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Divorce Notices, 1891 (partial year)

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ABERLE 28 February Grace Aberle, through her attorney, J.P. Henry, filed suit for divorce from her husband, Charles Aberle.  In her petition she states that they were married on Aug. 26, 1880, and that one child, a four-years-old girl, has been born unto them.  She charges that on July 25, 1890, and that on other occasions the defendant committed adultery with a servant girl named Maggie Holmes, at No. 55 West Third Street.  She also charges Aberle with threatening to take her life on various occasions.
ABBOTT 17 January Friday.  In the issue of this paper of Aug. 6th., the divorce case of James W. Abbott against Lotta Abbott was mentioned.  The parties at that time lived in Lorain County, but the wife afterward left and returned to her home in Plymouth.  The petition stated that the plaintiff charged his wife with gross neglect of duty, associating with other men, etc.  The case came up for hearing on cross petition at the October term of Lorain County court.  The court then granted the defendant a divorce, finding that she had not been guilty of any of the offenses charged against her by the husband in his petition for divorce.  The wife was restored to her maiden name, Lotta Taylor, and is now living with her parents in Plymouth.
ACKERMAN 24 January Friday.  In Common Pleas Court today by his attorney, J.C. Laser, Peter Ackerman filed a suit for divorce from his wife, Elizabeth Ackerman.  In his petition the plaintiff states that they were married on April 15th., 1875, and that for more than four years last past Mrs. Ackerman has failed and willfully neglected to conduct herself as a wife toward him and has been guilty of extreme cruelty, in that on July 15th., 1890, she called him vile names.  He further says in his petition that upon various occasions she would come into his business place while he was attending to his customers and openly charge him with being criminally intimate with lewd women.  Also during the months of July and August, 1889, she made similar charges to different persons.  The last charge he makes against her is that for more than a year she has refused to live with him.  The case is the outgrowth of the trouble which was thoroughly aired in these columns last summer.
ALLONAS 11 April Friday.  This afternoon in Common Pleas court Joseph Allonas, by his attorneys, Seward & Fickes, filed suit for divorce from his wife, Maud Allonas.  In his petition the plaintiff states that they were married on Aug. 7th., 1876, and two boys, aged 12 and 8 years respectively, are the result.  He charges the defendant with committing adultery with a certain man in Omaha, Neb., June 1st., 1889, and that since that time she has been an inmate of a house of prostitution.
ERNST 10 January Saturday.  Joseph Ernst, who applied for divorce yesterday, was granted temporary possession of his children in Probate Court this afternoon.  Ernst stated that his wife is at present living with her mother, Sarah Straub, in the Baltimore Block.
HARKNESS 07 March Wednesday.  In Common Pleas court yesterday afternoon Mary Harkness was granted a divorce from her husband, Horace Harkness, on the grounds of cruelty and gross neglect of duty.  She was given the custody of the child and decreed alimony.  The parties live near Pavonia.
HUGHES 21 February Saturday.  In Common Pleas court today Ellen Hughes was granted a divorce from her husband, Scott Hughes.  The parties live at Windsor and have been married nine years.  The charge brought is failure to provide and willful absence for more than three years.
KELL 28 February Late Saturday afternoon two divorce cases were filed.  Van Buren Kell petitioned for divorce through his attorney, J.P. Henry, charging his wife, Jennie, with cruelty and inhuman treatment.  He claims that they were married on July 6, 1885, and that on Sept. 18, 1890, she struck him with a large carving knife, inflicting serious cuts about his face and hands.
----- ---- Wednesday.  Van B. Kell's suit for divorce against his wife will be withdrawn.
KENEUSEY 28 February Monday.  In Common Pleas Court Saturday afternoon, Irene Keneusey was granted a divorce from her husband, Alfred Keneusey, on the grounds of willful absence for more than the three years last past.
LAWYER 07 February Tuesday.  In a suit for divorce filed this morning Mrs. Maggie E. Lawyer, wife of Harry B. Lawyer, makes allegations not usually found in petitions.  Mrs. Lawyer lived in Pleasant Township.  She and Lawyer were married May 10th., 1882, and have a little girl aged four, Sept. 27th., 1889, there was a separation, and the plaintiff says that Lawyer deserted her and has since failed to provide for her.  Then follow allegations in which the wife claims that her husband has been going about the country deceiving women, engaging their affections and promising to marry them.  She says he has been passing himself off as a single man since he left her to such and extent that he and a respectable young lady at Lexington, O., were engaged to marry.  She charges him with undue intimacy with women unknown to her at Harrisburg, November 26th., 1888, and at other times.  [reprinted from the Columbus Dispatch]
MATTHES 28 March Tuesday.  In Common Pleas Court this morning, Maria Matthes, by her attorney, T.Y. McCray, filed suit for divorce from her husband, Louis Matthes.  In her petition the plaintiff states that they were married on June 18th., 1880.  She charges him with extreme cruelty and specifies a number of dates when she alleges he assaulted and beat her.  Judge May granted an injunction against Matthes disposing of their household goods, as the plaintiff feared the defendant would sell them.  This is about the fifth time divorce proceedings have been filed in that family and everybody hopes this time it will be a go.
MOORE 04 April Lizzie Moore, by her attorneys, Connolly & Laser, has begun suit in Common Pleas court for divorce from her husband, Charles Moore.  In her petition plaintiff states that she was married to the defendant August 25th., 1888, and that one child, a girl now ten years of age, was born unto them.  She charges the defendant with neglect of duty in absenting himself from her for more than two years, compelling her to support herself on account of his idleness, profligacy and dissipation.
NEIL 24 January Saturday.  This afternoon Mary E. Neil, in Common Pleas Court, by her attorneys, Donnel & Marriott, filed suit for divorce from her husband, Frank I. Neil.  The petition states that they were married on January 28th., 1890.  She charges the defendant with cruelty in striking and beating her on January 12th. last.  She asked that her husband be enjoined from disposing of his property, which was granted by Judge May.  They were recently in Police court, the result being that Neil remained in the city prison for several days.
NEWMAN 07 March Several days ago Wilson L. Newman, of Shelby, filed suit for divorce from his wife, Laura Newman, in which he charged her with leaving him without cause and refusing to sustain marital relations with him.  This afternoon Mrs. Newman, by her attorneys, Miller & Marriott and B.F. Long, filed an answer and cross petition for divorce in which she admits that she left Newman on several occasions, but claims that she was justified in doing so on account of extreme cruelty she received at his hands.  By way of cross-petition she says that she has conducted herself toward plaintiff as a faithful wife and that at the time alleged in plaintiff's petition she was compelled to leave on account of his extreme cruelty in that he drove her from the house by violence and called her vile names.  At divers times, she charges, he physically punished her by striking her, etc.  She further charges that he never provided her with clothing.  She therefore asks divorce and an injunction against plaintiff disposing of his property.
  04 April Tuesday.  Last evening Judge McCray in Common Pleas court granted Laura Newman a divorce from her husband, Wilson Newman, on the grounds of extreme cruelty.  The parties both live at Shelby.
RHODES 04 April Tuesday.  Frances Rhodes, by her attorneys, Douglass & Douglass, this morning filed a petition in Common Pleas court for divorce from her husband, Henry C. Rhodes.  In her petition Mrs. Rhodes states that she was married to the defendant, May 5, 1874, at Windsor, this county, and that two daughters, now 16 and 13 years of age, were born to them.  She charges the defendant with having been absent for more than three years and further says that he has an interest in an inheritance, which will amount to about $1,500.  She asks for divorce, the custody of the children and such other relief as may be deemed reasonable.
SICKENGER 10 January Tuesday.  Florence Sickenger today filed suit for divorce from her husband, Frank Sickinger.  The parties were married August 30th., 1886.  One child, a girl, was born to them.  The petition charges the husband with adultery on March 11th. and 12th., 1888, with one Amanda Lape, at the house of Lawrence Branyan, in Troy Township.  Mr. Lape some time ago received a divorce from his wife on account of her relations with Sickinger.
SPAIN 24 January Wednesday.  Another divorce suit was filed this morning in Common Pleas court.  Alvirado Spain, through his attorneys, Connolly & Laser, petitions for divorce from his wife, Emma Spain.  The petition filed is the shortest that has been filed in court for some time, only one cause of action being stated, which is that for more than the last three years the defendant has willfully absented herself from the plaintiff.  The couple were married on the 13th. of April, 1882, and have had no children born to them.  Spain is now living near this city while his wife has, for the time stated, been living near Bellefontaine, Logan County.
  11 April Thursday.  Alvarado Spain was granted a divorce from his wife, Emma Spain, in Common Pleas court last evening, on the grounds of willful absence.
STYERT 10 January Monday.  This afternoon Alice Styert, by her attorney, J.C. Laser, filed a petition in Common Pleas Court for divorce form her husband, William Styert, on the grounds of extreme cruelty, averring that on the 26th. of September he beat her so that she needed medical attention for thirteen weeks, etc.  They were married September 29th., 1881, and have one child, a boy, now 8 years of age.
VANZILE 21 February Saturday.  Judge May heard additional testimony in the Vanzile divorce case yesterday and granted Alice Vanzile a divorce from her husband, Jesse Vanzile.   The plaintiff lives in this city and the defendant lives in Crestline.
WIRTH 10 January Monday.  Carrie Wirth, by her attorney, W.S. Kerr, this morning filed a petition in Common Pleas court, for divorce from her husband, Edward Wirth.  In her petition she sates that they were married on the 5th. of October, 1881, and that one child, a boy now eight years of age, has been born unto them.  She charges her husband with habitual drunkenness and claims that he cruelly beat and punished her on Oct. 5th., 1890, and at various other times.
  18 April Saturday.  Last evening in Common Pleas court Carrie Wirth was granted a divorce from her husband, Edward Wirth, on the grounds of neglect of duty and drunkenness.  She was also given custody of their child.

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