Richland Co., Ohio

Divorce Records

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Divorce Notes, 1883

Extracted from newspapers of the day

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Date shown is the publication date of the newspaper

** This is NOT a complete record of ALL divorce cases brought before the court - but, ones that were mentioned in the newspaper.

Parties Involved Pub. Date Notes
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Brandt 25 Jan. Bellville.  Lizzie Brandt wants a divorce from John.  She hasn't seen him for three years.
Castner 22 Nov. Bell Castner, of Mansfield, wants a divorce from her William.
McGuire 27 Sept. May McGuire asks to be divorced from John McGuire.  Plea, cruelty and a failure to provide.
Schaupp 06 Sept. Jacob Schaupp vs. Lena Schaupp
Sickinger 31 May George Sickinger has applied for a divorce from his wife, alleging neglect of duty and willful absence.  Not long since he brought suit for damages against his wife's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bottomly, for alienating her affections from him, but was unsuccessful, the jury finding the wife had just cause to leave.
Weber 06 Sept. Mary Anna Weber vs. A.F. Weber

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