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T.S. Marvin Bible

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The following family record was taken from the T. S. Marvin family Bible, which passed from Tip Marvin to his daughter, Ruth (Marvin) Houpt, to her granddaughter, Miss Doris R. Houpt, and then to her nephew, Thomas Hamilton Houpt, grandson of H. K. and Ruth (Marvin) Houpt, all of Shelby, and now (2006) in the possession of Cindy (Houpt) Hornikel, daughter of the late T. H. Houpt, of Stiving Road, between Shelby and Mansfield, Ohio.

Stephen Lipton Marvin (1839-1913), son of Silas and Judith (Kemp) Marvin, resided at 84 N. Broadway in Shelby, Ohio.  He went by "T. S." and was commonly called "Tip" Marvin.  This record is particularly important because it identifies the parents of Judith (Kemp) Marvin, (1807-1895) as Edward and Eve (Penrod) Kemp who are buried at West Liberty, Crawford Co., OH.

Family record:

Ruth Marvin
Harry K. Houpt
Married at Home
Shelby, O.
May 22nd, 1888

Silas William Marvin
Clara Viola Cattey
June 19th 1895
at Settlement Church
Sacred Heart of (?Jesus)

Elizabeth Judith Marvin
John W. Mykrantz
Married at Home
Shelby, O.

T. S. Marvin
Born July 28th 1839

Elizabeth Leitner
Born Sept. 14th 1838

Silas William Marvin
Born June 15th 1866

Ruth Leitner Marvin
Born March 18th 1868

Elizabeth Judith Marvin
Born October 30th 1877

T. S. Marvin
Died Dec. 31, 1913

Elizabeth L. Marvin
Died Feb. 18, 1917

Silas Marvin was born Nov. 16th 1805
--Died July 26th 1872
Judith Kemp Marvin
Born Aug. 2nd. 1807
Died 1895

William B. Leitner
Born Feb. 14th 1808
York, York Co., Penn..
Died Feb. 16th 1887
Elizabeth (Miller) Leitner
Born April 30th 1808
Died April 18th 1879

"My Grandfather
Edward Kemp
Born 1772 --Died 1847
His wife, Eve (Penrod) Kemp
Born 1774 --Died 1844
I wrote this when 73 years old without the aid of glasses.
--Tip S. Marvin"

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