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Roland & Dollie Pittenger Family Bible

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This family bible has been written in over a series of generations.  The handwriting differs for each owner and you can distinctly tell that not all information was entered by one hand after the fact.  It is currently in the possession of a female relation.
Inside the bible is a keepsake marriage certificate that reads:

Roland Nelson Pittenger of Richland County, OH & Dollie H. Sirpless of Richland County, OH married on the 26th day of October 1876 in Washington, OH by Rev. C.C. Ball.  Witnesses I. McK. Pittenger & Nellie E. Sirpless.
Eudolphia H. Sirpless was born 23 Nov. 1852 {written in her own hand}
Nelson Barnes Pittenger (son) 13 June 1878
Martha E. Pittenger (daughter) 8 Oct 1879
Nellie M. Pitenger (daughter) 26 1881
Dollie Pittenger (daughter) 30 May 1885
at bottom of page it reads: NB Pittenger married Minnie  Moore 30 Dec 1899
{All this page written in the handwriting of Eudolphia "Dollie" Sirpless Pittenger}
Eudolphia H Pittenger 9 June 1885 {this line appears to have been written by Roland N. Pittenger}
Roland N. Pittenger 13 June 1910
Dollie Noble 30 Dec 1928
{2 previous lines appear to have been written in Minnie Moore Pittenger's handwriting}
Minnie Moore Pittenger 22 June 1937
Nelson Barnes Pittenger 22 July 1941
Dollie Pittenger Dunmire - Kansas City
Nellie M. Pittenger Countryman - Spokane, Washington 10 Mar. 1948
{Above lines written in another hand, either Ross Nelson "Jake" Pittenger or Blanche Olive Kramb Pittenger}
Minnie Moore was born 28 Feb. 1876 Shelby, OH
Lois Harriet Pittenger born 4 Aug. 1900 Adario, OH
Martha Eudolphia Pittenger born 9 May 1902 Shelby, OH
Albert Lee Pittenger born 5 July 1903 Shelby, OH
William Carl Pittenger born 23 Feb. 1905 Shelby, OH
Nelson Ross Pittenger born 17 March 1906 Shelby, OH
Mary Catherine Pittenger born 25 Apr. 1907 Shelby, OH
Amy Esther Pittenger born 11 Apr. 1909 Butler Twp, OH
Elnor Ruth Pittenger born 29 Sept 1913 Butler Twp., OH
{This page written by Minnie Moore}

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