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Chauncey C. Harding, born 1/14/1809, in (Clifford, Susquehanna) County, PA, married Rachel Story, born 1/22/09, of (Oxford) County, Maine on 2/22./1830, Richland County, Ohio. [The (red) were blank spaces. I used a reverse light and magnifying glass to determine that nothing had ever been written there.]

Children ...
1. Nehmiah Story Harding 2/12/1831 Richland County
2. Horace Hosford Harding 7/31/1832 "
3. Harriet Story Harding 11/12/1834 " (only daughter)
4. Goatham Story Harding 9/17/1836 "
5. Amos Joseph Harding 5/2/1839 "
6. Hiram Bennit W. Harding 2/28/1848 " last child of Rachel Story Harding

Horace Hosford Harding, lawyer, emigrated to Nebraska Territory in 1854. Horace Hosford Harding married Mary FrancIs Webb of Madison, Indiana, born 8/18/1839 in Madison, 9/17/1857.
Children ... 
1. Esther Stella Harding 9/17/1858 - Nebraska City, Nebraska Territory, baptized 1/10/1859 at the Prost. Episcopal Church, Nebraska City, Nebraska Terr. HH Harding and MF Harding baptized at this church 6/1/1860
2. Fannie Webb Harding 11/17/1860 - " "
3. Paul Harding 11/20/1863 - " " baptized 4/17/1864 at St. Mary's Protestant Episcopal Church, Nebraska City, Nebraska Territory.
Final notation: Mrs. Phoebe Lott died at the age of 81 years, 6 months, and 2 days at the home of her daughter, Mrs. H. T. H. Harrison, on Monday, 8/22/98.
                                                ^ error 1

Telegram received by H H Harding in Carthage, Mo:

RECEIVED AT: 4ks wx w 11 Paid.. Galion, Ohio., May 28-29
H H Harding,
Carthage, Mo.
Mother passed away peacefully at seven this evening funeral
Friday afternoon
W H Lininger,
8:27 a

Error 1 - according to Horace and Mary Frances'  wedding album, this name is supposed to be Mrs. H.T. (Cora Webb) Harrison, a sister of Mary Frances Webb. Dolores Harding, living daughter of Paul Harding, supplied the name Cora. She thinks she was a half-sister of Mary Frances. We do not know who Phoebe Lott is.

From Gary Epley gepley@columbus.rr.comHarriet Story Harding, daughter of Chauncey C. Harding, married John P. Lininger. Their son, W. H. (William H.) Lininger was Horace Hosford Harding's nephew. Therefore, the telegram refers to Harriet Story Harding Lininger's death in Galion, Crawford, Ohio.  Henry Lininger is John P. Lininger's father. mt

This 1857 Bible belonged to Horace Hosford Harding, a lawyer in Nebraska City, Nebraska Territory, and his second wife, Mary Francis Webb. The following was recorded in 1857 and later. His first marriage was to Emily Kilbourne, who died January 6, 1856,  8 months after
their marriage. (Thanks to


Mary Francis Webb's middle name is written with the male gender spelling. However, this branch of the Harding family spells her middle name as Frances.

   Also, the person who wrote the Bible entries spelled Nehmiah without the second "e." All other historical references spell it as Nehemiah.  Paul Harding had no middle name. Within the family, he is called Paul. To the outside world, he preferred to be known as "Johnson Harding."

A Chicago newspaper clipping listing the Mayflower passengers was also inserted in the birth/marriages pages. Therefore, Rachel Story was related to Elias Story of the Mayflower. According to Mrs. Stella Skitch, Elias Story died unmarried and childless.


This Bible now resides in the Nelson House, a museum in Nebraska City, Nebraska, restored by Mrs. Welthea Nelson, a granddaughter of Nehmiah Story Harding. This Bible came into my possession via my mother who resides at an old folks home here in Sarasota, FL. She found the Bible in the facility's dumpster. Evidently, when friends moved Dolores Harding, 96 and still living (8/11/2004), from this same rest home, they threw out the Bible. Dolores Harding is the fifth of eight daughters of Paul Johnson Harding. She is in excellent health at the Pines, an ALF here in Sarasota. She is the last descendant of Horace Hosford Harding who has the Harding name.

Dolores is a fourth cousin of President Warren Harding. We say this because Chauncey C. Harding's father was Amos Harding, father of George Tryon Harding. Everyone knows that side of the family.

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