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A Timeline of Richland County's New Court House, 1872

source:  Shelby Independent News:  21 November 1872, Vol. 5, No. 4


before 1869 County Commissioners were not permitted by law to erect a court house at an expense larger than $15,000 unless authorized by special law, or vote of the people
Winter, 1867 Attempt was made to pass a special law to allow the Commissioners to levy a tax for the building of a new court house;  Mansfield had tendered the public square for the building site if it was to be built at that point, but would not hold the land for a future date;  A bill was introduced to the House of Representatives at Columbus for the levying of a tax equal to about $100,000 for three successive years;  Petitions were sent in from all parts of the county, with most townships being against the project - only Sharon and Cass townships sent favorable petitions;  The bill was defeated after the negative feedback
1869 A new law was passed, which allowed County Commissioners to levy taxes for projects like the building of a new court house;  The Board of Commissioners (Daniel M. Snyder, John T. Keith and David Taylor) proposed a tax be levied
04 July 1869 Commissioners purchased lots number 151 and 152 in Mansfield from J.W. and S.E. Jenner for a site for $10,250.
07 August 1869 Commissioners purchased lot 153 from Mrs. Elizabeth Reed for $6,500;  H.E. Myers (of Cleveland, OH) was employed as architect for the building;  When finished he was to submit the plans for the approval of the County Commissioners, Clerk, Sheriff and Probate Judge;  This committee adopted his plans.
10 May 1870 After public notice, the Commissioners met for the purpose of "letting the contract of building" the court house;  The following persons bid on the project ...

Miller, Frayer & Sheets ... $177,000
Rouser & Rouser (Dayton, OH) ... $177,841
Wintrode & Co. (Mansfield) ... $185,000
Carpenter & Mathews (Meadville, PA) ... $189,714
Alfred Green (Cleveland, OH) ... $192,000
R.B. Fields (Cincinnati, OH) ... $193,570
Barnard Wolf (Mansfield) ... $205,000
James Campbell (Canton, OH) ... $216,000

The firm of Miller, Frayer & Sheets  (Wm. Miller of Mt. Gilead, J.F. Frayer of Bucyrus and Leonard Sheets of Mansfield) being the lowest bidders, the contract was let to them, who were "bound to furnish all the materials, and do all the work according to the plans and specifications adopted, under the direction and to the satisfaction of the architect, for the sum of ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY-SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS."

11 May 1870 Bond were entered into by the contractors, with security of $100,000, which were approved by the Commissioners;  The work was commenced and continued until finished;  The building was 102 by 132 feet, and was built of cut stone, and pressed brick, nearly all of which materials were the production of Richland County.

Basement:  Entirely of stone, laid out into several apartments with two rooms being finished off for Township, Library or some other purposes

Balconies:  One on the west and another on the north, made of cut stone

Hallways:  Marble floors and plastering in imitation granite

First Floor - Auditor's office, Commissioner's offices;  Iron stair ways leading to the court hall;  prosecuting attorney's office, Agricultural Society office, Treasurer's office, Recorder's office and Surveyor's office

Second Floor:  Large court room, Clerk's office, Sheriff's offices, Jury rooms, law library and consultation room

Main Tower:  A clock costing $2500

And from the Shelby Independent News:  30 January 1873, Vol. 5, No. 14 ...

22 January 1873 New court house was dedicated;  A Programme for the dedication was issued by Hon. G.W. Geddis;  Officers who were to dispense justice at the new court building were as follows:

Judges of Court of Common Pleas ... George W. Geddis and Darius Dirlan
Clerk of Court ... George B. Harmon and W.S. Higgins (Deputy)
Commissioners ... John T. Keith, Wm. R. Newlon and Joseph Boales
Sheriff ... Robert Moore and Mansfield S. Gilkison (deputy, and first male child born at Mansfield)
Auditor ... Marcus McDermott and Jeremiah Shunk (deputy)
Treasurer ... R.H. Rowland and John Shellenbarger (deputy)
Recorder ... A.H. Littler and Elijah Clark (deputy)
Probate Judge ... Joel Myers (until 2/1/1873) and Henry T. Keith (Judge elect)
Surveyor ... John Newman
Coroner ... Dr. W.H. Race
Janitor ... David A. Johns
Mansfield Bar Members ... James Purdy, Jacob Brinkerhoff, Barnabas Burns, Henry C. Hedges, L.B. Matosn, Isaac Gass, Geo. F. Carpenter, Manuel May, Moses R. Dickey, R.C. Smith, Thomas McBride, A.M. Burns, Andrew Stevenson, Isaac W. Littler, Thos. E. Douglass, S.L. Geddis, V. Gutzwiler, Jr., T.H. Wiggins, John W. Jenner, R. Brinkerhoff, Wm. Smith, W.W. Smith, S.E. Fink, N.N. Leyman, Jerome Lee, A.J. Mack, J.C. Burns, R. McCrory, J.C. Donnel, Geo. Statler, John S. Farmer, Geo. Clugston, John Bell, L.Q. Jeffries, W.K. Kidd, S.S. Bloom.

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