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Early Church History of Cass Twp.

Source:  THE HISTORY OF RICHLAND COUNTY by Norman Newton Hill.  Published by A.A. Graham & Company, 1880.  pp. 407


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The Methodists / Methodist-Episcopal  -- Salem Church
  • Abt. 1816-1817 -- Bennajah Boardman (missionary) held the first religious services in the cabin house of John Long, on the site of the village of Planktown or Richland.
  • 1828 -- A log church was built through the influence of Rev. Boardman.  It was erected on the SE quarter of Section 1, where a town was laid out which they called Salem ... thus called Salem Church
    • First members were:  The Long Family (John, Catherine, Nancy, Betsy and Sarah), Asa Murphy, Peter & Annie Maring and John & Hannah Bell.
    • Ministers of this church were:  Rev. Boardman, Erastus Felton, Rev. Chase and Rev. Goddard.  Adam Poe also preached occasionally.
  • 1852 -- The log church was torn down and a frame building erected there at a cost of $1625.
  • 1874 -- Congregation decided to build a new building in Shiloh, and so the frame building was sold to Wesley McLaughlin for $300 who in turn sold it to the Dunkards.
United Brethren In Christ
  • First organized in Planktown in 1843
  • 1849 -- Built a church bldg. across from the Old Salem church belonging to the Methodists
  • 1860 -- Congregation moved to Shiloh, with Michael Long (missionary) being instrumental in the move
    • Some members were:  N.S. Guthrie & wife, Robert Guthrie & wife, Peter Broche & wife, Mr. Shupe & wife and 2 daughters and Artemisse Wolf.
    • Some of the ministers were:  Michael Long, Jacob Berger, William Mathers, Solomon Lindsey, John Goodwin, Enoch Bell, Alexander Biddle, C.L. Barlow, A.H. Leonard, V. Pond and his wife who also preached occasionally, William Newell, George Bender and Mr. Spangler.
The Evangelical Lutheran Church
  • Organized in 1842 in Planktown in a schoolhouse by the Rev. P.P. Lane, who preached to the congregation until 1844
    • Elders:  Samuel Weirich and Samuel Hendrickson
    • Deacons:  Alexander McBride and Emanuel Bigler
    • Erastus Eastman served as minister after Rev. Lane.  Eastman served until 1848.
    • Joshua Crouse followed Eastman as minister, and served the congregation until the church was moved to Shiloh
  • Some time later a frame bldg. was erected which was occupied by the congregation until 1853 
  • 1853 -- Congregation built a new bldg. in Shiloh, and dedicated by Prof. F.W. Conrad of Wittenberg College and assisted by Rev. D. Specher and Rev. S. Fenner.  New building measured 38x56 and was called Mount Hope
  • 1878 -- The Mount Hope church was remodeled 

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