Richland Co., Ohio


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First English Lutheran Church Confirmation Class, 1909



Submitted by Peggy

Members of this class & their instructor:

Burke Baer
Mary Ellen Carroll
Addie May Delp
Lela C. Downs
Ray F. Downs
Grace L. Eyerly
Ida M. Fickel
Christma Frankhiser
Don C. Gorman
William L. Griebling
Adalia E. Guenther
Myrtle Fay Guise
Mildred Harbaugh
Roscoe Harbaugh
John E. Hink
Raymond Jameson
Harold W. Kern
Dean M. Leuthner
Don Leuthner
Thelma M. Maglott
Marguerite B. Mann
Ralph R. Marrieta
Wilbur E. Miller
Berlyn McCready
Helen E. Porch
Glenn D. Pore
Glenn Rhoades
Anna Sattler
William Lee Sturges
Ruth M. Wolfe
Rev. Simon Peter Long

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