Where to find Census data?

On-line By MEMBERSHIP or FREE (some free)

Ohio Genealogical Society ... If you are a member of the Ohio Genealogical Society, you can access Heritage Quest Online (see green box below) as one of the benefits of your membership.  Also you will get their great publications, and access to their library and lending library.

Your local library ... Many libraries across the country allow remote access (from your home computer) to the Heritage Quest Online website, all you need is a current library card.  Many Ohio libraries subscribe to this service through OPLIN (Ohio Public Library Information Network).  Other states also have similar systems which allow remote access ... if you're not an Ohio resident, check out the website of your local library, or state library to see if they allow access, and how to go about getting your own library card from that institution.  The Oberlin (Ohio) Public Library allows free public access to Heritage Quest through their website by going to their site and clicking on the "Heritage Quest Online" link.

Heritage Quest Online -- This is a fantastic website which has five main sections ...

  • Census Data 1790-1930 (actual images) - some indexed at this point, others still in progress.  Covers all states in the U.S.

  • Family & Local Histories - view actual pages, indexed.

  • PERSI - In index of local and genealogy articles

  • Revolutionary War Era Pension & Bounty-Land Warrant Applications

  • Freedman's Bank Records (1865-1874)

    Visit the Oberlin (Ohio) Public Library site and click on the "Heritage Quest Online" link for remote access to this website.  Other state and local libraries also offer remote access to HQ online as well.

    Also check out http://www.eogen.com/HeritageQuestOnline  for a listing of state and local libraries which offer remote access to the Heritage Quest Online databases from your own home computer.




Ancestry.com - U.S. Census Records & Images  ... Has all census years (1790-1930) available, some indexed - some not.  Requires a yearly subscription.  Can be purchased separately, or as an add-on to the basic U.S. Records collection subscription that Ancestry.com offers.

Genealogy.com - U.S. Census Collection  ... Has all census years (1790-1930) available, some indexed - some not.  Requires a yearly subscription.


For Purchase

Heritage Quest (CD-Roms) - You can purchase individual CD-Roms which contain the images from rolls of census microfilm.  No longer available.

Genealogy.com (fka:  Family Tree Maker) (CD-Rom) ... Offers select census years on CD-Rom.

Census Microfilm Expeditors (microfilm or DVD's) ... Has a complete line of census microfilm for purchase.

For Rent

National Archives Microfilm Rental Program ... The National Archives has a program which offers census microfilm rolls for rent if you become a member of the rental program.


For Use

Your local library ... Ask if they have census records on CD-Rom or on microfilm - OR - if they have access to Heritage Quest Online.

Local LDS library

Genealogical or Historical Society library

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