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Divorce Records

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Divorce Notes, 1914

Extracted from newspapers of the day

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** This is NOT a complete record of ALL divorce cases brought before the court - but, ones that were mentioned in the newspaper.

Parties Involved Pub. Date Notes
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Noble 18 April Through his attorneys, Mabee & Anderson, William H. Noble, Saturday filed suit in the probate court of Richland County for divorce from Caroline Noble.  The plaintiff sets forth that he married the defendant at New London, O., on about Jan. 28, 1913, and that one child was born to the union, Willis Woodrow Noble, about one year old.  The plaintiff avers that the defendant is guilty of gross neglect of her marital duty in that she deserted him on or about April 14, 1913, and has since refused to live or cohabit with him although he alleges that he was furnishing her with a good and comfortable home near Shiloh.  The petitioner declares that his wife's desertion was without cause and that he always has been willing to furnish her with a comfortable home if she would conduct herself toward him as a faithful wife.  The complainant also charges that his wife, while living with him, used vile and abusive language towards him and conducted herself with other persons in a manner unbecoming a married woman.  When he protested against such conduct, the plaintiff says the defendant refused to desist therefrom.

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