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"Show me first the graveyards of a country and I will tell you the true character of the people." 
-- Benjamin Franklin

"The bitterest tears shed over graves are for words left unsaid and deeds left undone."  
-- Harriet Beecher Stowe


GANGES - Old (Bloominggrove Twp.) -- On the north side of Co. Rd. 61 (Shelby-Ganges Rd.), west of Co. Rd. 207 (Ganges Five-Points Rd.).

GANGES - New (Bloominggrove Twp.) - On the south side of Co. Rd. 61 (Shelby-Ganges Rd.), west of Co. Rd. 207 (Ganges Five-Points Rd.) 

MENNONITE SCHOOL BURIAL GROUND (Bloominggrove Twp.) -- North side of Free Rd.

PRESBYTERIAN / ROME WEST / BLOOMINGGROVE TOWNSHIP CEM. / ROME PRESBYTERIAN REVOLUTIONARY WAR CEMETERY (Bloominggrove Twp.) -- On the North side of State Rte. 603, between Twp. Rd. 225 (Lamp Rd.) and Co. Rd. 76 (Rome-South Rd.)

ROME EAST / EVANGELICAL GERMAN REFORMED (Bloominggrove Twp.) -- On the East side of Co. Rd. 76 (Rome-South Rd.), south of the intersection with State Rte. 603 - but north of Co. Rd. 421 (Ganges East Rd.) Section 28

SHENANDOAH - Old (Bloominggrove Twp.) -- On the West side of State Rte. 13, south of State Rte. 603 and north of Twp. Rd. 226 (Reynolds Rd.).  Opposite Shenandoah Christian Church.  Section 34

SHENANDOAH - New (Bloominggrove Twp.) -- On the East side of State Rte. 13, south of State Rte. 603, directly south of Shenandoah Christian Church.

UNNAMED (Bloominggrove Twp.) 0.25 mile North of State Rte 603. West Side of Co. Rd. 76 (Rome-Greenwich Rd.) Opposite Co. Rd. 84 (Adario West Rd.) SW of Section 21


ADARIO / ADARIO METHODIST / LAFAYETTE (Butler Twp. - Sect. 19 or 30) -- On Co. Rd. 77 (Olivesburg-Fitchville Rd.) at Co. Rd. 84 (Adario East Rd.), next to the Adario United Methodist Church

BETHEL (Butler Twp.) -- At Co. Rd. 81 (Noble Rd.) and Twp. Rd. 241 (Garrow Rd.).  **The 1873 Plat Book for Richland Co. shows that there was once a church at this location, so this cemetery could have possibly been a small graveyard affiliated with the church.  But, no remnants of the cemetery can be located at this point.  

BETHEL / BLOOMING GROVE / CHURCH OF GOD / WINEBRENNERIAN  (Butler Twp.) -- On the West side of State Rte. 13, just south of Co. Rd. 81 (Noble Rd.), north of Co. Rd. 223 (Free Rd.) 

ELLER / ELLIS / FOULKS / KIRK FARM / KIRK FARM (Butler Twp.) -- Northeast corner of Twp. Rd. 242 (Mansfield Rd.) and Twp. Rd. 85 (Nelson Rd.).  West of Co. Rd. 77 (Olivesburg-Fitchville Rd.)

HOSTETLER / HOCHSTETLER / BEN BYLER FARM - AMISH (Butler Twp.) -- North side of Adario West Rd, 3/10 mile east of Franklin Church Rd.

PETER KIRCHBAUM FARM (Butler Twp.) -- On Co. Rd. 83 (Crum Rd.) and Twp Road 250 (Adario-North Rd.)  Section 18

WOODLAWN MENNONITE (Butler Twp.) -- 6940 State Rte. 13.  .5 mile south of Co. Rd. 93 (Crum Rd).  .5 miles north of Latimer Rd.  On the East side of State Rte. 13.  Established 2002.  Latitude:  40.9461.  Longitude:  -82.4944. 2 Burials.



HAZEL BRUSH / ADAMS / BODLEY-ADAMS-DICKS CEMETERY (Cass Twp.) -- On the south side of Hazel Brush Road (TR-59) at the intersection of Bowman Street Road (CR-215)

HOPE / MT. HOPE / SHILOH / McBRIDE (Cass Twp.) -- Northwest corner of Noble Road (TR81) and Shiloh-Norwalk Road / Superior Street (CR70).

LUTHERAN / SALEM / OLD SALEM / PLANKTOWN (Cass Twp.) -- At the intersection of Planktown North Road (CR-72) and Noble Road (CR-81)

PLANKTOWN (Cass Twp.) 0.3 mile East of Ganges-Five Points Rd. 200 feet South of State Rte. 603 NE of Section 13

SPRINGMILL MENNONITE CHURCH CEMETERY (Cass Twp.) -- At the intersection of Plymouth-Springmill Rd. and Dininger Rd.  [source:  Obituary of LaVern Reiff Burkholder in the 30 January 2004 issue of the Mansfield News Journal]


BLOOM FARM (Franklin Twp.) -- On State Rte. 96 and State Rte. 13.  Section 3

BLY FARM / W.G. BLY FARM / BUSHEY / LIGHT (Franklin Twp.) -- Several hundred feet north of State Rte. 96, about 1/4 mile west of Co. Rd. 76 (Rome South Rd.)  Section 5

BOYCE / HARMONY / KUHN (Franklin Twp.) -- On the south side of Co. Rd. 200 (Taylortown Rd.), between Co. Rd. 233 (Amoy-Ganges Rd.) and Twp. Rd. 234 (Ernsberger Rd.)Section 20

BROWNELLER FARM (Franklin Twp.) - Section 32

CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN / DUNKARD / RICHLAND CEMETERY OF THE UNITED BRETHREN (Franklin Twp.) -- On the South side of Co. Road 232 (Linn Rd.), between Ernsberger Rd. and Co. Rd 233 (Amoy-Ganges Rd.).  Opposite the Richland Church of the Brethren.

CLAY / CLAY LUTHERAN / CLAY MEMORIAL (Franklin Twp.) -- On the south side of Co. Rd. 90 (Amoy-Pavonia East Rd.), between Bauer Rd. and Co. Rd. 234 (Ernsberger Rd.)  Section 32

GERMAN BAPTIST (Franklin Twp.) -- At Co Road 90 (Amoy-Pavonia East Rd.) and Twp Rd. 233 (Amoy-Ganges Rd.)Section 29

LINN / S.C. LINN FARM / WHISLER  (Franklin Twp.)  575 Feet south of Co. Rd. 232 (Linn Rd.), 1/2 mile east of State Route 13.  (Section 21).

PLEASANT VALLEY / PLEASANT VALLEY BAPTIST / FIVE POINTS (Franklin Twp.) -- North of Mansfield, past Mansfield Lahm Airport on the East side of State Rte. 13 just north of Co Road 259 (Five Points East Rd.)  Section 22

DR. STAHL / STULL (Franklin Twp.) -- 750 feet North of State Rte. 96. 0.3 mile West of Co. Rd. 207 (Ganges-Five Points Rd.).

ZEIDER'S / ZEITER'S / OCKER FARM  (Franklin Twp.) -- On the south side of Co. Rd. 90 (Richland-Shale Rd. / Sheets Drive), west of Hoff Drive -- north of Mansfield Lahm Airport.  Section 33.


LANDIS (Jackson Twp.) -- .1 mile north of CR57, .3 miles west of CR191 (Plymouth-Springmill Rd.)  [WPA Records]

HOFFMAN / HUFFMAN  (Jackson Twp.) -- South side of Twp. Rd. 201 (Myers Rd.), about a half mile east of State Rte. 39.  Section 26.  

  • Contents of the cemetery were moved to the rear of Mt. Bethel Cemetery.

  • In 1873, this burial ground was on the property of J.W. Hoffman

  • A house now occupies this site.

LONDON / LITTLE LONDON / ST. PETER'S / ST. PETER'S LUTHERAN / DUNKARD (Jackson Twp.) -- On the East side of Co. Rd. 191 (Plymouth-Springmill Rd.), between Co. Rd. 57 (Smiley Ave. East) and State Rte. 96. Section 10

MSC CENTER (Jackson Twp.) -- South side of State Rte. 39, between Mansfield and Shelby.  On Cornell Abraxis property.  Latitude:  40.9533.  Longitude:  -82.6033.

MT. BETHEL / SACKMAN / HOFFMAN / SHERIFF'S CHURCH CEM. (Jackson Twp.) -- On the South side of Co. Rd. 201 (Myers Rd.), between State Rte. 39 and Co. Rd. 191 (Plymouth-Springmill Rd.) Section 26

ROUSH FAMILY (Jackson Twp.) -- .4 mile south of TR199, .3 mile west of Bowman Street Road  [WPA Records]


* George Fleming, Sr. Headstone (found along the side of Kenton Road) - Submitted by Kristin (9/06)

AUNGST / HENGST (Jefferson Twp.) -- 665 feet South of Co. Rd. 31 (Bellville-Johnsville Rd.), 1500 feet west of Twp. Rd. 117 (Renie Rd.)

BAINBRIDGE  (Jefferson Twp.) 

BELLVILLE / BEULAH / SNAKE HILL  (Jefferson Twp. - Sect. 9)  -- On State Rte. 97, between Twp. Rd. 412 (Bixler Rd.) and the Bellville village limits.  Section 9

BOLLINGER / FRED BOLLINGER (Jefferson Twp.) -- 1 mile south of Bellville

EVARTS / EVERTS / POPPLETON (Jefferson Twp.) -- East of State Rte. 13, opposite Twp. Rd 416 (Bollinger Rd.)  Back of road east of State Rte. 13. 

GARBER - OYSTER (Jefferson Twp.) -- North of Co. Rd. 405 (Bangorville-East Rd.) between State Rte. 13 and Co. Rd. 116 (Ankenytown Rd.)

JOHN IZER FARM / IZER - IZOR - ISER / FISHER / CONLEY / PLEASANT GROVE LUTHERAN / MILTON (Jefferson Twp.) -- On the west wide of Co. Rd. 116 (Ankenytown Rd.) between Co. Rd. 405 (Bangorville East Rd.) and Twp. Rd. 24 (Leedy Rd.)  Section 33

JAMES AUNGST (Jefferson Twp.) -- .6 miles west of Co. Rd. 116 (Ankneytown Rd.) and 500 feet North Twp. Rd. 402 (Honey Creek Rd.)  Section 16

JEFFERSON / GARBER / YEAGER / YARGER HILL / YOUNGER  (Jefferson Twp.) -- On Twp. Rd. 395 (Mishey Rd.), near intersection with Twp. Rd. 115  (Garber Rd.), west of intersection with State Rte. 95

JOHN YOUNG'S BURIAL GROUND / SAMUEL B. YOUNG FARM BURIAL GROUND / YANGER FARM / YOUNG FARM (Jefferson Twp.) -- Co. Rd. 117 (Rheine Rd.) and Twp. Rd. 417 (Ross Rd.)

LOCKHART - LOCKHEART / WILLIAM LOCKHART FARM (Jefferson Twp.) -- Southeast of Bellville.  North of Gatton Rock.  On the South side of State Rte. 97, between Twp. Road 345 (Gatton Rocks Rd.) and Twp. Rd. 400 (Dill Rd.)  [(D-14) 66] Section 14   *Stones used to make floor of barn.

LUTHERAN / TINKEY (Jefferson Twp.)  On the East side of Twp. Rd. 400 (Dill Rd.), at Twp. Rd. 355 (Gatton Rocks Rd.).

ROBINSON FARM (Jefferson Twp.)  -- 1 miles east of Bellville 0.1 mile south of State Rte. 97 and 0.3 mile west of Twp Road 344 (Rule Rd.)  Section 11

SALEM / SALEM EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN (Jefferson Twp.) -- On the north side of Co. Rd. 31 (Bellville-Johnsville Rd. or Cedar Fork Rd.), west of Twp. Rd. 348 (Ritter Rd.)  Next to Salem Lutheran Church.  Back a short drive.


BEER / LANTZ  (Madison Twp. - Sect. 25)  -- On State Rte. 39 (Lucas Rd.) between Twp. Rd. 286 (Hickory Lane) and Bonnie Drive.   (C-7) 147 / Section 25.  Formerly known as the Johns Family Burial Ground.  

DUFFY FARM / YEARLING / TYLER / POLLAND (Madison Twp.) -- Twp Road 270 (Fleming Falls Rd.) and Twp Road 277 (Yearling Rd. *Renamed Pennsylvania Ave. in 1959)  Section 11.  Some stones removed for hog barn foundation.  On Lewis Lake Property.  Stones: 6+.  Burials:  50+.

EAST GRAVEYARD (Mansfield, Madison Twp.) -- At East First St. and Adams St.  Removed to Mansfield Cemetery

FIRST CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH COLUMBARIUM (Mansfield) - 640 Millsboro Road, Mansfield.


GRACE EPISCOPAL CHURCH COLUMBARIUM (Mansfield). - 41 Bowman Street, Mansfield.

GRACE FELLOWSHIP CHURCH COLUMBARIUM (Mansfield) - 265 Straub Road East, Mansfield.

MANSFIELD / MANSFIELD CITY / OLD MANSFIELD  (Mansfield) -- Chestnut Ave & Altamont Ave - east of So. Main St.

MANSFIELD CATHOLIC / ST. PETER'S CATHOLIC (Madison Twp.) -- Adjacent to Mansfield City Cemetery 

METHODIST GRAVEYARD (Madison Twp.)  -- At West First Street and Crouse Street, near the West Graveyard.  Removed to Mansfield Cemetery.  *click for map of general area

NAIL FARM (Mansfield) -- 0.3 mile east of the intersection of Co. Rd. 215 (Bowman Street Rd.) and 0.2 mile North of Twp. Rd. 203 (Cairns Rd.)

OHIO STATE REFORMATORY -- State Rte. 545 north of US Rte. 30

OLD COUNTY BURIAL GROUND (Mansfield, Madison Twp.) -- At the southwestern edge of Mansfield Cemetery

POTTER'S FIELD (Mansfield, Madison Twp.) -  In the southwestern portion of Mansfield Cemetery.

PAINTER (Madison Twp.) -- Corner of Fifth Ave. and Grace Street in Mansfield.  One stone on Grace Street, near road

PRINCE OF PEACE  (Madison Twp.) -- South of State Rte. 430. At end of Ridge Rd. Corner of Ridge Rd. and Walker Rd. East of and adjoining LANTZ CEMETERY.  Established 2002.  First burial in 2003.  Burials: 2.  Catholic.  Latitude:  40.1066.  Longitude:  -82.4688.

SANDY HILL (Madison Twp.) -- 4 miles south of Mansfield.  1/4 mile off of State Rte. 13.  Earliest burials were those in the Scheckler family.

SPOOK'S HOLLOW -- see page for description

TYLER - POLLARD (Madison Twp.) -- North side of Fleming Falls Road, opposite Pennsylvania Ave.  *A partial transcription of this cemetery is available in The Pastfinder (Vol. 12, Issue 4, Page 75) and is on-line at the Richland County Genealogical Society's website.  Click here to view this issue.  Surnames mentioned:  TYLER, POLLARD.

WEST GRAVEYARD / PRESBYTERIAN (Madison Twp.) - At W. First Street and Mulberry.  Removed to Mansfield Cemetery


BRUBAKER / KOHLER (Mifflin Twp.) - Co. Rd. 288 (Bowen Rd.), north of Co. Rd. 92 (Crider Rd.) Section 8

EMANUEL / WALLACE / REVOLUTIONARY WAR CEM. (Mifflin Twp.) -- On Twp Road 437 (Wallace Rd.), just south of Co Road 285 (Mt. Zion Rd.)  Section 31

HOUT FARM (Mifflin Twp.) -- Between US Rte. 30 and Twp Road 92 (Crider Rd.)Section 17.

KOOGLE (Mifflin Twp.) -- On the east side of Co. Rd. 291 (Koogle Rd.), between State Rte. 430 (Wooster Rd.) and Touby Lane.  Section 16

NISSLEY FARM  (Mifflin Twp.) -- West of Twp. Rd. 297 (McBride Rd.), south of State Rte. 430.  Section 19.

PETTIT (Mifflin Twp.) -- On Twp. Rd. 425 (Ford North Rd.), just south of State Rte. 430 (Park Ave. East. *sets back from road*  Section 19

PLEASANT GROVE LUTHERAN / DUNKARD (Mifflin Twp.) -- On the East side of Reed Rd. off of Crider Rd., near the intersection of Lake Crest Drive.  Section 17

WINDSOR - WINDSOR PARK / BOSTOCK - BOSTDOCK - BOSTOCH / WOODHOUSE (Mifflin Twp.) -- On the west side of Co Rd. 148 (Windsor Rd.) between Twp. Rd. 270 (Fleming Falls Rd.) and Trolley Dr. Section 6. 


BYERS / SHAMBAUGH (Monroe Twp) -- On Twp. Rd. 16 (Mowery / Mowery Rd.) between State Rte. 603 and Twp. Rd. 95 (Frontz Rd.) Section 1

CRONEIS LUTHERAN / MT. OLIVE / HERSH GRAVEYARD / McCARON FARM (Monroe/Worthington Twp.) -- On the east side of Twp. Rd. 336 (Tucker Rd.), about a half mile north of Co. Rd. 320 (Possum Run Rd.)  Monroe Twp. - Section 31  Heavily vandalized.  Old stones broken.  All stones down.  New memorial marker in place.

DARLING (Monroe Twp.)

DICKES / REBMAN  (Monroe Twp.) -- Supposed location ... On the north side of Co. Rd. 96 (Lucas Perrysville Rd.), at intersection of Twp. Rd. 443 (Dickes Rd.) Section 16.

HASTINGS / HASTINGS PRESBYTERIAN / UNION / MONROE / HATHAWAY RD. CEMETERY (Monroe Twp.) -- On the south side of Twp. Road 331 (Hathaway Rd.), near the intersection of Twp. Rd. 336 (Tucker Rd.)  Section 31

HIGH POINT (Monroe Twp.) - On Tucker Rd. just past Pleasant Valley Rd.   On a hill.  On private property, completely fenced..  On Fulton Farm.  Stones:  1.  Burials:  1.  

I.O.O.F. - ODDFELLOWS / GARDEN OF MEMORIES (Monroe Twp.) -- On Twp. Rd. 400 (Cemetery Rd.) off of Co. Rd. 300 (Mansfield-Lucas Rd.)

LAMBRIGHT - SMITH (Monroe Twp.) - Twp. 22, Range 17, Section 1.  State Route 39, east of Lucas.  On Private Property. 

LEITER (Monroe Twp.) -- Supposed location ... Co. Road 359 (Hanley Rd.) and Twp Road 139 (Berry Rd.).    ** Small cemetery may be visible at this location -- but, it is so overgrown with weeds, I was unable to get close enough to examine the site.  (6/10/2002)

LUCAS NORTH ROAD CEM. / HOOPES / LUTHERAN / WILLIAMS / SMART   (Monroe Twp.) -- On Twp. Rd. 357 (Lucas North Rd.), near the intersection of Twp. Rd. 354 (Kerr Rd.)  Section 4

McDANIEL / McDANEL (Monroe Twp.) Supposed location ... 0.4 mile South of Twp. Rd. 366 (Hunter Rd.) and 0.2 mile East of State Rte. 603.  Exact location unknown.  *A listing of the family members believed to be buried in this cemetery can be found in the Monroe Township Cemetery book published by RCOGS in 2003.

MENGERT  (Monroe Twp.) -- Supposed location ... East of Twp. Rd. 430, between Co. Rd. 303 and Co. Rd. 302.  Section 29.  Could not be found.

MOFFET FARM (Monroe Twp.) -- Supposed location ... Co. Rd. 330 (Moffett Rd.) and east of Co Road 336 (Tucker Rd.)  Section 20 Could not be found.

MT. ZION / MT. ZION LUTHERAN CEMETERY (Monroe Twp.) -- On the East side of Co. Rd. 285 (Mt. Zion Rd.), near the intersection with Twp. Rd. 358 (King Rd.), north of St. Rte. 39.

OLIVET / BROMFIELD / MT. OLIVET (Monroe Twp.) -- Co. Rd. 303 (Pleasant Valley Rd.) and West of State Rte. 603.  -alternate location description- On Twp. Rd. 438 (Bromfield Rd.), down trail that leads off to the East to the cemetery Drive past barn that is just East of the Malabar Youth Hostel at Malabar Farm State Park.

PETERSON (Monroe Twp.) -- 3919 State Route 39.  The small cemetery is to the left of
the driveway; opposite a red barn, at the edge of the woods.

PINHOOK (Monroe Twp.) -- Supposed location ... Co. Rd. 96 (Lucas-Perrysville Rd.) and Twp Road 98 (Gladden Rd.)  Section  23 Could not be found.

PLEASANT VALLEY / PLEASANT VALLEY LUTHERAN (Monroe Twp.) -- On the north side of Co. Rd. 303 (Pleasant Valley Rd.), at the intersection with Twp. Rd. 420 (McFarland Rd.)   [(M-16) 4]  Section 28  Post Office = Lucas  

ST. JOHN'S / ST. JOHN'S LUTHERAN (Monroe Twp.) -- Off of Co. Rd. 96 (Lucas-Perrysville Rd.).  On Twp. Rd. 367 (Covert Rd.), between Leisure Lane intersects (to the NE) and where Covert Rd. dead ends.

YEAGER (Monroe Twp.) -- 2000 feet Southwest of Co. Rd. 359 (Hanley Rd.), 2500 feet East of Twp. Rd. 360 (Pulver Rd.) and Twp. Rd. 139 (Berry Rd.).  On McFarland Farm, in the center of a wooded clearing.  Burials:  7.  Stones: 1.  Off-road, private.  Permission required.

YORK FAMILY (Monroe Twp.) - Swigart Road.  Private property.  Burials:  2.

ZERBY (Monroe Twp.) -- Exact location unknown.


BOWERS / BOWSER (Perry Twp.) -- 1/2 mile east of State Rte. 546 on Co. Rd. 32 (Mock Rd.)

CULP / SHAFER (Perry Twp.- Section 26) -- South of Twp. Rd. 124 (James Rd.). East side of Twp. Rd. 122 ( Folin Rd. )  Back a small drive.

DARLINGTON / PERRY (Perry Twp.) -- South side of Co. Road 27 (Darlington East Rd.), between Co. Rd. 121 (Darlington Rd.) and State Rte. 546.  The cemetery is very close to I-71.  Across from Perry Church of Christ Church.  Section 23

HISKEY / RIBLET  (Perry Twp.) 0.4 mile West of State Road 546 and 115 feet south of Co Road 31 (Bellville-Johnsville Rd.)  Section 11

HUNTSMAN / OLD CENTER / OLD CENTRE CHURCH / LYDIA GANO / CENTER  (Perry Twp.) -- On the East side of Twp. Rd. 2  (Wirick Rd.), at the corner of Co. Rd. 28 (Woodbury Rd.)  Section 15

PERRY CEMETERY (Perry Twp.) - Adjacent to Darlington Cem.

PLEASANT GROVE / PLEASANT GROVE LUTHERAN / PLEASANT GROVE EVANGELICAL / PLEASANT VIEW CHURCH CEM. / UNITED BRETHREN CEM. / STEELE (Perry Twp.) -- On the South Side of Twp. Rd. 128 (Coursen-Poorman Rd.), just East of the intersection of State Rte. 546. Section 13

WALTERS  (Perry Twp.) -- South of Co. Rd. 127 (Steele Rd.), west of Co. Rd. 129 (Clever Rd.)


GIPSON (Plymouth Twp.) -- State Rte. 598, center of Section 2.

GREENLAWN / PLYMOUTH  (Plymouth Twp.) -- State Rte. 98 at juncture of Co Road 61.  Section 6.

MT. PLEASANT (Plymouth Twp.) -- On the south side of Co. Rd. 62 (Dinninger Rd.) near the intersection with State Rte. 61.  [(C-4) 15]  Section 17, SW Quarter.

OPDYKE / UPDYKE / BEECHAM / BEECHUM (Plymouth Twp.) -- On the South side of Co. Rd. 190 (Opdyke/Updyke Rd.), between State Rte. 61 (Plymouth St.) and Co. Rd. 191 (Plymouth-Springmill Rd.)  [(D-3) 10]  / Section 8

PIONEER REST  (Plymouth Twp.) -- At the south end of Railroad Street, at the east end of Pine Street.  On the West side of State Rte. 61, just north of the railroad tracks.  Section 5

TRAUGER  (Plymouth Twp.) -- Near the Huron Co. line.  West side of Twp. Rd. 67 (Fenner Rd.), between the railroad tracks and Twp. Rd. 189 (Parcel / Parsel Rd.)  Section 1, SW Quarter.

TYSON'S FARM (Plymouth Twp.) -- On Northeast side of and at 3854 Trux St. (State Rte. 603) Latitude:  40.9898.  Longitude:  -82.6550.


BLOOMING GROVE (Sandusky Twp. - Sect. 2) -- On Twp. Rd. 46 (Blooming Grove Rd.) near to State Rte. 97.

CROOK'S CEMETERY (Sandusky or Springfield Twp.) -- [source:  Semi-Weekly News (Mansfield): 20 May 1898, Vol. 14, No. 43]

ST. JOSEPH'S / CRESTLINE CATHOLIC CEMETERY (Sandusky Twp.) --  On the south side of US Rte. 30, east of State Rte. 181. 

KUHN FARM (Sandusky Twp.) -- State Rte. 309 and Co Road 175 (Horning Rd.)  Section 24

RED SQUIRREL (Sandusky Twp.) -- On the west side of Twp. Rd. 245 (Lohr Rd.), south of the intersection of Co. Rd. 48 (Millsboro Rd. W.) Section 36  Post Office = Galion

CRESTLINE / FRYES / GREENLAWN  (Sandusky Twp.) -- In East Crestline, on the Richland Co. line with Crawford Co..  On the East side of State Rte. 181 (County Line Rd.), just south of the railroad tracks south of U.S. Rte. 30. [(C-11) 13]  Section 14


CAMPBELL / GAMBELL / ROGERS (Sharon Twp.) -- State Rte. 61, west of State Rte. 314  (Shelby-Ontario Rd.)  Section 20.

COLTMAN / STIVING RD. / SHARON TWP. CEM. (Sharon Twp.) -- Twp. Rd. 168 (Stiving Rd.) north of Co. Rd. 201 (Myers Rd.)  Section 17 / Post Office = Shelby

DAMBLE / GAMBLE / BAMBLE / MOLDER (Sharon Twp.) .  0.1 mile West of State Rte. 314 and 60 feet South of State Rte 61 Section 20 - Abandoned cemetery.

KELLER  (Plymouth Twp.) -- 

MSC CENTER (Sharon Twp.) -- On Route 39 between Mansfield and Shelby.  

MEYER / MYERS (Sharon Twp.) -- West of Shelby.  On the North side of State Rte. 39, at Twp. Rd. 183 (Davis Rd.)

OAKLAND - SHELBY (Sharon Twp.) -- In Shelby.  On the west side State Rte. 61, between Mickey Rd. and Tucker Ave.  Section 8  

SACRED HEART OF JESUS / BETHLEHEM / SHELBY SETTLEMENT (Sharon Twp.) - On the North side of State Rte. 61, between the Crawford Co. line and Co. Rd. 170. (Settlement East Rd.)

SMITH / GERMAN REFORM / NAZOR / SCHWARTZ / FRANKS  (Sharon Twp.) -- Southeast corner of the intersection of Co. Rd. 171 (Vernon Rd. / Hummel Rd.) and Co. Rd. 170 (Settlement East Rd.).

ST. MARY'S CATHOLIC - SHELBY CATHOLIC - MOST PURE HEART OF MARY CATHOLIC (Sharon Twp.) -- State Rte. 61, southern edge of Shelby.  Next to Oakland Cemetery.  Sect. 17

WILSON / MAY at OAKLAND CEMETERY / OLD SHELBY (Sharon Twp.) - Originally located on High School Ave. in Shelby, but was moved to Oakland Cemetery.


B'NAI - B'RITH (Springfield Twp.) 0.3 mile East of Co. Rd. 144 (Shelby-Ontario Rd. )

BARR  (Springfield Twp.) -- 1000 feet West of Home Rd. and 150 feet north of State Rte. 309. At 1655 West Longview Ave.  Take Longview Ave. off Home Rd. to first lane. Go back lane to house. Southwest of house almost to creek.  Stones:  4.  Burials:  approx. 10.  On private property - permission required.  Section 13.

BITNER  (Springfield Twp.) -- On Private Property.  1037 feet East of Twp. Rd. 45 (Lohr Rd.) and 1250 feet north of Co. Rd. 48 (Millsboro Rd.).

EMANUEL JACOBS (Springfield Twp.) -- Park Avenue West, Ontario.

KLEINLEIN  (Springfield Twp.) -- At Co. Rd. 48 and Twp. Rd. 42.  Section 17.

LEPPO / SPRING MILL (Springfield Twp.) -- On the North side of State Rte. 39, between North Lexington-Springmill Rd. and Leppo Rd. -- near Twp Road 434 (Neff Rd.) Section 1

MANSFIELD MEMORIAL PARK (Springfield Twp.) -- On the south side of Park Ave. West in Ontario, just west of the intersection of Chambers Rd.  [(C-12) 81]

MARLOW (Springfield Twp.) -- Co. Rd. 48 (Millsboro Rd.) and Home Road in Mansfield.

MILLSBORO - NAVE (Springfield Twp.) -- On the east side of Co. Rd. 144 (Lexington-Ontario Rd.), at Co. Rd. 48 (Millsboro Rd.).

NEW CASTLE (Springfield Twp.) -- South side of State Rte. 309. 0.5 mile East of Lexington-Ontario Rd. - back off of road. Beside and East of a drive-in restaurant.  Stones broke and scattered.  Latitude:  40.7597.  Longitude:  -82.6361.

ONTARIO (Springfield Twp.) -- North side of State Rte. 309, about a half mile east of Co. Rd. 144 (Shelby-Ontario Rd.)  Section 21

PLEASANT HILL / ROWALT (Springfield Twp.) -- South of Ontario.  East side of Twp. Rd. 156 (Rudy Rd.), near the intersection with Co. Rd. 48 (Millsboro West Rd.)

PRIVATE (Springfield Twp.) -- US Rte. 30 North & Twp Rd. 44.  Section 17

RIBLET / RIBBLET / REVOLUTIONARY WAR CEM. / TWP. CEM. (Springfield Twp.) -- On the south side of State Rte. 309 (Park Ave. West), east of S. Horning Rd. - but west of the point where State Rte. 309 splits off into State Rte. 181.  [(C-12) 16]  Section 19

WEBSTER / TWP. CEMETERY / SHERMAN RD. CEM. / KLEINLEIN  (Springfield Twp.) -- On the north side of Twp. Road 153 (Sherman Rd.) just east of Co. Road 146 (Marion Ave. Rd.)


BARNUM FARM (Troy Twp.) -- State Rte. 97 & Co. Rd. 38 (Steam Corners Rd.)  Section 14.

COLONIAL MEMORIAL GARDENS (Troy Twp.) -- West side of US Rte 42 and south of Co. Road 35 (Kings Corners Rd.)  4108 State Route 42 South.  Established:  1963.

FAIRVIEW / DAY (Troy Twp.) -- Twp Road 143 (Bell Rd.) and Co Road 144 (Lexington-Ontario Rd.) -- East of Graham Rd.

LEXINGTON (Troy Twp.) -- On State Rte. 42 at Troy Ave., in Lexington.  Section 13.

MAXWELL FARM (Troy Twp.) -- Contained 2 or 3 graves of the Duerres Family.

McGLAUGHLEN (Troy Twp.) -- Southeast Lexington on Co. Rd., leading from U.S. 42.

MENESE (Troy Twp.) - Near Steam Corners.  (Possibly in Morrow Co. - still looking for exact location)  [source:  Mansfield Semi-Weekly News:  16 September 1898, Vol. 14, No. 77]

OAKGROVE MEMORIAL PARK  (Troy Twp.) -- On State Rte. 42 between Twp. Rd. 33 and Addeline Drive.

TROY (Troy Twp.) -- At the southern edge of the Clear Fork Reservoir.  This cemetery which sets far back from the road, is on State Rte. 97 near the intersection of Co. Rd. 39 (Gass Rd.)  Section 15

----------------  (Troy Twp.) -- Southeast corner of State Rte. 42 and Kings Corners East Rd. 

----------------  (Troy Twp.) -- Off of State Rte. 42, on the north side of Twp. Rd. 5 (Fox Rd.), east of the end of Twp. Rd. 419 (Needham Rd.)  Section 22.


BANKS / FORD / WASHINGTON TWP.  (Washington Twp.)  -- On Co. Rd. 301 (Washington South Rd.) south of Twp. Rd. 321 (Garver Rd.).  Section 24.

BAPTIST - STRAUSBAUGH (Washington Twp.)  -- North side of State Rte. 97, South of Co. Rd. 322 ( Orchard Park Rd. )   Overgrown with tall trees.  Most stones down.  20+ stones.  Section 19.  (see also:  Pastfinder 18/4 at Richland Co. Gen. Society Website)  *August 2012 - Renamed Pioneer Baptist Cemetery by a private group who helped rehabilitate the grounds and stones.

CAESAREA / CAESAREA CHURCH / DISCIPLE'S / FORD  Washington Twp.) -- On the South side of Taylor Rd., between Mansfield-Washington Rd. and Little Washington Rd.  Section 11.

CALLEY  (Washington Twp.) --  0.6 mile East of Twp. Rd. 339 and 0.4 mile North of Co. Rd. 326 Section 27

CRAWFORD FARM (Washington Twp.) -- In the woods behind a Nursery on Twp. Rd. 343 (Anderson Rd.).  Alternate location description:  Near Twp. Rd. 326 (Trease Rd.) and Twp Road 343 (Anderson Rd.)  Section 27  

DICKSON FARM / CATE (Washington Twp.) -- NE of Co Road 320 (Possum Run Rd.) just south of Co. Road 301 (Washington-South Rd.) - in field, up a hill behind the second house past the intersection.  PRIVATE PROPERTY Section 35

FRY FARM (Washington Twp.) -- State Rte. 97 and Twp Road 325 (Kochheiser Rd.)  Section 29.

GERMAN CHURCH / SWISHER (Washington Twp.) -- On Co. Rd. 320 (Possum Run Rd.), behind the Washington Twp. Fire Station.  1/2 mile north of the intersection with German Church Rd.  Section 16.  Some stones down.

KISLING (Washington Twp.) -- Half mile north of Twp. Rd. 323 (Vanderbilt Rd.), at the east right-of-way of I-71 boundary fence. Section 21   Stones scattered during construction of I-71.

SICKINGER BURYING GROUND  [source:  Richland Shield & Banner:  27 December 1890, Vol. LXXIII, No. 32]  

  • According to a news article in the Richland Shield & Banner (7/12/1884) regarding a dispute over the burial of Leonard Stillwagon (died at 24 years of age) between the father and the spouse of the deceased.  The wife of the deceased wished that her husband be buried in the Sickinger cemetery because many of her family members were buried there.  She was the daughter of David Powell.  The deceased was eventually buried at Emanuel cem. to appease the dead man's father.

ST. PETER'S EVANGELICAL & REFORMED CEMETERY / GERMAN EVANGELICAL / HILLTOP (Washington Twp.) -- Next to Hilltop Church.  On the east side of Co. Rd. 321 (German Church Rd.), just south of the intersection with Twp. Rd. 323 (Vanderbilt Rd.).  Section 22.

UNNAMED (Washington Twp.) Near intersection of West Hanley Rd. and State Rte. 42. Near Gorman Nature Center.

VALLEY ESTATE (Washington Twp.) North of East of State Rte. 42, back a drive on right.  Latitude:  40.6978.  Longitude:  -82.5582.  Stones:  2.  Burials:  2.  On Private Property.

WASHINGTON VILLAGE / LITTLE WASHINGTON / PIERCE (Washington Twp.) -- On the south side of E. Hanley Rd., east of Twp. Rd. 327 (Touby Rd.)  If you get to Pulver - you've gone too far. [(G-15) 51]  Section 14. 

WITCHI FARM / BAKER / UNION (Washington Twp.) -- Co. Rd. 320 (Possum Run Rd.) and Twp Road 326 (Trease Rd.)  Section 20

YEGER (Washington Twp.) -- Center of Section 25. On Scott Rd.


COUNTY HOME / OLD RICHLAND COUNTY INFIRMARY On State Rte 545 ( Olivesburg Rd. ). 0.1 mile Northeast of drive to Dayspring, on right side of road at curve.  Established:  1848. Latitude:  40.8435.  Longitude:  -82.4692.  Section 25

FRANKLIN / FRANKLIN CHURCH / FRANKLIN METHODIST (Weller Twp.) -- On the west side of Co. Road 243 (Franklin-Church Rd.), near the intersection of Chesrown Rd. north of Twp. Rd. 257 (Robinson Rd.)  Adjacent to Franklin Methodist Church.  Presented in ten sections. 

HAUN - HAYWARD (Weller Twp.) 100 feet South of State Rte. 603 and 0.2 mile Northwest of intersection of Twp Road 242 (Mansfield-Adario Rd.) and State Rte. 96 Section 6

HENRY CHAMBERLIN  (Weller Twp.) -- Located at the intersection of Route 96 and Route 603 about 1 mile from the road.  On private property!!!

MT. OLIVET / NEW OLIVESBURG (Weller Twp.) -- On the East side of State Rte. 545 (Olivesburg Rd.), just south of the intersection with State Rte. 603.  Section 8.  

MT. OLIVET / OLD OLIVESBURG / OLIVESBURG (Weller Twp.) -- On the East side of State Rte. 545 (Olivesburg Rd.), between the village limits of Olivesburg and Twp. Rd. 254 (Adams Rd.)  Section 8

OSBUN-PITTENGER REVOLUTIONARY WAR CEMETERY / PITTENGER / WOLFORD (Weller Twp.) -- On State Rte. 545, between Richland-Shale Rd. and Pavonia West Rd.  Section 26

PAVONIA / MILTON  (Weller Twp.) -- Behind the former Pavonia Methodist Church at the corner of Twp. Rd. 257 (Robinson Rd.) and Co. Rd. 90 (Pavonia West Rd.).  Section 31

RICHLAND COUNTY (Weller Twp.) -- On the east side of Franklin Church Road (TR243), at Five Points East Road (TR259).   For burial of indigents or people with no known relatives to bury them. 

VANTILBURG / CHARLES / BROWN (Weller Twp.) -- On Co. Road 260 (Pavonia North Rd.), between State Rte. 545 and Twp. Rd. 89 (Charles Rd.) -- on farm behind a grouping of trees.


ALEXANDER (Worthington Twp.)  Abt. 0.5 mile East of State Rte. 95 and 0.12 mile of North end of Co. Rd. 375 ( Pleasant Hill Rd. ). Northwest of Charles and Linda Applegate home. In woods.  Totally surrounded by a 3 foot high by 15 inch thick massive sandstone block wall .  Latitude:  40.6339.  Longitude:  -82.3779.  Section 3.  

BUNKER HILL (Worthington Twp.) -- On the west side of Co. Rd. 108 (Bunker Hill South Rd.), between State Rte. 97 and Twp. Rd. 382 (Macy Rd.)  Next to Bunker Hill Baptist Church.  Newspaper items have also referred to this cemetery as being part of the Bunker Hill Independence Cemetery Association (circa 1889).  Other references list the church as being named Clear Forks Presbyterian Church (ca. 1950).  [(N-19) 4]  Section 23

BUTLER MEMORIAL PARK  (Worthington Twp.) -- At the northeast corner of the intersection of State Rte. 95 and State Rte. 97 in Butler.

CRAIG  (Worthington Twp.)  North of Twp. Rd. 377 Section 17

CRIDER (Worthington Twp.) -- South of Twp Road 390 (Ramsey Rd.), and west of State Rte. 95.  Burials:  4+.  Section 17

CRONEIS LUTHERAN / OLIVE / MT. OLIVE / HERSH (Monroe/Worthington Twp.) -- On the east side of Twp. Rd. 336 (Tucker Rd.), about a half mile north of Co. Rd. 320 (Possum Run Rd.)  Worthington Twp. Section 6

DECK (Worthington Twp.) 0.5 mile East of Co. Rd. 107 (Doup Rd.) and 0.7 mile south of Twp. Rd. 106 (Harris Rd.)  Section 36.

DUNN FARM  (Worthington Twp.) -- Twp Rd. 384 (Statler-McCuen Rd.) and Twp Road 385 (Dunn Rd.)  Section 34

DUTCH HILL / GERMAN LUTHERAN (Worthington Twp.) -- To the east of Butler.  On the east side of Twp. Rd. 381 (Wilson Rd.), about a quarter mile south of State Rte. 97.  Section 22.

EASTERLY / SNYDER / NORTH LIBERTY / REVOLUTIONARY WAR (Worthington Twp.) -- On Twp. Rd. 388 (Snyder Rd.), between Twp. Rd. 387 (Hagerman Rd.) and Co. Rd. 320 (Possum Run Rd.)  The additional name "North Liberty" was provided by a newspaper article relating to this cemetery which appeared in the Mansfield News Journal, 14 May 2003.  Section 8.

FOUR CORNERS / ZION  (Worthington Twp.) -- Located at the corners of St. Rt. 97, Twp. Rd. 378 (Teeter Rd.) and Twp. Rd. 388 (Snyder Rd.).  The main drives go off of Snyder road at the church parking lot. Section 18  

FREEHAFER (Worthington Twp.) -- 80 feet West of Twp Road 408 (Freed Rd.), less then a mile northeast of Twp Road 442 (Remy Rd.)  Section 28

GEORGE TOPPER (Worthington Twp.) -- Co Road 109 (Wheatcraft Rd.) and Twp Road 105 (Brokaw Rd.)  Section 28

INDEPENDENCE / BUTLER  (Worthington Twp.) -- On the east side of Twp. Rd. 112 (Liberty Street), at the south edge of Butler.  Section 20.

"JOHN WISE" CEMETERY / SETTLERS' CEMETERY (Worthington Twp.) -- West of College Street in Butler.  Sections 19 or 20.  [source:  Bellville Independent:  24 May 1894, Vol. 7, No. 2]  Do not have the official name of this cemetery, as it was only referred to as the "cemetery near John Wise's barn west of College Street".  The newspaper account mentions that a fence needed to be erected around the cemetery, and that the proper authorities should attend to the fencing of the grounds at once.  A Butler Clear Fork Valley Historical Society map, published in 1994, gives the former site of the Settlers' Cemetery at this approx. location - at the northwest corner of Henry and College streets.

LAFFERTY - INDIAN MOUND BURIAL GROUND (Worthington Twp.) -- Approximate location:  On State Route 97, at the intersection of Tucker & Snyder Roads

NEWVILLE (Worthington Twp.) -- On the west side of State Rte. 95, near Co. Rd. 320 (Possum Run Rd.)  In back of U-shape road in small settlement of Newville Section 3

SAMUEL PHIPPS SR. (Worthington Twp.) -- On State Rte. 97, northwest of State Rte. 95.  Section 20.

SECRIST - TARRES / HAMILTON / WORTHINGTON (Worthington Twp.) -- Located in NE 1/4 Section 18.  About 200 feet north of Twp. Rd. 388 (Snyder Rd.), between Twp. Rd. 379 (Teeter Rd.) and Twp. Rd. 387 (Hagerman Rd.)  Section 18

SIMMONS - SPOHN (Worthington Twp.) -- In Butler.  Section --  Stones were removed and used as material for the building of a barn.

UNION / UNION CHURCH / PINE RUN / HILDEBRANT / McCLURG (Worthington Twp.) -- On the north side of Twp. Rd. 380 (Hildebrant Rd.), east of Co. Rd. 108 (Bunkerhill South Rd.) On Northeast corner of Macy and Hildebrant Roads.  Section 23.



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Since many people have asked me about the condition of various cemeteries in Richland County, and who is responsible for their maintenance - I have decided to post the following quote from an article in the Mansfield News Journal, dated May 14, 2003.  "Richland County Deputy Auditor Richard Gulley said only two Richland County townships -- Cass and Troy -- have levies specifically for cemetery maintenance.  The rest must find money from their general funds".

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