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Edwin Cornwall Brown Family

Submitted by Bruce



 SON OF DANFORTH BROWN, Richland County, Ohio

 In the Possession of his grandson,

Bruce Edwin Warnock, 26 Vista Circle, North Olmsted, Ohio 44070

This Bible is a large, reference and research Bible, published in 1877 by A. J. Holman & Co., Philadelphia, PA.  It contains the Old and New Testaments, translated out of the original tongues, with the Apocrypha, Concordance and Psalms, to which are appended a Comprehensive Bible Dictionary.

Recorded in this Bible are the marriages, births and deaths of the Brown family, dating back to 1794 for Danforth Brown and his ancestors and descendants.  All entries are in the same handwriting except those of the mid 1900ís and the author is unknown.  Vital records and cemetery inscriptions now confirm many of these entries.  Edwin C. Brown adopted Virginia Brown on December 11, 1919 and her birth name of Elsie Mae Hermle was changed to Virginia Brown.  Thus, she and her descendants are not blood members of this Brown family.


James Brown to Jane McGuire, June 2, 1814

Francis Cornwall to Martha Carr, May 30, 1822

Danforth Brown to Emeline Cornwall, February 6, 1856

William Adison Brown to Lillian M. Ward, October 6, 1896

Heber R. Brown to Clare McMichael June 10, 1897

Edwin Cornwall Brown to Clara A. Tatham June 29, 1898

John William Warnock to Virginia Brown August 20, 1932


James Brown, February 19, 1794

Jane McGuire, April 27, 1793

Francis Cornwall, January 30, 1800

Martha Carr, February 6, 1802

Danforth Brown, May 7, 1829

Emeline Cornwall, December 15, 1831

Robert M. Brown, February 27, 1858

Heber R. Brown, September 3, 1861

William Adison Brown, March 3, 1864

Edwin Cornwall Brown, March 21, 1866

Virginia Brown, October 18, 1909


 James Brown, August 18, 1885

Jane Brown, September 16, 1869

Francis Cornwall, April 14, 1869

Martha Cornwall, April 5, 1888

Robert M. Brown, May 4, 1860

Emeline Cornwall Brown, July 31, 1907

Danforth Brown, June 14, 1914

Heber R. Brown, 1936

Edwin Cornwall Brown, July 17, 1926

Clara Ann Brown, March 1, 1937

Lillian Ward Brown, March 19, 1942

William Adison Brown, May 12, 1942

John William Warnock, February 4, 1971

Virginia Brown Warnock, November 28, 1971

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