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THE MORE IMPORTANT HAPPENINGS OF THE YEAR 1901 ... Events That Made Local History


Source:  THE MANSFIELD NEWS, 31 December 1901, Vol. 17, No. 256


Submitted by Amy


January 01 Our club dance.  Elks open house.  Mystic club dance.
03 Wedding of J.E. Brown & Miss Katharine HOLWAY
04 Roll call of Christian church
06 Death of J.H. JORDAN
08 Ozier bank robbery at Shiloh
09 Joint installation of G.A.R. and W.R.C.
10 Death of Rachel Eleanor RAWSON
11 Death of Mrs. P.L. TEEPLE;  Collection taken from the schools for the poor
16 Union Depot meeting at the Mayor's office;  Death of Bess LEWIS at Scranton, Pa.;  James A. LEONARD elected superintendent of the Ohio Reformatory
18 Annual banquet of First Presbyterian Christian Endeavor
19 Poisoning of Joseph THULL's family
21 Death of Mrs. Louise BISSMAN;  Death of Amy LEONARD
22 Mansfield-Crestline Electric road securing options on right of way
26 Death of Samuel AU
27 Death of Joseph BOALS;  Death of Bertie RICHIE;  Death of Mrs. Elizabeth AU
29 Sheridan Club dance
31 Publication of population statistics for Mansfield and Richland County;  Mansfield vs. Marion in basket ball contest
- - -
February 01 Elks Club opened
02 Death of Williard NEWLON
03 Death of Frank ANDREWS
04 John Marshal Day observed by Richland County Bar;  Prudential banquet at Brunswick
05 N.A.S.E. "smoker"
06 Carpenter's Union formed
08 Death of Joseph BLACK
09 Agricultural Society meeting;  Appointment of Miss Florence Welty as court stenographer
10 Duncan robbery in Ashland County
12 Mystic Club annual grand ball
13 Lyceum celebrates Lincoln anniversary
14 Death of Fred REMY;  Death of William STEVENS;  HOFFMAN-PHILLIPS wedding
15 Mock trial at the high school;  reception of Mrs. Heineman and Mrs. Dittenhoefer;  Mock marriage at L.O.T.M.
16 Clint R. COULTER killed in a railroad accident at Mills City, Nev.
19 Body of Frank B. SMITH found frozen;  Liedertafel masked ball;  Deutsche Gesselschaft masquerade
20 K. of P. masked ball
22 Rathbone Sisters convention;  Mohican Club open house
25 M.L. MILLER's golden wedding
26 City council considers the matter of bonding the city to build a $65,000 plant for electric lighting
27 Fire at Crawford & Taylor's baker;  Barber's decide to advance the price of hair cuts to 25 cents
- - -
March 01 Republican ward caucuses
02 Company M leaves to attend President McKinley's second inauguration at Washington;  Democratic primaries;  Renner & Weber's ice house burns
05 Death of Mrs. Josephine PATTERSON
06 Fire at Judge Douglass' residence;  Death of Thomas NEWLON
07 Sixteenth anniversary of the NEWS
09 Republican primaries
10 Death of W.S. HAMBLIN;  Dennis O'BRIEN killed by the cars
12 Annual meeting of the Methodist Brotherhood
16 Death of Ralph FICKES;  Capt. Hughes accepts appointment of quartermaster for Eighth Regiment
17 Death of Mrs. Elizabeth WEISKOTTEN
18 Elks' St. Patrick's Day picnic
20 Death of Mrs. R.L. HARMON at Columbus;  Wedding of John BRISTOR and Miss Mary V. CARR
21 William EVANS killed by an Erie train
22 Death of Katherine B. WEIDNER;  Assignment of Farmers' Cooperative Telephone Company
23 Prohibition County Convention
25 Jack MARIETTA sentenced for two years in the penitentiary;  Canton Mansfield supper
26 Red Men's smoker
29 Keifer's grocery burglarized
31 Confirmation at St. Paul's church;  Death of Mrs. John GRABLER
- - -
April 01 Election Day
02 Death of John RITTER;  Another election ordered on the electric light bonding issue
03 Oscar and Frank HOLLINGSHEAD arrested on the charge of stealing from the Sherman homestead
06 Death of Col. S.P. WOLCOTT of the reformatory board at the Vonhof;  Constable W.B. LONGSDORF retires after 26 years' service
09 Suicide of Frank B. CARROLL
11 City council enjoined from putting in more electric lights
16 Death of Mrs. Katharine SALTER;  Death of Harry M. JONES;  Death of Sarah MENTZER
17 Golden wedding of Mr. & Mrs. Samuel T. RACE
20 Franchise granted for the Mansfield-Crestline electric road
22 Death of Mrs. Robert NIXON
25 Wedding of Miss Edith MATTHES and C. L. RICH of Empire, Mich.
30 Ringling Bros. Circus
- - -
May 01 Death of Miss Marie BOLES
02 Loudonville swept by fire
04 Three new members of Ohio Reformatory Board appointed
07 Order forged on sanitary board;  Death of Adam BECK Sr.
08 Ohio Business College commencement;  Funeral of Mrs. J.F. BOALS
10 Death of Mrs. Hannah KOONTZ
13 Death of William B. CAMPBELL
22 Wedding of Charles E. BEELMAN and Anna E. KRAUSE;  Wedding of Charles E. SCHREIDT and Leone MERCER
24 Republican primaries;  Death of Mrs. A.B. ENDLY
25 Democratic primaries
27 Democratic county convention
28 Mrs. Mae FLEMING's trial opens
29 Death of Fred COLEMAN
- - -
June 01 Wedding of Norman O. FLEMING and Grace A. SHAFER;  Wedding of Bernard L. SMITH and Gertrude M. BRUST.
02 Conductor Sherman STONER killed
05 State senatorial convention at Medina;  Democratic judicial convention at Ashland
07 A $75,000 fire at Humphreys pump works;  High School commencement
08 Death of Mrs. Sophronia LACY
09 K. of P. memorial day;  Death of John LANTZ
10 Death of Mrs. James CRAIGHEAD
11 High school field day and reception at night;  Heavy storm
12 Alumni banquet and reception;  U.P. Women's Missionary convention
13 Old Presbyterian church sold
15 Modern Woodmen of America memorial day
18 Appraisal of Sherman estate
20 Residence of Peter CHRONISTER struck by lightning;  Opening of plans for court house improvement
21 Republican county convention
22 Death of George RHEIN at Chicago
24 Westbrook Outing Club's opening
27 Solicitor WELDON enjoins council from putting in more lights
28 Democratic senatorial convention at Medina
- - -
July 03 Opening of race meeting
06 Death of Mrs. Frank D. CALVER (Dowieite);  Taxgrafter cases settled for $35,000
10 Division of Aultman-Taylor tax money announced;  Phillips SMITH injured by fall
11 Company M leaves for camp at Toledo;  Raymond BENNETT stricken with lockjaw
15 Opening of Casino
18 Bloomer Girl ball players here
22 Fred BAIR kicked by a horse
25 Old Presbyterian church turned into a saloon
26 Severe thunder storm;  All day session of No. 35 Masonic Lodge for third degree
29 Canton Mansfield at Shelby
- - -
August 01 Mrs. Valentine WENTZ killed on P.F. railroad track
05 NEWS annual outing
07 Publication of fees and expenses for taxgrafters;  Prof. LYON ousted and Dr. VICKERS of Portsmouth made superintendent of public schools
08 Dr. ECKL's automobile wrecked by a dog
09 FORNEY's bus wrecked by an Erie engine and passengers and driver injured
13 Prof. Ed LYON elected superintendent of the Madisonville schools
15 Bellville society picnic at Lake park;  Explosion of furnace at Ohio Brass Works fatally injures two men
22 Right of way deeds for Mansfield, Crestline and Galion Electrical road filed
23 Judge D. DIRLAM nominated for common pleas bench
24 Death of Edward HOMBERGER
29 Bill WILLIAMS' picnic at Sherman-Heineman park
30 Receiver appointed for L.M. EMMONS
31 Will of Edward HOMBERGER, deceased, published
- - -
September 02 Sudden death of Rolia O. STYERT;  Labor Day celebration
04 Wedding of O.D. SHEETS and Miss Joy WILLITS;  Taft-Hoffman controversy
06 President McKinley shot
09 Will of J.C. LARWILL filed
11 Charles GANDERT killed at Erie yards
14 President McKinley died at 2:15 a.m.
21 Night Janitor SCHAMBS of the city jail gets drunk and tries to make arrests without authority
24 Charles C. MYERS arrested for embezzlement
25 Wedding of J.C. CUSTER and Rose E. MEISTER
29 Constable BLUE of Windsor comes to town to make an arrest, gets drunk and is himself arrested
0 0 -
October 01 Death of Miller CARTER;  Receiver appointed for F.W. DURNO;  Mrs. J.O. SHELLER, female lawyer, tries case in court
02 Homer G. BOSTWICK, of Alliance, and Miss Dorothy POTO married at Alliance
06 Pathfinders memorial service;  Marion HEICKEL assaulted at B. & O. depot by five men
07 Contract for remodeling court house awarded
09 Publication of Examiner BLACKBURN's report on tax grafter deal;  Golden wedding of Mr. & Mrs. E.H. FRANCE;  Dairyman combine
10 LARWILL estate sued for $50,000 attorneys fees
11 Death of W.T. WOLFE at Washington, D.C.
12 Fire at A.-T. boiler shop
14 Sheriff PULVER locates stolen horses at Sandusky;  Death of Mrs. Harriet L. KNAPP
16 SHERMAN estate sued for $250,000 back taxes
17 A.C. BLACKBURN returns to examine county offices
19 Mayor ROBISON returns from Klondike;  Nellie PURDY killed by falling of a tree limb
22 Mansfield, Savannah & Wellington Railroad $1,500,000 mortgage filed
25 Senator Foraker in town;  Local Syndicate formed for Alaska mining
- - -
November 05 Election Day
06 KALLMERTEN / HOFFMAN Wedding;  Big fire in rear of Vonhof hotel
07 Dr. MEESE elected president of Heidelberg College;  City council makes gas trip to Newark
09 Purchase of land for hay market enjoined
10 Base ball meeting at Brunswick
12 Judge Dirlam's "smoker" at Purdy's hall;  Wedding of Tillie RHEIN and Joseph MURPHY, of Youngstown;  Death of George F. CARPENTER
14 W.L. SEWELL appointed consul to Pernambuco, Brazil
18 New Southern Hotel opened;  Death of Thomas G. SNYDER;  Golden wedding of Mr. & Mrs. Hiram BAKER
20 Petition filed to construe SHERMAN will
22 Mansfield machine works plant sold to Aultman & Taylor Co. for $65,000
26 Assignment of S.L. RUTAN
28 Mansfield wins from Heidelberg College foot ball team
29 John C. NELSON sues city for $1,000 damages
- - -
December 01 Rev. BALTZLY's residence burglarized 
03 Bonds for $25,000 ordered voted on for water works improvements;  REED reception at Purdy's Hall
04 Death of Arthur H. WARNE
06 Court house improvement petition discovered to be forged;  Frank B. HARBAUGH and Miss Carrie RUTH elope to Pittsburg;  Plot to blow up Eclipse Stove Works discovered;  Fred WOLFE accidentally locked in the Mansfield Savings Bank vault;  Petition to enjoin $40,000 court house bond issue circulated
09 Announcement of marriage of Jennie L. BLOOR and J.C. KEMBLE in California
13 Will of George F. CARPENTER filed
15 Streeter Stock company disbands;  Death of Mrs. Charles DAUM;  Death of Mrs. Elizabeth McGINTY
21 NEWS publishes 64-page Christmas edition
23 Injunction petition filed against court house bonding issue
25 Salvation Army's great Christmas dinner for the poor;  Charles H. BROWNING and Miss Anna M. OBERLIN married at Bellville;  Wedding of W.F. KERN and Helen M. McCLELLAN at Utica;  Marriage of Gaylord W. BAHL and Miss Nellie WILKINSON
26 Col. D.L. COCKLEY drops dead;  George M. GEDDES drops dead
27 Death of Dr. M.P MASON

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