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Divorce Records

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Divorce Notes, 1915

Extracted from newspapers of the day

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Date shown is the publication date of the newspaper

** This is NOT a complete record of ALL divorce cases brought before the court - but, ones that were mentioned in the newspaper.

Parties Involved Pub. Date Notes
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Forsythe 11 September Harry R. Forsythe is asking the probate court to divorce him from Jennie Olive Forsythe, because she would not talk to him.  He says she would frequently go a week or longer without talking to him.  They were married at Shelby, Oct. 23, 1910, but have no children.
Van Asdal 16 January Laura C. Van Asdal has asked the court of common pleas to divorce her from Ira C. Van Asdal, to whom she was married on the day before Christmas, 1903.  They have no children.  Mrs. Van Asdal charges that her husband has become so indifferent to his marriage vows that he has refused to support her or to furnish her with a home;  also that when he was drunk he would abuse her and call her vile names.  The wife says that, owing to this conduct, she left her husband on Aug. 1, 1911, and has supported herself since that time.  Mrs. Van Asdal says she paid the premiums on her husband's life insurance policy for six years and now asks the court to refund this amount to her as her alimony.  She says she has always done her duties as a wife.  E.K. Trauger and T.B. Jarvis are attorneys for the plaintiff.  Laura C. Van Asdal has been granted a divorce from Ira C. Van Asdal by Judge Mansfield on the grounds of extreme cruelty.  The court grants Mrs. Van Asdal alimony in the sum of $200 and also allows her the household furniture.  The costs are assessed against the defendant.  [Plymouth Advertiser: 13 March 1915, Vol. 62, No. 17]  In the divorce case of Laura C. Vanasdal vs. Ira C. Vanasdal, the court allowed the plaintiff $200 alimony.  The defendant paid the plaintiff out of court the sum of $161.88 in full settlement of said judgment, which is ratified by the court.  [Plymouth Advertiser: 20 March 1915, Vol. 62, No. 17]

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