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Divorce Notices, 1890

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Aungst EN 03 June Mansfield, June 3.  Lewis D. Aungst and Nancy J. Paste were married Dec. 1, 1887.  Now Aungst has sued his wife for divorce because she refused to cohabit with him.
xxx WE 20 Nov. Lewis D. Aungst was granted a divorce from his wife, Nancy J. in Common Pleas court Tuesday afternoon.
Beasore EN 24 May Mrs. Rachel Beasore has petitioned common pleas court to divorce her from Henry Beasore to whom she was married at Lucas, Feb. 17, 1884.  She avers in her petition that Beasore has filed to provide for her for more than a year, that he has abused her by calling her vile names and by personal violence.  Beasore threatens to dispose of the chattels which belong to the plaintiff and an injunction restraining him from so doing during the pendency of the suit was granted.
Bird EN 20 Feb. 4359.  George R. Bird vs. Celestina Bird.  Divorce filed.
      George R. Bird and Celestina Bird were married April 6, 1880, and they have four children.  Now Bird sues for divorce on grounds of adultery, he alleging that his wife was guilty of such an offense, April 15, 1888, at their home on North Main Street and again Sept. 15, 1888, at their home on Spring Mills Street, both times with Perry E. Hunt, who was formerly a mail carrier in this city.  It will be remembered that Bird and Ed. Heiser went to a neighboring city on an escapade with two young girls about a year ago.  It will also be remembered that when Perry Hunt left Mansfield with his wife Mrs. Bird disappeared at the same time and is supposed to have gone with them.  She has not since returned.
Blair EN 16 May 4450.  Marion E. Blair vs. Linnie May Blair.  Divorce filed.
Booth WE 21 Aug. Mary A. Booth vs. John Booth.  Divorce filed.
Bowie EN 11 Jan. John Bowie and Della Quinn were married at Shiloh, May 5, 1885.  To-day they were divorced.  Judge May heard the case this afternoon.  Mrs. Bowie's grounds for divorce and allegations against her husband were cruelty, profligacy, dissipation, and failure to provide for her and the three-year-old daughter.  She was also granted custody of the child.
Burkholder WE 25 Dec. Mary Burkholder, of near Bellville, was granted a divorce from her husband, Daniel, on Saturday evening, and on Monday she was united in marriage with Wm. J. Beer.
Cross EN 18 Feb. Mansfield, Feb. 18 -- Robert Cross, a 77-year-old soldier, will soon begin action for divorce from his wife Kate, to whom he was married about a year ago.  The petition will be sensational, alleging fraudulent contract, in that she is physically unable to perform wifely duties.  There are only three or four similar cases in Ohio.  Although Cross is 77 years of age he claims he has the vigor of young manhood.  The case may not be begun until the latter part of the month, as there is some necessary evidence yet to be procured.
Dairy WE 21 Aug. Nancy Dairy vs. Amos Dairy.  Divorce filed.
Elliott EN 01 Feb. Josiah Elliott was divorced to-day from Ida Elliott, who deserted him last fall and eloped with Aaron Frank, the particulars of which were published in the NEWS at the time.  A very spicy letter written by Mrs. Elliott to the husband she deserted was offered in testimony.
  RSB 08 Feb. The divorce case of Josiah Elliott vs. Ida Elliott was heard before Judge May this afternoon.  Both parties to the suit were residents of Jackson Township.  The petition of the plaintiff averred that the defendant had committed adultery with Aaron Franks.  The subsequent elopement of the couple was published in the SHIELD at the time.  They went to Sandusky, taking with them the three-years-old son of Mr. & Mrs. Elliott.  Several witnesses were examined by J.P. Seward, attorney for the plaintiff, and a letter from the defendant to her husband was introduced.  In the letter the woman told of her undying love for Franks and confessed to having committed adultery with him.  The divorce was granted.  The whereabouts of the runaway couple is unknown.
Enos EN 15 April A petition for divorce was filed today in common please court in which Melzar F. Enos is plaintiff and Ida F. Lewis is defendant.  They were married at Trenton, N.J., Feb. 27, 1887.  At that time they were both members of the company supporting Daniel Bandmann, the eccentric German tragedian.  Mrs. Enos, whose professional name is used in the petition, deserted her husband April 4, 1887, but a little more than a month after they were married, and she has since been absent.  The separation was brought about through the influence of Bandmann and Mrs. Enos' parents.  The only grounds on which divorce is asked is willful absence for the past three years.
  WE 19 June Melzar F. Enos vs. Ida Lewis-Enos.  Divorce granted.
Ernsberger EN 09 Feb. Mansfield, Feb. 9 -- John Ernsberger has applied for a divorce from Emma Ernsberger, to whom he was married Aug. 20, 1885.  They have one child, three years old.  Ernsberger alleges grounds of willful absence.
Gerisch EN 28 June Caroline Gerisch to-day filed a petition in common pleas court asking to be divorced from Lewis Gerisch, to whom she was married Feb. 17, 1870.  She was formerly Caroline Netscher.  In her petition she alleges that at various times her husband has cruelly abused her by striking her, pulling her hair, calling her vile names and other acts of cruelty.  They have two grown daughters and reside on West Bloom Street.
  EN 08 July Mansfield, July 8.  Mrs. Caroline Gerisch has voluntarily dismissed her case for divorce in common pleas court, and is living with her husband and family on West Bloom Street.
Goss WE 31 July Mattie Goss vs. Silas F. Goss.  Divorce filed.


EN 18 Apr. Mansfield, April 19.  Daniel Hawn has been granted a divorce from Mary Hawn.  He is to pay the defendant $100 alimony.
  WE 01 May Daniel Hawn vs. Mary Hawn.  Divorce granted.
Hein RSB 22 Mar. Monday.  Mary A. Hein, through her attorneys, Connolly & Laser, has commenced divorce and injunction proceedings against her husband, Nicholas Hein.  The parties were married at Loudonville [Ashland Co.], January 13, 1870, and have five children.  On December 7th. last, the petition alleges the defendant committed adultery with Lizzie Butcher, at Centerburg [Knox Co.] and is now living with this woman at Sparta, IL.  The plaintiff is in possession of the household furniture and the children and prays for an injunction restraining him from taking the furniture.
Herr EN 15 Jan. Frances Herr, who married Benjamin F. Herr, Dec. 26, 1885, now wants the court to grant her a divorce.  She alleges that her husband has failed to provide her a home or the necessary food and clothing.  They have one child, a son three years old, of which she asks custody.
Hettinger EN 02 Mar. The divorce case of B.F. Hettinger against Elizabeth Hettinger was tried in common pleas court yesterday.  They were married Aug. 9, 1869.  The outcome of this marriage has not yet been forgotten by a great many Mansfield people.  In May, 1884, Mrs. Hettinger deserted her husband and ran away with a sanctified sinner by the name of Raber who came here as an evangelist and held a revival meeting in which Mrs. Hettinger took a deep interest.  Raber was an evangelist of what Hettinger calls the "Free-lover" church and it being so Raber made a practical illustration of his belief and teachings and set a bad example for his flock.  Providentially Mr. and Mrs. Hettinger had not children.  During the political campaign last fall, after Dr. J.B. Helwig, Prohibition candidate for governor, had made a campaign speech in the park a woman mounted the stand and commenced preaching salvation to the few who remained out of curiosity.  Among these was Hettinger, who recognized the woman as his wayward wife, and he exposed her to the crowd and subsequently sued her for a divorce on grounds of willful absence and on these grounds a decree was granted.
Hettinger WE 07 Aug. Jacob Hettinger vs. Sarah Hettinger.  Divorce filed.
  WE 25 Sept. Jacob Hettinger has been granted a divorce from his wife, Sarah Hettinger.
Johnson WE 14 Aug. Lillie Johnson vs. John L. Johnson.  Divorce filed.
Knuesy WE 11 Dec. Irena Knuesy vs. Alfred Knuesy.  Divorce filed.
Long EN 11 Jan. Mary Long to-day commenced suit against John Long for divorce.  They were married in Germany, Feb. 1, 1839.  Her grounds are habitual drunkenness, extreme cruelty and failure to provide for the family.  She also asked that her husband be enjoined from disposing of their property on Foster Street, which was mostly paid for by her hard earned money, and the injunction was temporarily allowed.  Long went home last night and cruelly abused his wife.  He broke the glass in the door and raised a noise that was heard by all the neighbors.  She concluded that she could endure his cruelty no longer.
Madden WE 21 Aug. Clara Madden vs. Thomas Madden.  Divorce filed.


EN 02 May Kittie Matthews has sued William Matthews for divorce on grounds of desertion and failure to provide for her.  They were married in 1883 but have no children.
McConkie WE 31 July R.H. McConkie vs. Maud L. McConkie.  Divorce case.
Meier EN 13 May George Meier has applied to be divorced from Lydia Meier to whom he was married in December, 1878.  Wilful absence is charged in his petition.
Moores EN 09 Feb. Mansfield, Feb. 9 -- Henry Moores and Martha Roadpouch were married Nov. 3, 1885.  Judge May divorced them Feb. 8, 1890.  Henry was the plaintiff and he obtained a decree on grounds of willful absence.
Muir / Muer WE 08 May Elisabeth Muir vs. Geo. Muir.  Divorce filed.
  EN 25 Apr. Elizabeth Muer has sued for divorce from George Muer upon the grounds of gross neglect of duty and habitual drunkenness.  They were married Feb. 28, 1884.  Muer, who was fined for drunkenness a few days ago was released from the city prison this afternoon.
Mutz WE 22 May Ida Mutz vs. John Mutz.  Divorce dismissed at plaintiff's cost.
Parson/Parsons WE 08 May Nora M. Parson vs. Elmer E. Parson.  Divorce granted.
  EN 25 Apr. Nora M. Parsons, who brought suit against Elmer E. Parsons for divorce on grounds of adultery, was granted a decree and restoration to her maiden name, Nora M. Temple.
Rathburn WE 31 July Eliza E. Rathburn vs. Wm. P. Rathburn.  Divorce filed.
Rutter EN 08 Mar. Jennie Ruttter has commenced suit for divorce against S.T. [Seremus T.] Rutter to whom she was married at Wooster, Nov. 13, 1873.  They have one child a daughter, 14 years old.  She alleges in her petition that Rutter committed adultery with Minnie Au, Dec. 25, 1888, and at various times since.  She also charges him with extreme cruelty.
  WE 19 June Jennie Rutter vs. Serenus Rutter.  Action for divorce.  On trial.
Sprengle WE 31 July W.M. Sprengle vs. Maud Sprengle.  Divorce filed.
Strater EN 07 Feb. Franklin and Mary M. Strater, of Independence [Butler], were married last March.  Mary tired of her spouse when the honeymoon waned and deserted him.  Now he sues for a divorce charging his wife with neglect of duty.
Turner EN 31 Jan. 4335.  Mary E. Turner vs. Walter H. Turner.  Divorce, alimony and injunction.  *Later in the same paper:  "Mary E. Turner has sued Walter H. Turner for divorce, alleging adultery and dereliction of duty.  They were married in 1886."
Vietmyer [Vitmyer] EN 04 Jan. The divorce case of Martha Vietmyer against Henry W. Vietmyer in which defendant is charge with adultery with one Minnie [Millie] Anderson, at Columbus, was heard by Judge May today.  The parties were married Jan. 3, 1886, at Shreve.  The plaintiff was granted a decree of divorce and $500 alimony.
Widders EN 22 Jan. Verona Widders has been granted a decree of divorce from Elijah J. Widders, the custody of the children and $1,000 alimony.
Winsky WE 14 Aug. Matilda Winsky vs. August Winsky.  Divorce filed.
Wirick EN 30 May Sadie Wirick has applied for a divorce.  She was married to Elmore Wirick in December, 1880.  The allegations are extreme cruelty by personal violence, abusive names and threats to kill.  This not being quite enough, the plaintiff also charges Wirick of having adulterous relations with one Mary French or Hellinger, for the past two years.
xxx WE 05 June Sadie Wirick vs. Elmore Wirick.  Divorce and injunction.  Injunction granted.

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