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Notes from THE YOUNG LUTHERAN, Mansfield Edition:  February 1897 Concerning The First English Lutheran Church

Source:  THE YOUNG LUTHERAN, Mansfield Edition, Vol. 13, No. 8, February 1897.  Published by the Young Lutheran Company, Limited, at Greenville, Pa.


Facts concern members of The First English Lutheran Church at the corner of Park Ave. West and Mulberry Street in Mansfield.


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Council--Elders, J. W. Baker, A. J. Bortz, Geo. Bair, Matthias Mowry, John Wallace; deacons, J. K. Johnston, Volney S. Beardsley, Fred Berg, D. J. Smith, W. L. McCullough; trustees, Jos. Hursh, Wm. Bowden, E. S. Fisher; secretary, V. S. Beardsley; treasurer, J. W. Baker.

Sabbath School Officers--Superintendent, D. J. Smith; assistant superintendent, Glenn Cummings; treasurer, Chas. O. Hubbs; secretary, Lena Dorman; assistant secretary, La Verne Beardsley; librarian, Henry Hubbs; first assistant, Lizzie Mountain; second assistant, Florence Esselburn; third assistant, Rickey Dorman;  chorister, Dimon Herring; pianist, Fritz Marks.

Melanchthon Society -- J. W. Baker, president; V. S. Beardsley, vice president; Curtis Moore, secretary; Wm. Bowden, treasurer.

Y.P.S.C.E. --V. S. Beardsley, president; Leah Zehner, vice president; Avis Keffer, secretary; Essa Bouham, treasurer; Fritz Marks, pianist.

W.H. and F.M. Society -- Mrs. E. J. Wiles, president; Mrs. R. Umberger, vice president; Miss Delia Taylor, secretary; Mrs. Anna Figley, treasurer.

Earnest Workers -- Mrs. H. L. Wiles, president; Mrs. John Funston, vice president; Mrs. V. S. Beardsley, secretary; Mrs. Fred Berg, treasurer.

Pastor's Aid Society -- Mrs. R. Umberger, president; Mrs. Minnie Beardsley, secretary.

Junior C. E. Society -- Mrs. J. P. Culler, superintendent.

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Jan. 13--Esther May, daughter of Victor and Jennie Lime.
Jan. 14--Marguerite Louisa, daughter of Benj. F. and Mary E. Patterson.
Jan. 24--___ ___, son of John F. and Mamie Hink.
Jan. 24--___ ___, son of Edw. L. and Bertie C. Miller.
Jan. 31--Wm. Ludwig, son of Geo. G. and Annie L. Griebling.
Feb. 17--Paul, son of Christian and Ida Burggraf.


Jan. 13--Clyde L. Dye and Annie L. Swank.
Jan. 28--Samuel Wolfe and Sadie Dishong.
Feb.  1--Josiah G. Robison and Bertha S. Stull.
Feb.  6--Chas H. Brown and Lizzie E. Brown.
Feb. 10--James M. Pearce and Katharine C. Miller.
Feb. 17--Henry Julier and Ada M. Laughlin.


Jan. 17--Infant child of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Hunter.
Jan. 17--Marguerite L. Patterson; aged 2 years, 2 months and 25 days.
Jan. 21--Albert A. Steele; aged 28 years, 9 months and 20 days.
Jan. 26--Della Dunshee; aged 39 years, 8 months and 25 days.
Jan. 28--Walter S. Fickel; aged 24 years, 10 months and 28 days.
Jan. 29--Geo. L. Hull; aged 7 years, 7 months and 25 days.
Feb.  4--Eunice Hall; aged 71 years, 5 months and 7 days.
Feb.  6--Mary M. Abbott; aged 42 years and 16 days.
Feb.  6--Mary A. Heiss; aged 50 years, 7 months and 19 days.
Feb. 14--Chas. Wm. Arnold; aged 5 months and 23 days.
Feb. 18--Wm. Carter; aged 87 years, 9 months and 12 days.


--Since our last issue five esteemed members of our church have passed from the labors of earth to the rest of of (sic) heaven, viz:  Albert Steele, Walter Fickle, Mrs. Eunice Hall, Mrs. Mary Abbott, and Mrs. Mary Heiss.  Also four dear little ones from as many happy family circles.  Truly death is no respector of persons.

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--On the 26th ult. we were called to the once happy home of Eugene Dunsbee (sic), south of Lexington, to officiate at the funeral of his wife, universally beloved.  Mrs. Dunsbee (sic), nee Miss Cleland, was an attendant upon the services of our church while we were pastor at Wooster, and she was among the brightest students at the university.  It was her dying request that we officiate at her funeral and minister comfort to her sorrowing husband and children.  It was pleasant to be thus appreciatively remembered, but we would have much rather spoken to her than of her.  Mrs. Dunshee (sic) possessed great natural endowments of heart and mind.  These were enlarged and intensified by a fine education.  Her ability was recognized on every hand.  Nothing was too much for her to do to lift up and better the condition of mankind.  And with all that she did for society in general, her own loved ones were not forgotten or neglected.  She was a model wife and mother.  She will be greatly missed.  Many years will come and go before another can be found to wear the mantel dropped by the bright, thoughtful, kind-hearted, benevolent and uplifting Mrs. Dunsbee (sic), when she ascended to receive her crown.

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Members Admitted to Church Fellowship.

January 13.
Victor L. Lime,        332 Harker
Jennie E. Lime,        do

February 14.
Mary E. Lape,        19 E. First
John F. Lape,        do
Minnie O. L. C. Downs,    274 S. Adam
Chas. Shoup,        308 E. Second
Mary Shoup,        do
Nathaniel Pluck,    197 E Second
Almira Pluck        do
Maggie Pluck,        do
Gladys R. Powers,    176 S. Sugar
Jacob Christiancy,    209 Newman
Ella Christiancy,    do
Byron A. Miller,    86 Third Ave.
Lee Mont Miller,    do
Henry Ray Cook,     252 1/2 N. Mulberry
Howard L. Walters,    347 Spring Mill
Delcenie Valentine,     46 Daisy
James E. Brown,        18 N. Adam
Martha E. Brown,    do
Malinda A. Swisher,    Woodville
Mary E. Antrican,    25 Pleasant Ave.
Sadie Antrican,        do
John J. Lambright,    61 N Foster
Anna B Shanibarger,    320 E. Second
Retta Fay Moser,    159 S Main
Lulu May Heck,        94 E. Fourth
Herman Greving,        16 Superior
Lizzie Greving,        do
Wesley Cramer,        254 S. Adam
Margeret Cramer,    do
Sidney Smith,        120 Lida
M. F. Van Antwerpt,    370 Marion Ave.
Alva Van Antwerpt,    do
Clara B. Metcalf,    23 E Bloom
Marguerite H. Cole,    East of reformatory
Dinnie Jemison,        48 E. Fourth
Benj. F. Patterson,     High
Mary E. Patterson,    do
J. F. Mahler,        142 N. Adam
Alice C. Mahler,    do
Kate Scheckler,        116 N. Walnut
John A. Emhart,        14 N. Diamond
Mary E. Emhart,        do
Chas. Bauman,        140 N. Sugar
Matilda Bauman,        do
Fannie E. Pollock,    195 N. Diamond

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