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Lexington's Park Hotel

source:  Mansfield Semi-Weekly News:  30 August 1898, Vol. 14, No. 72


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Lexington.  It is worthy of note that the Park Hotel is a landmark of the early era of Lexington.  It was erected prior to 1830 and it was then environed by the gloomy primitive forest in which wild animals and the wilder red scalp-raisers yet lurked.  It was then known as the Lindley Tavern and was considered a model of architectural beauty.  Mr. Lindley, the first boniface, lost his life in a steamboat disaster on the Ohio River nearly 50 years ago.  Elections were held in the hotel and the pioneers have vivid memories of fierce fights that took place there in the distant and vague past when political differences were settled by a resort to pugilism.  Before the era of railroads several mail routes diverged from here and the hotel was the headquarters of the jehus who drove the stage coaches.  Men who have since attained high prestige as lawyers in Richland County, pleaded cases in the hotel in the long dead past which was so prolific of petty lawsuits.

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