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Misc. Divorce Records, 1921


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Marital yokes were rent asunder in court at Mansfield Tuesday, for both mother and daughter when Mrs. Anna L. ANDREWS was restored to her former name of Anna Henry and her daughter, Gladys Swank, given back her maiden name of Gladys Henry.  Mrs. Andrews had applied for a divorce from Wm. Andrews, of Butler, whom she married only a few months previously.  Judge Bissman, however, held that the wife's allegations were untrue and he gave her spouse the divorce decree on the grounds of gross neglect of duty.  Both were given their respective properties in Butler, free of any dower rights of either.  Mrs. Swank was freed from Burtis Ray SWANK on the grounds of extreme cruelty.  She was given the household goods, and the husband was ordered to pay the indebtedness on the goods and also to settle the costs in the case.  The mother has gone to a country hme to work, while the daughter will seek employment in Bellville.  [RICHLAND COUNTY LEADER (Bellville):  22 July 1921, Vol. 2, No. 32]


Charging that his wife threw knives and forks at him, abused him in a shameful manner, threatened to kill him and forced him to board away from home, Arnold J. GATTON, of Bellville, has applied for a divorce from Sylvia C. GATTON, to whom he was married at Massillon on May 14, 1918.  The have one child.  Gatton further relates that Sylvia packed his suitcase and drove him away from home September 20, 1920.  He says he then went to the home of his mother in Bellville.  He says his wife gave their child to another woman, while she worked in a hotel.  Gatton asks, through his attorney, C.B. Hines, for a divorce and custody of the child.  [RICHLAND COUNTY LEADER (Bellville):  04 March 1921, Vol. 2, No. 12]


Adam S. MESLING, whose residence is unknown, will take notice Barbara MESLING has filed her petition against him for divorce, alimony and custody of child in case No. 3659, of the Probate Court of Richland County, Ohio, and that the said cause will be for hearing on or after the 3rd. day of December, 1921.  [RICHLAND COUNTY LEADER (Bellville):  04 November 1921, Vol. 2, No. 47]


William MINARD, of Bellville, is accused by his wife of non-support in her petition filed last week in the court at Mansfield, asking for legal separation.  Mrs. Goldie MINARD says she was obliged to go away from home and work to earn money for the support of herself and two children.  She also claims her husband has accused her of unfaithfulness which she denies.  [RICHLAND COUNTY LEADER (Bellville):  18 February 1921, Vol. 2, No. 10]  Wm. Minard this week filed a reply to the divorce petition of his wife, Goldie Minard, in which he denies charges she makes and asks that the action be dismissed.  [RICHLAND COUNTY LEADER (Bellville):  20 May 1921, Vol. 2, No. 23]


Loving well and often, but not wisely, seems to have been one of the characteristics of Herbert SHAFFER, formerly of Bellville, but now of Mansfield, where this week he was thrust into the city bastile after being ruthlessly torn by offers from the bosom of Madeline McDaniels, who was also dragged off to durance vile.  Charged with disorderly conduct, Shaffer strenuously denied the allegation, although admitting that he called to see the fair Miss McDaniels about three times a week regardless of the fact that he has a wife and three children.  He told Mayor Brunner he was taking care of his family, but the court wouldn't believe him and both Shaffer and his newly found sweetheart were fined $50 each.  Now comes Wilda SHAFFER, wife of the gay deceiver, who in asking a divorce in common pleas court, alleges that Shaffer has not bought her any clothes during the past two years and that hi is guilty of extreme cruelty and adultery.  They were married in Bellville, June 10, 1903, and have three children.  The wife says she is working outside the home to provide for herself and the children.  In connection with her charges of adultery, Mrs. Shaffer names the McDaniels woman, who lives at 166 West Sixth street, Mansfield.  She asks for a divorce, alimony and custody of the children.  [RICHLAND COUNTY LEADER (Bellville):  07 January 1921, Vol. 2, No. 5]

WALKER vs. ------

Chester WALKER, a Bellville minor, who was married on June 2, has applied for a divorce, claiming misrepresentations were made on the part of his wife in bringing about the wedding.  [RICHLAND COUNTY LEADER (Bellville):  29 January 1921, Vol. 2, No. 33]

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