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Freehafer Family Records



Submitted by Ann Ward Freehafer Andersen, Feb., 2003


1829 German Bible published in Philadelphia

Familien Register

This Freehafer family migrated from Berks County , Pennsylvania to Wayne County, Ohio to Richland County , Ohio to Huntington County , Indiana .


 Trauungen (Marriage Register)

John Freehafer was married to Miss Barbary Seifried May 3rd A.D. 1838

Andrew Frehafer son of John and Barbary Frehafer was married to Miss Martha Ellen Kinton February 24th A.D. 1862

Sarah Ann Frehofer daughter of John and Barbary Frehafer was married to Mr. Benjamin F. Kunkel March 5th 1863

John Frehafer son of John and Barbray Frehafer was married to Miss Sarah Ann Kalb Oct. 15th 1868

Caroline Freehafer daughter of John and Barbray Frehafer was married March 13th 1870 to John M. Keefer

Margaret Frehafer daughter of John and Barbary Frehafer was married to Mr. Henry Wholfort Nov. 16th 1876


Geburten (Birth Register)

John Frehafer was born June 12th in the year of our Lord 1810

Barbary Seifried was born July 14th A.D. 1816

Elisabeth Frehafer was born July 10th A.D. 1837

Andrew Frehafer was born December 21st A.D. 1840

Sarah Ann Frehafer was born December 22nd A.D. 1843

John Frehafer was born February 13th A.D. 1847

Caroline Frehafer was born October 24th A.D. 1848

Margaret Frehafer was born November 24th A.D. 1852

Mary C. Frehafer was born August 1st A.D. 1854


Sterbefälle (Death Register)

Mary C. Frehafer departed this life January 28th A.D. 1855 aged 5 months and 28 days

Barbary Freehafer departed this life July 4th 1884 aged 67 years 11 months 20 days

Caroline Keefer departed this life Sept 29, 1891 . aged 43 years 11 months 5 days.

John Freehafer departed this life Aug. 2, 1893 . aged 83 yrs., 1 month, 21 days

Elisabeth Freehafer departed this life Sept 13, 1897 aged 58 yrs. 2 month 3 days.

Andrew Freehafer departed this life March 17 – 1915 aged 75 yrs. 2 month 29 days

Christian Frehafer died April 16 1859 aged 69 years 9 months 8 d

John J. Freehafer died March 9, 1917

Margaret Freehafer Wolford [no date]

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