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Divorce Notes, 1893

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** This is NOT a complete record of ALL divorce cases brought before the court - but, ones that were mentioned in the newspaper.

Parties Involved Pub. Date Notes
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Alger 30 Dec. Wednesday.  Nora C. Alger this afternoon filed a petition in Common Pleas Court seeking a divorce from William H. Alger.  They were married in Cleveland, August 6, 1891, and have one child, Rhea, now one year of age.  The plaintiff alleges in her petition 18 months' failure to provide, willful absence and abandonment.  She prays for absolute divorce and the custody of the child.
Barr (Bear) 14 Oct. Monday.  Clarinda Barr was this afternoon granted a divorce from W.J. Barr.  On December 25, 1889, the defendant procured a marriage license at Newark, Licking County, and falsely represented that the plaintiff's name was Clarinda France, when he well knew that her name was Clarinda Frank, and the defendant's name James W. Bear, instead of W.J. Barr.  They were married the same day and the plaintiff was ignorant of the irregularity of the license until some time after.  The defendant has failed to provide for her and on April 1, 1891, he deserted her and his whereabouts are now unknown.
Fidler 07 Oct. Mattie Fidler, who was married to Charles C. Fidler, September 25, 1882, was yesterday granted a divorce from her husband on the grounds of drunkenness and willful absence for more than three years.  She was granted alimony and the custody of their eight-year-old daughter Jennie.
Fisher 07 Oct. Thursday.  Phoebe Fisher was married to Jacob Fisher on Feb. 27th., 1870.  Two children have been born to them.  Mrs. Fisher now wants a divorce on the grounds of extreme cruelty and habitual drunkenness.  The parties lived on Prospect Street until Sept. 21st., when they separated.
Greer 16 Sept. Thursday.  John Greer has brought suit for divorce against his wife, Aparinnia Greer, alleging gross neglect of duty.  The parties live near Butler.
Groves 05 Aug. Mrs. Ida Groves, of 120 North Main Street, formerly Miss Ida B. Ertley, has filed suit by her attorneys, Henry & Reed, for a divorce from her husband, Chas. E. Groves.  The plaintiff says she was married to Groves about the 28th. of October, 1891, at Tiffin [Seneca Co., Ohio] and he has ever since that time failed to provide for her.  She avers in her petition that his neglect was willful, and that she has been compelled to live on the charity of friends and by her own exertions, because of his idleness, profligacy and dissipation.  The defendant's whereabouts are unknown.  Mrs. Groves prays the court for divorce, the restoration to her maiden name, reasonable alimony and such other relief as is proper.  The plaintiff is a sister of George Ertley, a well known machinist in the employ of the A.T. company.
Hague 11 Nov. Sunday.  Mary A. Hague has sued John F. Hague for divorce.  They were married Oct. 14, 1890, and lived in Columbus.  She alleges neglect, adultery with one Kate Fleming, and cruelty in that he wished the plaintiff to allow him to kill their child upon its birth, and upon her refusal he abandoned her two days before the birth of the child.  The defendant is a young man and the only heir-at-law of wealthy parents.  The plaintiff prays for alimony, custody of the child and restoration to her maiden name of Mary A. Cline.
Hall 28 Oct. Friday.  There was filed in Common Pleas Court this morning a case styled Martha J. Hall vs. Dr. H.L. Hall for divorce.  Mrs. Hall alleges that the doctor is a habitual drunkard and fails to properly provide for her and asks that he be enjoined from entering the house, which is her property, as she fears he will do her bodily harm when he learns of her action.  They were married 30 years ago.
Idder 12 Aug. Wednesday.  Mattie Idder has brought suit in Common Pleas Court against Charles E. Idder for divorce.  In her petition she charges drunkenness and desertion.  The parties are residents of this city.
Jackson 30 Sept. Saturday.  Mary G. Jackson, of this city, was today given a divorce from Wm. L. Jackson.  The defendant is now confined in the Cleveland workhouse, and was sent there as a result of being "nabbed" while on a visit to Belle Woodring's resort last June.
Keiser 18 Nov Tuesday.  Henrietta Keiser seeks a divorce in Common Pleas Court from Christopher Keiser on the grounds of neglect and failure to provide.  They were married June 12, 1890 and nave no children.
Lowenthal 30 Sept. Saturday.  A divorce was today granted to Kate Lowenthal from Moses Lowenthal, of Shelby.  A failure to properly support the plaintiff was the grounds upon which the decree was granted.
Mock 14 Oct. Saturday.  Edith B. Mock, who was married to Chas. Mock on August 29th., 1889, at Bellville, wants her marital relations dissolved.  She alleges extreme cruelty.  She asks alimony and the custody of their two small children.
  28 Oct. Tuesday.  An answer in the Mock divorce case was filed in Common Pleas Court today.  The defendant denies all the charges made by plaintiff and by way of cross petition makes several charges similar to those made by plaintiff.  Defendant prays to be divorced from plaintiff and that the care and custody of the two children be awarded him and that he be granted alimony out of the property of his wife.  Cummings & McBride for defendant.
  16 Dec. In Common Pleas Court this morning Edith Mock was granted a divorce from her husband, Charles Mock.  They were married in Bellville four years ago and have two children, which were given into the custody of the plaintiff.  The grounds for the action were extreme cruelty.
Schisler 25 Nov. Tuesday.  Emma Schisler, through her attorneys, Henry & Reed, this afternoon filed a petition for divorce from her husband, Adam Schisler.  They were married in this city Aug. 31, 1882, and have one child, Zumma V., who was born Sept. 6, 1888.  The plaintiff alleges that the defendant was on Nov. 20, 1893, and at divers other times guilty of extreme cruelty in that he struck her and called her vile names and accused her of adultery.  She asks for restoration to her maiden name and the custody of the child.
Simons 26 Aug. For three years Otho Simons, of this city, has willfully neglected his wife and failed to provide for her.  Mrs. Anna Simons has become tired of this treatment and, through her attorneys Laser & Bricker, has filed suit in Common Pleas Court for divorce.  The plaintiff avers that she has been compelled to live by her own exertion.  So little affection did Simons show for the plaintiff that on or about June 12th. he struck her with his fist and threatened to kill her.  At different times he threatened her life, his cruelty bordering on barbarism.  At times he would make her lie in bed while he held a knife over her throat.  Among other things mentioned Mrs. Simons avers that Simons called her bad names and accused her of being unchaste.  Mrs. Simons asks for divorce and such other relief as is proper.  Friends of Simons, however, assert that the woman is in love and that she wishes her present marriage bonds severed so that she may marry her new-found love.  The parties were married Oct. 28, 1881.
White 07 Oct Mattie E. White was granted a divorce from Charles E. White, whom she married Sept. 11, 1882.  She alleged in her petition that the defendant was on April 29th., 1885, guilty of extreme cruelty in that he drew a knife and attempted to cut and stab her;  also that for eight years he has failed to provide and for the past three years been guilty of habitual drunkenness.  She was granted alimony and restored to her maiden name, Mattie E. Cake.
Wood 30 Sept. Tuesday.  Intoxication, cruelty and unfaithfulness form the trio of charges made in petition for divorce, filed in Common Pleas Court on Monday, by Mrs. Bertha L. Wood, against her husband, Charles Wood.  Their wedding took place at Shelby, O., July 16, 1889.  Mrs. Wood asks for alimony and the custody of her three-year-old child.  [as re-printed from the Cleveland Leader]

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