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Non-Resident Members, 1918

First English Evangelical Lutheran Church - Mansfield


Source:  OFFICIAL REPORT OF THE MEMBERSHIP AND FINANCES OF THE FIRST ENGLISH EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH OF MANSFIELD, OHIO For the Year Ending Sept. 30, 1918.  Issued by the Act of the Church Council, April 11, 1893.


Submitted by Peggy


Member Family Members Residence
Atkins, Rose - Springfield, O.
Adams, Mrs. Ona - c/o Nat. Supply Co., West Park, Cleveland, O.
Beardsley, Volney Minnie Tabor Apts., W. 7th. St., Los Angeles, Cal.
Bauer, Charles F. Ada 757 E. 103 Street, Cleveland, O.
Beal, Glenn Birdie n/a
Brown, Mary (Graham) - Toledo, O.
Bowers, Alice - Toledo, O.
Bottomly, Mrs. Mary - 360 Hazel St., Akron, O.
Braden, Ruth - Ashland, O.
Beiber, LeRoy - 405 DeWitt Ave., Elmira, N.Y.
Beebe, Mrs. Emma - Hillsdale, O.
Beebel, W.A. Mrs. Pennsylvania
Boegert, A.C. - Toledo, O.
Croft, Mrs. Caroline - Dallas, Tex.
Cole, Catherine M. - Wellsville, N.Y.
Chamberlain, Mrs. Emma - N. Castle, Pa.
Cook, Charles Minnie E. Third Street, Ashland, O.
Cook, Clarence - Ashland, O.
Cook, Claribell - Ashland, O.
Donaldson, Guy C. - General Delivery, San Francisco, Cal.
Doerror, Lizzie - Loudonville, O.
Deveney, J. Alvin - Detroit, Mich.
Eyerly, Clark - California
Eyerly, Margaret - Galion, O.
Fike, Harvey Cath. Rural Delivery 5, Salem, O.
Frankeberger, Fred K. - Charleston, W. Va.
Goon, Mrs. Mary - Willard, O. and Marion, O.
Hoovler, Nellie R. - Cleveland, O.
Hummel, Mrs. A.L. - Shelby, O.
Hout, Leon - Massilon, O.
Hassinger, A.P. Ida Galion, O.
Huffman, R.A. Helen Marion, O.
Kendall, Mrs. H.E. - 2719 College Ave., Indianapolis, Ind.
Keith, Calvin Lodema Warren, O.
Keiser, Mrs. E. - 812 Brown Ave., Canton, O.
Keiser, Harold - Canton, O.
Kemler, Mrs. Elizabeth - 108 Fountain St., Pittsburg, Pa.
Longshore, Mrs. Grace - Toledo, O.
Longshore, Olive - Chicago, Ill.
Laser, Bessie (Gandert) - Akron, O.
Lamson, E.N. Alma n/a
Logan, Howard P. - Galion, O.
Miller, S.S. Mrs. Clifton Springs, N.Y.
Mosey, Mrs. Elizabeth - c/o O.S.R. for Women
Miley, E.B. Anna Central Ave., Cleveland, O.
Moore, Delilah - Lexington, O.
Myers, Mrs. George (nee Doerman) - 868 Arch St., Alliance, O.
McDanel, Mrs. L.G. (nee Hoffman) - Ashland, O.
Miller, Lucile Dir - Marion, O.
Ohler, Mattie - Perrysville, O.
Pittman, LeRoy - Toledo, O.
Pittman, Clark - Barberton, O.
Painter, Mrs. Margaret - North Bend, Ore.
Pealer, W.S. Mayme Columbus, O.
Princehorn, Ada - Washington, D.C.
Patterson, Mary - North Washington, O.
Pluck, Mrs. Minnie - Dayton, O.
Ruffer, Lena (Lomax) - Simms, Mont.
Rupright, Mary (Dopper) - Marrysville, O.
Russell, Jefferson Mary Cleveland, O.
Russell, Rhea - Cleveland, O.
Robinson, Mrs. Haines - Washington, D.C.
Ralston, Mrs. Mary - California
Reynolds, Sarah - Wisconsin
Shubert, Pearl - Cleveland, O.
Shaniberger, Mrs. Pearl - Florida
Souter, John Mrs. Sandusky, O.
Simmons, Margaret - Cleveland, O.
Simmons, Mrs. Helen - E. Liverpool, O.
Stub, Mrs. Florence Kemler - 108 Fountain St., Pittsburg, Pa.
Young, Mrs. Mabel - Loudonville, O.
Wiles, W.O. Margaret Lucas, O.
Wise, Geo. A. - Kent, O.
Wise, John C. Bessie Medina, O.
Wilson, Mrs. Christina - Rural Delivery 3, Crestline, O.
Wise, Mrs. Caroline - Fairview, Ill.
Williams, Esther - Attica, O.
Weaver, Mrs. Alice - Denver, Col.
Weaver, Florence - Denver, Col.
Weaver, Paul - Denver, Col.
Weaver, Charles - Denver, Col.
Zehner, Leah J. - Rural Delivery 4, Ashland, O.
Zimarik, Elizabeth (Boleratz) - 366 Bell St., Akron, O.

Addresses of the following named persons are unknown ...

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