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* City of Mansfield, OH Charter

Richland Co. Engineer 77 N. Mulberry St. Mansfield, OH 44902 419-774-5591
Richland Co. Probate Court  <map> 50 Park Ave. East Mansfield, OH 44902 419-774-5583
Richland Co. Recorder  <map> 50 Park Ave. East Mansfield, OH 44902 419-774-5602
Common Pleas Court:  Domestic Relations      
Richland Co. Clerk of Courts  <map>      
Mansfield Municipal Building 30 N. Diamond St. Mansfield, OH 44902  
Richland Co. Auditor ( website<map> 50 Park Ave. East Mansfield, OH 44902 -
Mansfield / Ontario / Richland Co. Health Dept. 555 Lexington Ave. Mansfield, OH 44907 419-774-4500
Richland Co. Tax Map Office or (alternate link) 77 Mulberry Street Mansfield, OH 44902 -
Shelby Municipal Court
(new address as of 4/2008)
3954 Industrial Parkway Shelby, OH -

* Former Sheriff Jim Payne who has the contract for putting concrete floors in the basement of the court house, made a discovery late yesterday afternoon which caused considerable interest at the court house.  While removing a slab of stone in the south room in the court house basement used as a coal room, he discovered a hole.  He dropped a stone down and he was almost ready to affirm that it dropped clear down to China.  After some seconds he heard it strike bottom.  According to Contractor Payne, who is pretty well informed on local history, the residence of Col. Thomas Bartley stood on the site of the present court house.  The court house was built on the site in 1870 and it was built over an old well on the property.  A big stone slab was placed over the opening and it was uncovered yesterday for the first time in all these years.  The well was walled with brick and the former Sheriff thinks that it is at <<final paragraphs of the story are missing - consult microfilm for remainder of article>>  [Mansfield Daily Shield:  04 June 1909]

* "My wife's father, Philip Beck, and a man by the name of Adam Russ who now resides at Upper Sandusky built that well which was found in the basement of the court house last week" said George Alheim of No. 36 Boughton Avenue, today.  "The well was 110 feet deep.  Mrs. Alheim's mother was very much worried at the time the well was built and she was greatly relieved when it was finished.  Those were the days when wells were not drilled by machinery and every bucket full of earth was taken to the top by the old fashioned windlass.  They dug every foot of the well with pick and shovel."  [Mansfield Daily Shield:  07 June 1909]

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