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Divorce Notices, 1895 (partial year)

Extracted from newspapers of the day

RICHLAND SHIELD & BANNER with additional notices from other newspapers where noted

Date shown is the publication date of the newspaper

** This is NOT a complete record of ALL divorce cases brought before the court - but, ones that were mentioned in the newspaper.

Parties Pub. Date Notes
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Balliett 02 Mar. Wednesday.  In common pleas court today Anna J. Balliett, who married David L. Balliett, Dec. 22, 1874, began divorce proceedings on grounds of habitual drunkenness.  They have four children.  Mrs. Balliett asks for alimony and that Balliett be enjoined from disposing of his property, 110 acres in Mifflin Township.
Briggs 06 Apr. Emma C. Briggs vs. William Briggs.  Divorce.  Mack & Miller for plaintiff.
  - In probate court Emma C. Brigs by her attorneys, Mack & Miller, has sued her husband, William B. Briggs for divorce.  The parties were married in Monroe, Mich., Jan. 1, 1877, and three children were born to them.  The plaintiff in her petition alleges ill treatment and non-support as the grounds for the suit.  [Mansfield News:  03 April 1895, Vol. XI, No. 28]
Crosier 12 Jan. Monday.  In Probate Court today Nora Crosier, who married Albert Crosier, Nov. 12, 1891, was granted a divorce on grounds of failure to provide.  She was also restored to her maiden name, Nora Devore.
Felton / Briggs 16 Mar. #6455 (from the Common Pleas Court):  Anna Felton vs. Calvin Briggs.  Bastardy.  Transcript from 'Squire Hildebrandt's docket.
Franks 19 Jan. In Probate Court today Mary E. Franks who married Jacob Franks, June 1, 1891, began divorce proceedings on grounds of willful absence, failure to provide, profligacy and dissipation.  She also asks to be restored to her maiden name, Mary E. Wilcox.
  09 Mar. Friday.  In Probate Court today, Mary E. Franks, who married Jacob Franks, June 1, 1891, was granted a divorce on grounds of willful absence for three years, failure to provide, profligacy and dissipation.
Green 20 Apr. 6485 (from the Common Pleas Court).  Lizzie B. Green vs. Albert Rogers.  Action for $5,000 damages for breach of marriage contract.  Mansfield & Long for plaintiff.
  20 Apr. "Breach of Promise" cases, that is the matrimonial kind, are somewhat rare in this county, but one was filed today by Lizzie B. Green, of Shelby, who accuses Albert Rogers of disloyalty.  She alleges that she became affianced with Rogers, Aug. 22, 1894, and that Sept. 27, 1894, Rogers promised to marry her about April 1, 1895.  Without stating the cause plaintiff says that Dec. 24, 1894.  Rogers renounced his matrimonial agreement and refused to marry her and that is why she goes for $5,000 damages.
Grove 16 Feb. Wednesday.  In Probate Court today Frank B. Grove was granted a divorce from Alice M. Grove on grounds of willful absence for more than three years.  The parties were married in this city [Mansfield] April 19, 1881.  The plaintiff was granted custody of their son, Henry R., who is 11 years old.
Hayes 13 Apr. 78.  William Hayes vs. Martha E. Hayes.  Divorce.  Henry & Reed for plaintiff.
  13 Apr. Friday.  William Hayes, who married Elizabeth Hayes, at Butler, Dec. 26, 1892, has petitioned in probate court for a divorce.  He alleges that his wife threatens to kill him, accuses him of infidelity and calls him vile names in the presence of their children and others.  They have six children.
Herdman 09 Mar. Saturday.  In probate court today Chester Herdman, who married Martha Herdman at Cardington, in 1888, began divorce proceedings on grounds of willful absence for three years and gross neglect of duty.
  20 Apr. Monday.  In probate court today Chester Herdman was granted a divorce from Martha Herdman on grounds of willful absence for more than three years.  The parties were married April 11, 1888.
Koerber 30 Mar. Thursday.  Charles Koerber, of Shiloh, has filed a petition in Probate Court for a divorce from Cora Koerber, whose present place of residence is unknown to plaintiff.  The parties were married at Mt. Vernon, Sept. 14, 1892.  They have no children.  Plaintiff accuses his wife of abandonment and illicit relation at Cleveland, in December, with men whose names are unknown to him.
Lantz 13 Apr. 6476.  Alice Lantz vs. Abraham Lantz.  Alimony.  Donnell & Marriott for plaintiff.
  13 Apr. Sunday.  Alice Lantz, who married Abraham Lantz, Oct. 23, 1890, has begun proceedings in common pleas court for alimony, alleging that her husband deserted her Aug. 4, 1891, since which time he has failed to support her.
Laver 27 Apr. Friday.  Anna E. Laver, who married George M. Laver, June 1, 1882, began an action today for divorce on the grounds of neglect.  They have one child.  A separation was agreed upon this morning and the divorce proceedings is the sequel to the agreement.
Nell 30 Mar. Tuesday.  In probate court today Mary Nell, who married Frank Nell, at Iberia, May 8, 1894, filed a petition for divorce.  She alleges that Nell was not legally separated from a former wife, that he failed to provide and abused her with foul and violent language.
Ottinger 02 Mar. Thursday.  Mr. & Mrs. J.M. Ottinger today separated by mutual agreement.  There were no sensational causes, the real and only cause being incompatibility of temper.  Mrs. Ottinger returned today to the home of her father, in Butler.  The little daughter will be cared for by both, but for the present will be with her mother.
Rand 09 Feb. Saturday.  In Probate Court today, Della M. Rand, who married George Rand, July 23, 1891, began divorce proceedings on grounds of alleged cruelty by striking and choking her, and failing to provide food and clothing for her and their two children.  She asks for alimony pendente lite and for reasonable alimony upon final hearing and that defendant be enjoined from disposing of his personal property.  A temporary injunction was granted.
Raub 12 Jan. Tuesday.  In Probate Court today Mattie Raub, who married William Raub, a horse trainer, at Tiffin, Nov. 12, 1880, was granted a divorce on grounds of cruelty.
Spain 20 Apr. Thursday.  Sophia Spain, who married Alverdo L. Spain, Oct. 9, 1894, has begun alimony proceedings in probate court.  She alleges that Spain abandoned her and their 2-months-old daughter, March 26.
Stephen 19 Jan. Saturday.  In Common Pleas Court today Adam Stephen was granted a divorce from Margaret Stephen, on grounds of willful absence.
Stevens 16 Feb. Tuesday.  In Common Pleas Court, yesterday, Alfred B. Stevens was granted a divorce from Clara B. Stevens, on grounds of adultery with Elmer Wigton.
Stevenson 27 Apr. 85.  Andrew Stevenson vs. Theresa Stevenson.  Divorce.  Plaintiff in proper.
Stone 12 Jan. 42.  Mary Stone vs. James H. Stone.  Divorce, alimony and injunction.
  12 Jan. Wednesday.  Mary Stone, who married James H. Stone, of Alta, Oct. 1, 1874, has begun divorce proceedings in Probate Court.  There are four children, John aged 19, Sylvanus, aged 17, Linnie aged 15, and Otis aged 10.  She alleges cruelty, failing to provide, threatening personal violence, and to remove household articles necessary for the support of the family.  Stone also owns a small property which, plaintiff alleges, he threatened to dispose of and she asks that he be enjoined from so doing.  The injunction was granted temporarily.
Stoner 16 Mar. Thursday.  In probate court today Mary Stoner was granted a divorce from J.H. Stoner, on the ground of extreme cruelty.  The questions of alimony and custody of the children were not determined.
Taylor 02 Feb. Thursday.  In Probate Court this morning, William Taylor, who married Pearl Taylor, May 22, 1892, was granted a divorce on grounds of adultery with James F. Thomas at 275 North Main Street, and with others at divers times and places.
Ward 05 Jan. Thursday.  In Common Pleas court Edith L. Ward, who married Horace R. Ward, Dec. 10th., 1885, has begun divorce proceedings on grounds of willful absence for three years and alleged cruelty.  She also asks custody of their two children.
Wigton 23 Mar. In probate court Hattie Wigton, formerly Hattie Walker, has applied for a divorce from Elmer Wigton, whom she married Nov. 6, 1890.  They have one daughter three years old.  Mrs. Wigton accuses her husband of illicit relations with Mrs. Clara Stevens, Sept. 14, 1895, and at divers other times.  She further alleges that Wigton, yesterday, pointed a revolver at her, threatened to shoot her and also threatened to steal their child from her.  She asks that he be enjoined from interfering in any way with her or with the child, for divorce, custody of the child, and restoration of her maiden name.  A temporary injunction was issued.

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