follows, which was accepted:

H.L. Wiles, J.J. Douglass, A.A. Douglass, Wm. Chapman, Thos. Scott, S.G. Cummings, J.K. Johnston, C. Stevic, Geo. Bair, Geo. Croft, D. Smith, S. Eyerly, A. Eyerly, Ed. Fisher, S. Mowery, F.D. Weber, John Wallace, Wm. Funk, A.J. Bortz, J.M. Bell, S.S. Balliett, J. McCullough, G. Herring, F. Ettinger, Elias Troutman, Julius Knoth, S. Sloat, Otis Wiles, S.F. Kaylor and Reuben Cole

The committee will meet Wednesday night in the church basement and divide the territory.

The council reported that $14,000 was necessary to build the new edifice and that those subscribing would be called upon to make the first payment on their subscription May 1, 1889, the second Sept. 1, 1889, the third May 1, 1890, and the fourth Nov. 1, 1890.  Before the meeting closed Dr. Wiles arose and in a few words urged the members of the congregation to give liberally towards the new church, and as they had two years to pay it in, he had no doubt but that sufficient money could be raised.