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Immigration / Naturalization Records

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Select Naturalization Notes, 1884



Submitted by Amy


Newspaper Pub. Date Vol. No. Persons Named
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The Ohio Liberal 01 Oct. 1884 12 25 John DIETRICH and Charles RAPOLD, natives of Germany, and Alexander DUGUID, native of Scotland, have recently taken out papers of naturalization.
The Ohio Liberal 15 Oct. 1884 12 27 The following natives of Germany have been naturalized within the past ten days:  Charles RAPOLD, Frederic WOLF, Peter FISCHER, Charles HENNS, Charles SCHRODER, Henry BEILSTEIN, George ROMMEL, Edward SCHMUTZLER and Andrew SHOOK.  John O'KANE and David WILSON, Irish, and Frank THOMPSON, Canadian, were also naturalized.
The Ohio Liberal 05 Nov. 1884 12 30 Between the October and November elections, naturalization papers were issued to the following foreign born citizens of Richland county:  John STILI of Switzerland, Roderick LEAN of Nova Scotia, Nicholas KLEIN of Holland, Charles NELSON of Sweden, Philipa BUHLMANN of Germany, Jacob WEBER of Germany, Benedict DUPRE of Germany, Nicholas WEBER of Bavaria, John HOFFMAN of France, Michael MONCHEN of Germany and Gottfried IMHOFF of Switzerland.

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