Richland Co., Ohio


Birth Records

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Births, 1905

Source:  Mansfield News, Mansfield, Richland, Ohio


Submitted by Amy


This list does NOT represent all births that took place in Richland County during the year, it is a listing of those that were reported in the source newspaper.

Pub. Date Gender Father Mother Date Address Notes
4/15/1905 male W.H. Baker Mrs. n/a College Place, Mansfield --
5/6/1905 female Ed W. Dickey Mrs. n/a Park Ave. East, Mansfield --
5/10/1905 female Frank Hanrahan " n/a Shelby --
5/12/1905 female Arthur Whiting Meta (Ertley) Whiting n/a Columbus, OH 10 lbs.
5/13/1905 male J.H. Cairns Mrs. n/a Bowman St., Mansfield --

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