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Burger / Ricksecker Family Bible Records



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Source:  Family Bible owned by Orva Dawson of Shelby, Richland County, Ohio, inherited from his maternal great-grandmother, Leah (Ricksecker) Burger.  This Bible is a Pictorial Bible containing both the Old and New Testaments.  It was published by Robert Sears, 181 William St., New York in 1858.  It is blue, leather bound and the names of James H. and Catharine A. Crabbs are engraved in gold on its cover.  [click here for photo of cover]

Marriages:  David Burger and Leah Ricksecker were united in marriage June 26, 1827.
Parents Register:  

Father:  David Burger was born November 14, 1803.  Died September 23, 1884.  Age 80 years, 10 month, 10 days.  

Mother:  Leah Burger was born February 13, 1808.  Died January 24, 1885.  Age 76 years, 11 months and 20 days.

Catherine Ann 06/28/1828
John Henry 02/18/1830
William 04/27/1832
Josephus 03/19/1834
David Levi 03/31/1836
Richard Baxter 10/03/1838
Charles Wesley 08/09/1840
Helen Athalinda 11/24/1842
Cornelia Isabel 09/05/1844
Armina Otilia 04/17/1846
Mary Magdalene 03/18/1848
Leah Florence (*known as Flora) 12/23/1852
Leah Ricksecker and David Burger were both born in Frederick County, Maryland.  Leah's brother, John, came to Ohio with Leah and David following from what we have been able to determine.
Leah Florence (*known as Flora), born 12/23/1852 and died 07/14/1924 married John W. Logan, born 10/10/1849 and died 08/11/1914.  They had one daughter, Myrtle Marea Logan, born 10/28/1882 and died 04/10/1959, married Harry Dawson, born 03/27/1880 and died 06/05/1961, on 10/23/1901.  Harry was the only son of John H. Dawon and Sarah Clark.  Myrtle (Logan) and Harry Dawson were born in Shiloh and resided there, Plymouth, Mansfield and Shelby until their deaths.  They had three sons, Arlo who died at birth, Floyd and Orva.

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