Richland Co., Ohio


Misc. Divorce Records, 1888


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Mary C. DAVIS vs. Charles A. DAVIS.  Divorce decree granted and alimony of $500.  [Mansfield Daily News, 24 December 1888]

Elizabeth KRABILL vs. Jacob KRABILL.  The parties were married Oct. 15, 1884.  The plaintiff charges the defendant with adultery since Feb. 7, 1888, with one Mary C. Conley, and asked in addition to a decree of divorce, $1350 alimony.  The court granted the decree, but has not yet fixed the amount of alimony.  [Mansfield Sunday News, 08 July 1888]

Fredie TAYLOR vs. Henry E. TAYLOR.  Divorce decree granted and restored to maiden name, Fredie ROSE.   [Mansfield Daily News, 24 December 1888]

Lillie WIGLE asked to be divorced from Frank WIGLE, to whom she was married Sept. 25, 1878.  One son named George was born to the unhappy couple.  Mrs. Wigle charges her husband with wilful absence and therefore asks for alimony and divorce.  Judge May has not yet announces his decision.  [Mansfield Sunday News, 08 July 1888]

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