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Marriage Records from the
Richland Shield & Banner, 1891 (partial year)


Submitted by Amy


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Pub. Date Married Place Minister Groom Bride Note
9/12/1891 9/9/1891 n/a n/a J. Anderson Barton
bookkeeper, Humphryes Mfg. Co.
Harriet V. Au -
" 9/10/1891 Abraham King home
W. 4th. St., Mansfield
Rev. R.T. Stevenson Roy Antibus
Nellie King
niece of Abraham King
note 1
" 9/8/1891 St. Joseph's Catholic Church
Rev. C. Treiber John T. Shea Julia Curran -
" License n/a n/a Frank R. Ellsworth
Ida C. McMillen
9/19/1891 9/17/1891 Jackson Twp. n/a George Urich
Franklin Twp.
Dora Hoffman -
" 9/16/1891 Washington n/a Wm. Pifer
Washington Twp.
Emma C. Shier
Washington Twp.
" License n/a n/a J. Anderson Barton Harriet V. Au -
" License n/a n/a E.W. Miller Bertha Beach -
" License n/a n/a Chas. Kaler Anna Weaver -
" License n/a n/a Chas. S. Gerhart Myrtie M. McClay -
" License n/a n/a Frank Edwards Maggie Moore -
" License n/a n/a Roy Antibus Nellie G. King -
" 9/1/1891 Presbyterian Ch.
Glen Riddle
Rev. John Randall
of Lincoln Univ.
Homer Lee
of Homer Lee Bank Note Co.
New York, NY
s/o Co. Treasurer John A. Lee
Catharine Buffington Riddle
d/o Samuel Riddle (dec'd.)
" License n/a n/a Frank W. Reed Nettie Henry -
" License n/a n/a W. Alvin White Ida J. Hunter -
" License n/a n/a Wm. W. Hawk Ella H. Stone -
" License n/a n/a George Balliett Roberta O. Shanabarger -
" License n/a n/a W.H. Rathburn Julia Kennedy -
" License n/a n/a John Tenney Ada Bodine -
" License n/a n/a Martin Landis Della Kohler -
" License n/a n/a Daniel R. Burns Altha B. Cotter -
" License n/a n/a William Pifer Emma C. Sheier -
" License n/a n/a George D. Urich Dora Hoffman -
" 9/17/1891 First English Luth. parsonage
Rev. H.L. Wiles Daniel R. Burns
Altha D. Cotter
" 9/18/1891 officiant's office Justice Endly W.H. Rathburn Julia Kennedy note 2
" 9/17/1891 First English Luth. parsonage
Rev. H.L. Wiles E.M. Miller
Perrysville, OH
Bertha Beech
" 9/16/1891 bride's parent's home
S. Main St., Mansfield
Rev. Gorrell
Minerva, OH
Chas. L. Scott
Minerva, OH
Nettie McCluer
9/26/1891 9/23/1891 bride's father's home n/a William Hawk
Jackson Twp.
Ella Stone
Jackson Twp.
" License n/a n/a Norris I. Wheeler Edith A. Chapman -
" License n/a n/a Wm. Roberts Louisa Dorman -
" 9/23/1891 First English Luth. Ch.
Rev. H.L. Wiles William Roberts
Compositor, SHIELD
Louisa Dorman
d/o B. Dorman
E. 2nd. St., Mansfield
10/3/1891 10/1/1891 n/a n/a E.M. Brown
---- McHenry
Cambridge, OH
" n/a bride's parent's home
corner of 4th. & Mulberry
Dr. J.W. Hubbell Fayette D. Winslow
Aurora, IL
J. Waldo Tracy -
" 9/29/1891 Sarah Clear home
G Street
Washington, DC
Rev. George H. Corey, D.D.
Metropolitan ME Ch.
William Sherman Fitch
s/o Henry S.
Mary Jeannette Donnelly -
" 9/28/1891 John F. Murphy home
north of Mansfield
Rev. D.W. Smith, D.D. Dr. E.M. Terman Tillie M. Murphy
(may be Lillie)
" n/a n/a n/a Henry W. Grosz
New York
formerly of Mansfield
Kate F. Manahan
Utica, NY
niece of Sen. Francis Kernan
" 9/30/1891 Thomas Carroll home
N. Adams St., Mansfield
Jonas Smith, J.P. D.H. Long
Sandusky, OH
Mrs. Elizabeth Kizer
" License n/a n/a Daniel Seitz Maggie List -
" n/a Covington, KY n/a Adelbert Erdenberger, 22
cigar maker
Bernedetti Hiemler, 19
" License n/a n/a E.M. Terman Lillie M. Murphy -
" License n/a n/a William Zeller Anna Kirchsgner -
" License n/a n/a D.H. Long Elizabeth Kizer -
" License n/a n/a Fayette D. Winslow Jennie Waldo Tracy -
" License n/a n/a Emmer Straugh Rebecca Toomey -
" License n/a n/a Wesley R. Braden Maud Etzwiler -
10/10/1891 License n/a n/a S.T. Rutter Mrs. Mary Au -
" License n/a n/a Owen S. Myers Amanda J. Mitchell -
" License n/a n/a Rufus A. Kern Irene E. Mickley -
" License n/a n/a Wesley Enlow Emma Dillon -
" License n/a n/a John Corbett Mary Michael -
" License n/a n/a Harry E. Courtney Hallie B. Harrington -
" License n/a n/a Harry H. Marsh Clara C. Poore -
" License n/a n/a J.F. Culler Hattie E. First -
" 10/5/1891 Mansfield Rev. D.J. Meese Harry A. Courtney Hallie B. Harrington -
" 10/7/1891 bride's parent's home
Park Ave. East
Rev. H.A. Sumrell Rufus A. Kern Irene E. Mickley -
" 10/20/1891 Elk's Hall
- Joseph New
Carrie Heineman
" 10/6/1891 bride's parent's home
Rev. J. Shafer
(Lutheran church)
Dr. J.T. Culler Hattie First note 3
10/17/1891 License n/a n/a George E. Hillis Della Hillis [sic.] -
" License n/a n/a George Henry Agnes Fisher -
" 10/13/1891 bride's parent's home Rev. E.D. smith
Lutheran Ch.
---- Benton
Editor, Shiloh Gleaner Review
Lorene Koerber -
" 10/14/1891 minister's home Rev. D.W. Smith, D.D. Samuel Wise
Lizzie Frietchen
" 10/13/1891 Rev. Geo. A. Lee home Rev. Geo. A. Lee William Tipton
Richland Co.
Minerva A. Case
Richland Co.
" 10/13/1891 Rev. Geo. A. Lee home Rev. Geo. A. Lee Wm. H. Craighead
Richland Co.
Lizzie Pifer
Richland Co.
" 10/22/1891 n/a n/a George Crawford Kellogg Mary Alice McMann
d/o Robert McMann
formerly of Mansfield
Denver, Col.
" 10/13/1891 n/a n/a E.L. Benton
Editor, Shiloh Gleaner
Lorene Koerber
" 10/11/1891 n/a Rev. W.G. Smith George B. Mowery Maria Mowers -
" 10/14/1891 n/a n/a G.W. McFarland
Mary Dillon
10/24/1891 10/21/1891 Rev. Lee home Rev. Lee William Craighead
Jackson Twp.
Lizzie Pifer
Franklin Twp.
" license n/a n/a Thomas Jesson Minnie Shea -
" license n/a n/a Joseph New Carrie Heineman -
" license n/a n/a Samuel Wise Lizzie Freitchen -
" license n/a n/a G.W. McFarland Nancy E. Dillon -
" license n/a n/a W.M. Gribben Maggie A. Laird -
" license n/a n/a Wm. Tipton Minerva A. Case -
" license n/a n/a H.H. Craighead Lizzie Pifer -
" 10/20/1891 Wm. Stentz home
American block
Rev. H.L. Wiles Joseph Ernst
Divorced 10 days earlier
Mrs. M. Motz
Bucyrus, OH
Divorced previously in
Crawford Co. (OH)
" 10/24/1891 Elk Hall
Rabbi Dr. Max Wortheimer
Dayton, Ohio
Joseph New
s/o I. New (Wabash, IN)
Carrie Heineman
note 4
" 10/15/1891 bride's parent's home
near Ashland, OH
Rev. D.W. Smith, D.D. E.T. Cassel
Ashland Co., OH
Emma Burd
Ashland Co., OH
10/31/1891 license n/a n/a Edwin Mansfield Ada E. Lowe -
" 10/1891 First English Luth. parsonage
7 p.m.
Rev. H.L. Wiles Joseph F. Uhlich
s/o Councilman Geo. Uhlich
Emma Enlow
d/o James Enlow
Spring Mills
" license n/a n/a John R. Wertz Hattie Crall -
" license n/a n/a Wm. T. Paisley Kate Littler -
" license n/a n/a Paul Krohn Carrie Frank -
" license n/a n/a E.S. Gilmore Lavilla Brown -
" license n/a n/a V.H. Stockman Lulu May Coulter -
" license n/a n/a John Ridenour Ollie M. Jameson -
" license n/a n/a Edwin Mansfield Ada E. Lowe -
11/7/1891 10/29/1891 Rev. D.W. Smith home Rev. D.W. Smith, D.D. Charles O. Cairns
Mary E. Sowers
" license Cleveland, OH unknown Catholic bishop Wm. Jamison
Mame L. McNamara
" license n/a n/a Thomas Thompson Olive R. Culler -
" license n/a n/a Charles O. Cairns Mary E. Soneis -
" license n/a n/a William M. Jamieson Mame L. McNamara -
" license n/a n/a Wm. F. Gerhart Della Stoffer -
" license n/a n/a Frank Brentlinger Alwilda O. Dowd -
" license n/a n/a Herman Berndt, Jr. Minnie Dill -
11/14/1891 license n/a n/a Peter Kanugh Ella Grohol -
" license n/a n/a Ezra E. McFarland Sadie J. Simpson -
" license n/a n/a Jas. S. Leppo Libbie Ferguson -
" license n/a n/a Harry Gates Ciara First -
" license n/a n/a Jessie W. Davidson Ora Quinn -
" n/a n/a Rev. H.L. Wiles Ezra McFarland
Monroe Twp.
Sadie J. Snyder
Monroe Twp.
" 11/11/1891 Mrs. Isaac Ferguson home
near Shelby
Rev. N.C. Helfrich
James S. Leppo
Libbie Ferguson -
" license n/a n/a Charles D. Pixley Amanda A. Hammett -
11/21/1891 license n/a n/a James S. Leppo Libbie Ferguson -
" license n/a n/a J.F. Keefer Nettie M. Snook -
" license n/a n/a Fred Schroeder Mary Heineking -
" license n/a n/a Hiram Morse Serepta D. Norris -
" license n/a n/a C.W. Robinson Ida B. Pittenger -
" license n/a n/a Harry Sotzen Anna Miller -
" license n/a n/a Burt Crosier Nora Devore -
" license n/a n/a Wm. Imhoff Virgie Armstrong -
" 11/11/1891 - - ____ Bates
Miss Ivan Rambo
Jackson Twp.
" 11/14/1891 - Rev. Smith Frank Keifer
Mifflin Twp.
Nettie Snook
d/o John Wm. Snook
" 11/21/1891 Presbyterian Church - Fred T. Bristor
Benton St.
Clara Caldwell
Paris, MO
11/28/1891 license n/a n/a Wm. Imhoff Vergie Armstrong -
- license n/a n/a George W. Laser Eva B. St. John -
- license n/a n/a Louis Frank Hellena Flockerzi -
- license n/a n/a Adam D. Lansinger Sarah A. DeWitt -
- license n/a n/a C.H. Howard Ida Baker -
" 11/23/1891 Mansfield Rev. H.L. Wiles Dean R. Wallace
Gilbert's Mills, NY
Christena Brown
" license n/a n/a H.B. Hardy
Operator, P.F. Company
May Secrist -
12/5/1891 license n/a n/a Alonzo Marlow Bertha E. Sigler -
" license n/a n/a John Marks Harriet Murphy -
" license n/a n/a Harry B. Hardy May Secrist -
" license n/a n/a John Cooper Alvira C. Dillehay -
" license n/a n/a H.G. Pittinger Emma Sheets -
" license n/a n/a Adolph L. Harning Lou Ellen Mayer -
" 11/28/1891 First English Luth. parsonage Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles Harry B. Hardy
Telegraph operator
May Secrist -
12/12/1891 12/9/1891 First English Luth. parsonage Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles George Schisler Carrie M. Bieber -
" 11/26/1891 Chicago, IL P.H. Swift, D.D.
Pastor, Oakland M.E. Church
Frank L. Horn
Alice K. Wilkinson
" 12/3/1891 n/a Rev. Geo. A. Lee, M.D. H.G. Pittinger
Jackson Twp.
Emma Sheets
Jackson Twp.
" 12/24/1891 Gaylord Terman home
2 m. north of Mansfield
n/a Lieut. Truman O. Murphy
Detroit, MI
Katie Terman
d/o Gaylord Terman
12/19/1891 license n/a n/a Bert Fisher Emma Wilson -
" license n/a n/a W.C. Curtiss Almira Benedict -
" license n/a n/a John Groh Lena Remy -
" license n/a n/a P.M. Snyder Frankie Baughman -
" license n/a n/a William A. Schrack Pettie Nagle -
" license n/a n/a Joseph L. West Lulu Darling -
" license n/a n/a Charles W. Purse Nancy A. Shafer -
" license n/a n/a Isaac Gable Carrie Hively -
" license n/a n/a Frederick Bloom Mrs. Lena Rider -
" license n/a n/a D.H. Charles Etta Hammett -
" license n/a n/a George Schisler Carrie M. Bieber -
" license n/a n/a John J. Young Jessie D. Grosvenor -
" 12/16/1891 Mrs. J.C. Nelson home
Bellville, OH
sis/o bride
n/a Harry W. Osbun
emp. Diamond Match Co. (Akron)
family resides near Pavonia
Celia E. Bahmler -
" 12/17/1891 Park Ave. West
Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles J.M. Snyder
Monroe Twp.
Frankie Baughman
Monroe Twp.
" 12/16/1891 First English Luth. parsonage Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles William A. Schrack
Pet Nagle
" 12/18/1891 bride's home
Newman's Addition, Mansfield
Rev. H.L. Wiles, D.D. Charles W. Purse Mrs. Nancy A. Shafer
" 12/13/1891 n/a Rev. H.L. Wiles Joseph L. West Lulu Darling -
12/26/1891 license n/a n/a W. Francis Miller Eva A. Frengle -
" license n/a n/a David Dick Ada Adams -
" 12/31/1891 n/a n/a Prof. J.D. Tucker Belle Doty -
" 12/22/1891 Rev. D.W. Smith home
W. Third St., Mansfield
Rev. D.W. Smith, D.D. Joseph Fleming
Laura Hewitt
" 12/23/1891 Tiffin, Ohio n/a Frank L. Dennison
formerly of Mansfield
Kenton, OH
s/o Mrs. P.L. Dennison
(N. Mulberry St., Mansfield)
Anna L. Wendler
" 12/23/1891 Presbyterian parsonage
Rev. D.J. Meese John Vantilburg Lillie McBride
d/o Washington McBride
Mifflin Twp.
" 12/15/1891 bride's mother's home
Galion, OH
n/a Bert Fishack
Emma Wilson
" 12/30/1891 Grace Episcopal Church
Galion, OH
n/a Burt M. Donaldson
Galion, OH
Cleora D. Burt
d/o Geo. W. Burt
Galion, OH
" license First English Luth. parsonage
Rev. H.L. Wiles Chas. H. Porch, Jr. Ella T. Scout note 5
" license n/a n/a D.H. Baker Sadie E. Will -
" license n/a n/a Albert Beal Mary Simpson McCulley -
" license n/a n/a Leo Crispin Ruth Caton -
" license n/a n/a Joseph Fleming Laura Hewitt -
" license n/a n/a Henry L. Spayde Flora B. Brandt -
" license n/a n/a Mike Foley Lizzie Trumpower -
1/2/1892 12/24/1891 bride's parent's home
Rev. Shafer Earnest Moffett Cora Baughman -
" 12/24/1891 bride's home
n/a Daniel Switzer
Addie Hershey
" 12/31/1891 Mt. Zion parsonage
Mt. Zion
Rev. W.G. Smith Emery Fox Ollie Peterson -
" 12/24/1891 Lutheran Ch. parsonage
Dr. H.L. Wiles George Woodhull Hattie Adams -
" 12/24/1891 " " George W. Burghard Fannie Bookman -
" 12/24/1891 " " John H. Huber Nettie M. Huffman -
" 12/24/1891 " " Gustave A. Baer Mary E. Miller -
" 12/24/1891 " " Mike Foley Lizzie Trumpower -
" 12/24/1891

bride's parent's home
near Mansfield

Rev. D.W. Smith, D.D.

Lieut. Truman O. Murphy
Detroit, MI
Katie M. Terman -

note 1 = Mr. & Mrs. Roy Antibus were scheduled to honeymoon at Montreal, Canada

note 2 = Mr. Rathburn had just secured a divorce from his first wife, Amanda, the Saturday before his marriage to Julia Kennedy.

note 3 = a list of all wedding presents received can be found in the original account

note 4 = A long account of the event can be found in the source paper

note 5 = The newly married couple will make their future home in Cleveland.

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