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Joseph Hildreth

Source:  HISTORY OF MANSFIELD LODGE NO. 35, F. & A.M., 1814-1951, pp. 38-42


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Elected Worshipful Master from 1846-1847.  Born April 20, 1800, came to Ohio about 1821 from his home near Lake Otsego, New York, and obtained employment at the distillery of Slocum and Palmer in what is now Ashland.  Had a disease known as stribismus, which totally afflicted one eye - and made the other almost useless.  Dr. Joel Luther had sympathy for him, and suggested that he commence a study in medicine, and Joseph completed a three-years study course with Dr. Luther.   He moved to Lebanon, Ohio to practice medicine, and while living there received his Masonic degrees -- being elected Junior Warden on May 21, 1831.  He later left Lebanon and came to Mansfield, where he lived a short time, before moving to Bellville, where he continued his practice of medicine and also took up the study of law.  Eventually, he gave up the practice of medicine and was admitted to the bar, and again moved to Mansfield in 1841 and began his law practice.  He formed a partnership with Mr. Burr, and afterwards was a partner to ex-Lieutenant Governor Thomas Ford, and still later, a partner of Downing Young.  He was the first railroad lawyer in Mansfield, being with the Pittsburgh and Fort Wayne.  He was mayor of Mansfield several terms.  He was one of the original stockholders of the old Mansfield Gas company, and was its' president for several years.  He also was one of the leaders in obtaining the location for the present Mansfield Cemetery, and was the first president of the Cemetery Association.   He brought the first grain drill to Mansfield, and his son used it in drilling wheat in a field where the Mayflower Church now stands.  He was a member of the Congregational Church and of all of the Mansfield Masonic bodies.  

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