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Divorce Notes, 1902

Extracted from newspapers of the day

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** This is NOT a complete record of ALL divorce cases brought before the court - but, ones that were mentioned in the newspaper.

Parties Involved Pub. Date Notes
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Dickson 03 Jan. Jennie L. Dickson, by her attorney, W.W. Scott, has brought suit in probate court against George G. Dickson, for divorce, alimony and injunction.  The parties were married Dec. 7, 1890, in Worthington Township, Richland County, Ohio.  there are three children viz. Norris Dickson, aged 8 years;  Chester Dickson, aged 5 years;  Gaylord Dickson, aged 2 years.  *A lengthy article about this filing can be found in the source paper.
Files 04 Apr. Frank Files, by his attorney, H.T. Manner, has entered suit for divorce in probate court from Mary A. Files.  The pair were married Jan. 10, 1894, and as a result of such marriage two children were born to them, Ruth Files, aged 5 years, and Albert, aged 2 years.  He says that on or about Feb. 10, 1900, his wife refused to cohabit with him and attend to the duties of the home.  He further says that she refused to attend to the cooking of the meals and the other household duties as she as a wife should do.  He says that she has abandoned her 2-year-old child and that on or about Feb. 19, 1900, when the child was only seven years [sic.] old she sent him her child and she has wholly neglected the same nor has she cared for either of them since Oct. 7, 1900.  Wherefore, he prays for divorce and custody of the children.  [as reprinted from the Mansfield Shield]
Giffin 09 May Myrtle Giffin, by her attorneys, Douglass & Mengert, has begun suit in probate court against Elliott Giffin for divorce.  The parties were married July 6, 1895, in Richland County.  There are no children born of the marriage, that are living.  The plaintiff prays that she may be divorced from the defendant;  that she may be decreed reasonable alimony and that she may be restored to her maiden name, Myrtle A. Davis, and for all other and proper relief to which she may be entitled.  The plaintiff in the above case will be remembered as being the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Curt Davis, formerly of Davis, P.O.  
Hull 21 Mar. 911.  Samuel L. Hull vs. Mary C. Hull.  Civil Action.  Divorce, alimony and injunction.  Bricker & Workman attorneys for the plaintiff.
Isaly 17 Jan. 883.  Edith May Isaly vs. Edwin A. Isaly.  Civil Action.  Divorce.  O.L. Cunningham attorney for the plaintiff.
Loughman 16 May 933.  Hattie Loughman vs. Emmett Loughman.  Civil Action.  Divorce.  Douglass & Mengert, attorneys for the plaintiff.
McFerren 17 Jan. Naomi McFerren by her attorneys Laser & Houston, has entered suit in probate court against George McFerren for alimony, divorce and injunction.  The pair were married Nov. 20, 1862.  Extreme cruelty is the first allegation.  *A lengthy article about this filing can be found in the source paper.
  21 Mar. Mrs. Noami McFerren has been granted a divorce from her husband, George McFerren, a well known farmer residing in Perry Township.  The decree was granted on the ground of extreme cruelty.  Her petition also alleged habitual drunkenness but the evidence when the case was tried did not support this allegation.  Mrs. McFerren, who is well along in years and totally blind, was allowed $3,000 as alimony.  She was also decreed the right to live on the home farm as long as she lives.
Mowry 21 Mar. 907.  William B. Mowry vs. Matilda Mowry.  Civil Action.  Divorce.  Andrew Stevenson, attorney for the plaintiff.
Norris 24 Jan. Amos D. Norris by his attorneys H.T. Manner and C.E. McBride has entered suit for divorce in probate court from Eliza A. Norris.  Only a few weeks ago it will be remembered that Norris gave his wife $1,075 alimony.  She claimed he practiced witchcraft and wanted divorce and alimony.  Judge Brinkerhoff dismissed the divorce proceedings.  The pair were married on Sept. 29, 1866, and the following children were born of such marriage, two children who died in infancy, Joseph S. Norris, recently deceased, Carrie E. Norris, W.G. Norris and Ada (Norris) Piper, the last three children are still living.  He claims that his wife has been guilty of gross neglect of duty, that she left his residence, and refuses to return to him, and perform his household duties, such as preparing his meals, taking care of his home, cohabitating with him as his wife.  He says that gross neglect is no fault of plaintiff.  *A further account of this filing can be found in the source paper.
Simmons 17 Jan. Andrew Simmons, by his attorneys, Douglass & Mengert, has begun suit in probate court against Mary E. Simmons for divorce.  The partied were married March 28, 1873, in Mansfield, Richland County, Ohio.  There were eight children born of the marriage, one of whom is now deceased, three of said children are of legal age and the following named children are under age, to-wit:  Mont Simmons, aged 20 years;  Cliff Simmons, aged 18 years;  Custer Simmons, aged 15 years, and Harold Simmons, 9 years of age.  For cause of action plaintiff says that the defendant is guilty of gross neglect of duty toward plaintiff in this, to-wit:  That she absents herself from plaintiff, fails to and refuses to perform the ordinary duties of a wife in the home, although plaintiff has provided her a home and all necessaries.  The plaintiff further says that he is a resident of the state of Ohio and has been for more than a year last past and has a bona fide residence in the country of Richland and State of Ohio.  Wherefore, plaintiff prays that he may be divorced from the defendant and for all proper relief.  [as reprinted from the Mansfield News]
Stahl 10 Jan. Mary E. Stahl has sued George E. Stahl for divorce.  They were married in Richland County, April 30, 1898, and have no children.  She charges willful absence and failure to provide, alleging that she has been compelled to live by her own exertions.  In addition defendant is charged with appropriating $50 belonging to plaintiff to his own use.  She asks divorce and restoration to her maiden name of McDaniel.  Lewis B. Houck for plaintiff.  [as reprinted from the Mt. Vernon Banner]
Stake 10 Jan. Lillie A. Stake, by her attorney, W.W. Scott, has begun suit against Frank Stake for alimony.  The parties were married Aug. 3, 1901, near Butler.  *A lengthy article about this filing can be found in the source paper.

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