Richland Co., Ohio


Land Records

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Land Appraisers Elected, 1889

RICHLAND SHIELD & BANNER:  09 November 1889, Vol. LXXII, No. 25


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The following land appraisers have been elected in this county:

District Name Party
Mansfield, 1st. Ward P.P. Ford R
Mansfield, 2nd. Ward Samuel Bell D
Mansfield, 3rd. Ward Jacob Straub D
Mansfield, 4th. Ward William Bloor R
Madison Twp. James J. Finney D
Troy Twp. John Morgan D
Cass Twp. Daniel Carmichael D
Bloominggrove Twp. Jairus Cleland D
Butler Twp. H.B. Sheller R
Sandusky Twp. A.S. Caton D
Worthington Twp. Thomas Simmons D
Jackson Twp. Peter Gribben D
Monroe Twp. David Hersh D
Washington Twp. James Ferguson D
Franklin Twp. Amos Kohler D
Jefferson Twp. J.L. Lafferty D
Sharon Twp. Henry Wentz R
Perry Twp. J.H. Stewart D
Mifflin Twp. C.H. Koogle D
Springfield Twp. Tie vote


Weller Twp. Newton Charles R
Plymouth Twp. Thomas Willett D

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