Richland Co., Ohio

Marriage Records

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e Semi-Weekly News:  Marriages, 1897  f


Source:  (Mansfield) Semi-Weekly News

* Some of the info. on this page comes from wedding announcements.  See the actual papers on microfilm for full articles, or order full articles from the Sherman Room at the Mansfield/Richland Co. Public Library.

Pub. Date Married Place Minister Groom Bride Note
1/5/1897 12/30/1896 B. Sowers' home
Rev. Thompson Maurice Graham
s/o Mrs. Mary Graham
Jennie Sowers
d/o B.
" 12/28/1896 D. Johnson home
Rev. G.M. Kemp Jason Curtis Laura Bowers
foster d/o D. Johnson
" 12/31/1896 bride's home
Portner's Addition
n/a William Sheeley Georgia Reed -
" 12/24/1896 n/a n/a Charles Burns
Hattie Fairhurst
" 12/31/1896 J.W. Grubaugh
W. 4th. St., Mansfield
Rev. F.A. Gould B.F. Gates
Baileyville, KS
Emma S. Grubaugh
d/o J.W.
" 12/31/1896 Methodist Church
Camden, SC
n/a J.C.P. Williams Alma A.H. Merony
former w/o W.J. Palmer
" License n/a n/a L. Moffett Tillie Mackley -
" License n/a n/a Maurice D. Graham Jennie S. Sowers -
" License n/a n/a Emanuel Wise Sarah M. Tucker -
" License n/a n/a William E. Peterson Freda Frank -
" License n/a n/a Adam Reining Mary Zimmer -
" License n/a n/a Robert Mills Della Harris -
" License n/a n/a Edwin Forbes Etta Giffin -
" License n/a n/a Benjamin F. Gates Emma S. Grubaugh -
" License n/a n/a Harvey E. Caskey Jennie Lightcap -
" License n/a n/a William L. Sheely Georgia Reed -
" License n/a n/a Frank C. Epley Olive McCullough -
1/8/1897 12/31/1896 n/a Rev. H.L. Wiles Samuel E. Forbes
Etta Giffin
" 12/31/1896 'Squire Keightley's home
'Squire Keightley Robert Mills
Lodi, OH
Della Harris -
1/12/1897 1/6/1897 A.W. Heskett home
Rev. Thompson Dr. George Maxwell Blanche Heskett
d/o A.W.
" 1/6/1897 Silas Cook home
Sandusky Twp.
n/a Robert Davison
near Mansfield
Carline Cook
d/o Silas
" License n/a n/a Robert Davidson Callie Cook -
" License n/a n/a George P. Maxwell Blanch A. Heskett -
1/15/1897 License n/a n/a Henry Daup Jennie B. Reynolds -
" License n/a n/a LeRoy Tressel Libbie Iler -
" License n/a n/a James D. Doolittle Minnie A. Pugh -
" 1/5/1897 n/a n/a Harry Shaffer
May Zolman
" n/a M.E. Church
Trenton, MO
n/a William L. Koehn Zila Patterson
d/o David
formerly of Richland Co.
" 1/11/1897 Leonard Tressell home
E. 4th. St., Mansfield
Rev. H.L. Wiles
of First Luth. Ch.
LeRoy Tressell Libbie Iler -
" 1/13/1897 Jenuwa home
116 Newman St., Mansfield
Rev. R.H. Edmonds George J. Hoffman E. Hessleton -
" 1/13/1897 Jenuwa home
116 Newman St., Mansfield
Rev. R.H. Edmonds Nehemiah Jamison Annie Meeks -
1/19/1897 1/14/1897 Congregational parsonage
Rev. Thompson William Davis Burnice Aungst -
" n/a Shelby Rev. Loose Henry Daup Jennie Reynolds -
" License n/a n/a William G. Davis Burnice Aungst -
" License n/a n/a Walter H. Samuel Mary J. Glenn -
" License n/a n/a George J. Hoffman Ermina Hesselton -
" License n/a n/a Nehemia Jamisin Annie Meeks -
" License n/a n/a Clyde L. Dye Annie L. Swank -
1/22/1897 1/13/1897 Henry Pugh home
3 m. south of Ganges
Rev. Mumma James S. Doolittle Minnie Pugh -
" 1/14/1897 Olivesburg n/a Louis Light
Emma Wolf
" 1/6/1897 Palmyra, OH n/a Harry Shafer May Zolman, 15 -
" License n/a n/a Arthur J. White Dora E. Feighner -
" License n/a n/a Morris Curran Mary Kanary -
" License n/a n/a Peter A. Hoffman Mary M. Hoover -
" License n/a n/a Floyd M. Brown Jennie R. Wentz -
" 1/27/1897 Lexington n/a Frank G. Mitchell Nellie J. Holler -
1/26/1897 1/21/1897 bride's home
E. Main St., Shelby
n/a Arthur White Dora Feighner -
" n/a Shelby n/a Floyd Brown Rose Wentz -
" n/a n/a Baptist preacher
from Five Points
Walter Samsell
Mary Glenn
" 1/20/1897 Mayflower parsonage Rev. R.H. Edmonds Peter A. Hoffman Mary M. Hoover -
" License n/a n/a Thomas C. Bottomley Louie Snavely -
" License n/a n/a W.L.G. Watson Maggie M. Engor -
" License n/a n/a Orra Donaugh Viola Harter -
1/29/1897 1/24/1897 Adam Harter home
north of Butler
Rev. R. Winbigler
of Lakefork
Orra Donough Viola Harter
d/o Adam
" License n/a n/a Thomas P. Kiley Ellen Dunnlavey -
" License n/a n/a Frank G. Mitchell Nellie J. Holler -
2/2/1897 1/27/1897 Wilson home
Rev. G. Benaugh Frank G. Mitchell Nellie J. Holler
d/o Mrs. Wilson
" License n/a n/a Levi Fry Mary Robinson -
" License n/a n/a Samuel Wolfe Sadie Dishong -
" 1/24/1897 n/a Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles Samuel Wolfe
Sadie Dishong
" 1/27/1897 bride's home
Rev. George Bennaugh, D.D. Frank G. Mitchell
Nellie J. Holler
2/5/1897 License n/a n/a Josiah G. Robison Bertha S. Stull -
" License n/a n/a Morris E. Gongwer Laura A. Lutz -
" License n/a n/a Newton R. Eastman Katherine Schuler -
" License n/a n/a William Green Sadie Stoner -
" 2/3/1897 Lexington n/a Frank Mitchell Nellie Holler -
" 2/3/1897 Bellville Rev. C.W. Caldwell
of the Presb. Church
Levi Fry Mary Robinson -
" n/a Mansfield Dr. H.L. Wiles Samuel Wolff
Sarah Dishong
2/9/1897 2/3/1897 J.P. Lutz home
Mifflin Twp.
Rev. W.G. Smith (Lima, OH)
& Rev. Keifer (Mifflin, OH)
Maurice Gongwer
s/o Michael
Laura Lutz
d/o J.P.
" License n/a n/a Charles H. Brown Lizzie E. Brown -
" License n/a n/a Harry D. Hines Mrs. Maud C. Conover -
2/12/1897 1/30/1897 Jelloway, OH 'Squire Humphreys Abraham DeLong
near Salem
Della Yarger
near Salem
" 2/10/1897 Mrs. Jennie Schuler home
Rev. C.W. Caldwell
of Presbyterian Church
Dr. N.R. Eastman Kate Schuler
d/o Jennie
" 2/10/1897 Catholic Church
n/a Ed Easley ____ Adams -
" 2/10/1897 Mrs. D.W. Smith home
Sturges Ave., Mansfield
Rev. Arthur Smith
of Ashland
Will Pugh
s/o James
Mary Frietchen
sis/o Peter
" License n/a n/a John A. Stoner Nettie Shutt -
" License n/a n/a C.J. Ruhl Etta V. Finney -
" License n/a n/a G.E. Easly Edith M. Adams -
" License n/a n/a Francis Mellville Webster Anna Adams -
" License n/a n/a James M. Pearce Katharine C. Miller -
" License n/a n/a Willis Pugh Mary Fritchen -
" 2/10/1897 n/a Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles James M. Pearce
Washington Twp.
Kathrine D. Miller
Washington Twp.
2/16/1897 n/a n/a n/a Ed Easley ____ Adams -
" 2/11/1897 n/a Justice Hildebrant John Stranser
Maggie Lillis
" 2/10/1897 William S. Green home Rev. W. Torbett
of the Methodist Ch.
John Stoner
Pulaski, __
Nettie Shutt
g/do Wm. S. Green
" License n/a n/a Daniel Hoover Margaret A. Royer -
" License n/a n/a Frank Hollner Eliza Houser -
" n/a Mrs. Sadie Hafer home Rev. F.A. Gould
of M.E. Church
A.J. Grower
Mrs. Ella M. Sheldon
sis/o Mrs. Sadie Hafer
" 2/10/1897 Cleveland, OH n/a Charles Koch
Julia Duerr
Cleveland, OH
" n/a Mansfield n/a James M. Pearce
Little Washington, OH
n/a -
2/19/1897 2/15/1897 n/a Rev. F. Buesser Frank Hollumer Eliza Houser -
" 2/11/1897 Frank Burnett home
south of Butler
Rev. Ernsberger
Amity, OH
James Fletcher Maud Burnett
d/o Frank
" License n/a n/a Henry Julier Ada McLaughlin -
" License n/a n/a Arthur Redick Josephine McGarvey -
" License n/a n/a Frank Buner Sylva Klinath -
" License n/a n/a G.W. Harper Ella A. Price -
2/23/1897 2/16/1897 Coshocton, OH n/a ____ McFarland
resides in Kansas
s/o Mrs. Lynch
" 2/17/1897 Lutheran parsonage
Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles Henry Julier
Ada McLaughlin
" License n/a n/a Charles E. Smith Mina O. Berry -
2/26/1897 License n/a n/a David Zehner Minnie C. Mills -
" License n/a n/a Andrew Stevenson Sadie L. Weaver -
" License n/a n/a Will E. Dick Alla M. Coover -
" License n/a n/a H.W. Taylor Lozetta Vanosdale -
" License n/a n/a Robert C. Armstrong Bertha C. Brougher -
" License n/a n/a J.F. Remy Edith A. Wolford -
" 2/23/1897 bride's home
Bell St., Bellville
Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles, D.D. Hon. Andrew Stevenson
Sadie L. Weaver -
" 2/23/1897 William Mills home
112 Hedge St., Mansfield
Rev. Frank G. McFarlan
of the Baptist Ch.
David Zehner
Minnie G. Mills
d/o William
3/5/1897 3/3/1897 bride's home
near Hastings
n/a William F. Bone
s/o Rev. F. Bone
Lovilla Maglott
" 3/2/1897 Shelby n/a Robert Armstrong Bertha Brougher
d/o Marshal Brougher
" 3/3/1897 C.W. Palmer home
mile east of Mansfield
Rev. F.A. Gould Jesse K. Coulter M. Luella Palmer -
" License n/a n/a Elmer Cook Ida Wilson -
" 3/5/1897 Cleveland, OH n/a Eugene Wallace Fannie Baxter
sis/o Frank
3/9/1897 3/4/1897 John Donnell home
Rev. J.N. Barnett Will Payne Minnie Donnell
d/o John
" 3/3/1897 n/a Rev. Dr. F.A. Gould William Fearn Mary Wheeler -
" License n/a n/a W.F. Bone Novella Maglott -
" License n/a n/a Jesse K. Coulter M. Luella Palmer -
" License n/a n/a Amos Rhine Anna Wyman -
" License n/a n/a William E. Stephen Hattie K. Kolb -
" License n/a n/a William H. Fearn Mary A. Wheeler -
" License n/a n/a Eugene Wallace Fannie M. Baxter -
" License n/a n/a Will T. Payne Minnie Donel -
" License n/a n/a R.M. Campbell Aleen R. Niman -
" License n/a n/a C.S. Longsdorf Anna Brickner -
" License n/a n/a A.H. Alderman Kate Fitger -
" 3/7/1897 n/a n/a A.H. Alderman Katherine Fitger 2
3/12/1897 3/10/1897 English Lutheran parsonage
Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles George S. Sickinger
near Mansfield
Lizzie B. Storrs
Newark, NJ
" 3/10/1897 Lutheran parsonage
Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles Frank Hafley
of Cleveland, OH
Mary Schwier
of Mansfield
" 3/6/1897 Ashland, OH n/a Robert Campbell, Jr.
s/o R.M.
Aleen Niman
of Mansfield
" License n/a n/a Edward T. Berry Maggie E. McBride -
" License n/a n/a Frank Hafley Mary Schwier -
" License n/a n/a George F. Sickinger Lizzie Storrs -
" License n/a n/a Robert H. Ritchie Frances O. Geddis -
3/16/1897 3/10/1897 Lutheran church
Rev. J.N. Barnett Robert H. Ritchie
west of Bellville
Frances O. Gaddis
d/o Henry of Bellville
" 3/9/1897 Galion, OH Rev. C.S. Cliffe
of the Disciple Church
Ed Berry
Maggie McBride
" 3/11/1897 bride's mother's home
152 W. 4th. St., Mansfield
Rev. D.J. Meese
of the Presbyterian Church
Harrie W. Lindsey Ella M. Condon -
3/19/1897 3/17/1897 bride's home
n/a Edward H. Smith
Canton, OH
Stella Kerr -
" 3/12/1897 n/a Rev. N.H. Loose Levi Humbert
Olney, IL
Sarah Foulks
" License n/a n/a George Hess Gertie Newcomer -
" License n/a n/a Levi H. Humert Sarah M. Foulks -
" License n/a n/a Rolla Boggs Dora Moore -
" License n/a n/a Clement L. Bloom Ada May Firoved -
" License n/a n/a Edward H. Smith Stella B. Kerr -
" License n/a n/a A.H. Glenn Anna Mae Wharton -
3/23/1897 3/17/1897 minister's home Rev. G.M. Kemp Andrew H. Glenn Anna Mae Wharton -
" 3/18/1897 minister's home Rev. G.M. Kemp Rolla Boggs Dora Moore -
" n/a Thomas Scott home
S. Sugar St., Mansfield
Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles Marion Mann Wynnie L. Scott
d/o Thomas
" 3/17/1897 bride's home Rev. N.S. Loose Levi H. Humbert
Olney, IL
Sarah M. Foulks
" 3/18/1897 n/a Rev. N.S. Loose Clement L. Bloom
Ada May Fireoved
" License n/a n/a Marion Mann Wynnie Lee Scott -
" License n/a n/a I.B. Weirick Emma E. Snider -
" License n/a n/a C.V.R. Kinkel Lillie F. Cockburn -
3/26/1897 n/a Plymouth n/a George Hess
Gertie Newcomer
d/o John
" License n/a n/a Fred Moser Minnie Mink -
" License n/a n/a O.N. Gaddis Clara Bella Files -
" License n/a n/a William Knorra Louis Parkins [sic.] -
" 3/23/1897 n/a Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles Frederick Moser Minnie Mink -
3/30/1897 3/25/1897 Bellville Rev. James P. Mills
of the M.E. Church
Bert Stanton Annie Ingham -
" 3/24/1897 Bellville Rev. James P. Milles O.N. Gaddis
Clara B. File
" License n/a n/a Willis Messenger Myrtle Denman -
" License n/a n/a Albert Stanton Anna Ingham -
" License n/a n/a Samuel Wittmer Mary Wise -
" License n/a n/a Sidney E. Martin Garvie Leona Freeman -
" 3/24/1897 minister's home
Rev. James P. Mills
of the M.E. Church
O.M. Gaddes Clara Belle Files -
" 3/25/1897 minister's home Rev. James P. Mills
of the M.E. Church
Albert Stanton
s/o J.H.
Anna Ingram
" 3/24/1897 n/a Rev. F.A. Gould William Knorra
Louise Parkins
4/2/1897 3/31/1897 Harry Sotzen home
n/a Charles Miller Moleska Gates -
" 3/30/1897 Frank Boals home
near Mansfield
Rev. Wm. Williamson Clement L. Reed Mary Louise Boals -
" 3/29/1897 Mr. Derr home
Walnut St., Mansfield
Rev. George Benaugh, D.D. Sidney E. Martin
Garrie L. Freeman
" 3/31/1897 n/a Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles Charles E. Rusk
Martha E. Eyerly
" 3/30/1897 n/a Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles Oscar A. Erdenberger
Avis E. Keiffer
" 3/31/1897 n/a Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles Charles F. Beelman
Katherine Strohninger
" License n/a n/a W.E. Hagan Martha W. Sigler -
" License n/a n/a C.L. Reed Mary L. Boals -
" License n/a n/a Charles Edward Miller Mildred Moleskie Gates -
4/6/1897 3/31/1897 Lexington Rev. Dr. Wiles Charles Rusk
s/o W.A. Rusk
Mattie Eyerly
d/o John Eyerly
" n/a bride's home n/a C.V. Reed
of Buena Vista
Louie Boals -
" 4/2/1897 59 Park Avenue East
Rev. F.A. Gould, D.D. J.W. Gockley
Flora B. Irwin
" License n/a n/a J.W. Cockley Flora B. Irwin -
" License n/a n/a Niles Beal Emma Strome -
4/9/1897 4/8/1897 Mansfield n/a Charles Brothers ____ Steel -
" 4/7/1897 John Lebo home Rev. W.F. Naffziger
of the Lutheran church
Marshal William Patton Carrie Lebo
d/o John Lebo
Springville, OH
" License n/a n/a John Dunmore Mary Cooper -
" License n/a n/a Charles D. Shoemaker Edith J. Grimwood -
4/13/1897 4/7/1897 Baptist parsonage
Rev. Frank G. McFarlan Harry Donaldson
Bookkeeper, Mansfield Lumber Co.
Lillian D. Reynolds -
" License n/a n/a J.H. Donaldson Lillian D. Reynolds -
" License n/a n/a Criste Zick Ella Saner -
" License n/a n/a Charles Sweet Anna E. Beard -
" 4/8/1897 Lutheran parsonage
Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles Charles Sweet Anna Beard -
" 4/8/1897 Methodist parsonage
Rev. Dr. F.A. Gould Criste Zick
Ella Saner
4/16/1897 4/22/1897 Walter Sackett home
(bride's uncle)
Rev. Dr. Milne
Plymouth Cong. Ch.
Dr. John L. Stevens
Anna Patterson
Columbus, OH
OSU student
" License n/a n/a Victor S. Baker Della Tongue -
" License n/a n/a Frank D. Kosht Minnie E. DeWitt -
" License n/a n/a Edward J. Hariger Cora S. Mutereag -
" License n/a n/a Bemard McGowan Evalynn H. Gurney -
" License n/a n/a F.H. Leinard Kittie Mackley -
" License n/a n/a J.H. Cunningham Emma Kinney -
4/20/1897 4/14/1897 n/a n/a Henry Cunningham
Emma Kinney
" 4/14/1897 Isabelle A. Orr home
Columbia St., Alliance, OH
(bride's mother)
Rev. Dr. T.W. Lane
Alliance M.E. Church
C.C. Alexander
Manager, Central Union Telephone
Belle Orr
Alliance, OH
" 4/19/1897 n/a Rev. J.W. Henley
Fountain Park
(near Urbana, OH)
James M. Ottinger Ada J. Howard -
" License n/a n/a W.W. Kinney A.E. Anten -
" License n/a n/a William Stiltz Hanna White -
" License n/a n/a Flora S. Houpt Effie E. Epley -
" License n/a n/a William L. Long Dora Coffman -
" License n/a n/a James M. Ottinger Ada J. Howard -
" 4/14/1897 n/a Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles E.H. Leinard Kittie Mackley -
" 4/17/1897 Christian church study
Rev. J.E. Lynn William Steltz Mrs. Hannah White -
4/23/1897 4/21/1897 Xenia, OH n/a W.A. Loose
s/o Daniel Loose
Engineer, Ohio Soldiers'
& Sailors Orphans' Home
Fannie Brodkins -
" License n/a n/a George E. Leighty Minnie E. Braby -
" License n/a n/a H.W. Kochheiser Emma D. Garver -
" License n/a n/a Adam Gruenig Katharine Hahn -
" License n/a n/a Charles W. Friedgen Jennie Remy -
" License n/a n/a John E. Grimwood Amelia Pettet -
" 4/21/1897 bride's parent's home
6 miles south of Mansfield
Dr. H.L. Wiles
First Eng. Luth. Ch.
H.W. Kochheiser
Emma D. Garver
d/o Emanuel Garver
" 4/21/1897 bride's parent's home
144 Miller St., Mansfield
Rev. J.E. Lynn George E. Leighty
Evansburg, PA
Minnie E. Braby
d/o William H. Braby
" 4/21/1897 First English Luth. parsonage
Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles Charles W. Friedgen Jeane Remy -
" 4/17/1897 n/a Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles William E. Long Dora Coffman -
4/27/1897 4/22/1897 bride's home
Fittings Ave., Bellville
n/a Will Gass Nora Schuler -
" n/a Emanuel Garver home
3 miles north of Bellville
n/a Harmon Kochheiser
Emma Garver
d/o Emanuel
" License n/a n/a William A. Gass Leonora C. Schuler -
" License n/a n/a George Schroer Eva Bosler -
" License n/a n/a Frank F. Finch Lenna C. Bloon [sic.] -
" 4/22/1897 Ft. Wayne, IN n/a Frank Stoddard
Iowa banker and capitalist
Olive Lee Race
d/o Dr. John Race (dec'd)
4/30/1897 4/27/1897 Mansfield n/a Walter Moulthrop Mati Guthrie
of Shelby
" 4/28/1897 Mrs. M.E. Lea home
W. 2nd. St., Mansfield
Rev. Frank G. McFarlan
of the Baptist church
Charles Trerwiler
Ellen S. Fisher
Greencastle, PA
" 4/28/1897 First Luth. parsonage
Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles Charles Andrews Maggie Pluck -
" License n/a n/a Robert O'Dell Louisa Turner -
" License n/a n/a Walter J. Maltrup
bicycle worker
Mary Guthrie -
" License n/a n/a H.S. Rife Mary Bentz -
" License n/a n/a Charles M. Trerwiler Ella S. Fisher -
" License n/a n/a William H. Algier Margaret D. Campbell -
" License n/a n/a Charles Andrews Maggie Pluck -
" License n/a n/a Willis Newman Bessie Myers -
" 4/22/1897 Cleveland, OH n/a W.C. Shirer
New York
Margaret McKenna
d/o Margaret
5/4/1897 4/24/1897 S. Bloom home
near Shiloh
n/a Dr. F.F. Finch Leina C. Bloom
d/o S. Bloom
" License n/a n/a Levi Hissong Lavina A. Shannabarger -
" License n/a n/a Marvin R. Atwater Tena Delancy -
" License n/a n/a George J. Barger Harrieta H. Bursch -
5/7/1897 5/2/1897 Daniel Loos home
Main St., Butler
Rev. William Wirt Levi Hissong Lavina Shannaberger
" License n/a n/a Charles F. Dickes Rosa M. Page -
" License n/a n/a Albert J.A. Beck Clara B. Raber -
5/11/1897 License n/a n/a S.J. Harmon Lulu Munson -
5/14/1897 5/12/1897 B.J. William home
n/a Charles F. Dickes Rose Page -
" 5/12/1897 n/a Rev. H.L. Wiles David Matthes
A.F. Remy Co., Mansfield
Addie Scott
d/o Eliot Scott
" 5/12/1897 W.H. Powell home
214 N. Diamond St., Mansfield
Rev. Frank G. McFarlan James Black Eva Powell
d/o W.H. Powell
" License n/a n/a Rudolph Price Melvie Meek -
" License n/a n/a Charlie Betts Daisy Heckert -
" License n/a n/a William F. Waghorn Martha O'Connor -
" License n/a n/a James Black Eva Powell -
" License n/a n/a David Matthes Addie Bell Scott -
5/18/1897 n/a n/a n/a John Meyers
Lizzie Lobach
" License n/a n/a J.O. Myers Lizzie Loback -
" License n/a n/a Charley Dill Alverda Harter -
" License n/a n/a Allison S. Smith Ruby M. Castor -
5/21/1897 5/16/1897 n/a Rev. Fitterer Charles Dill
north of Butler
Verda Harter
d/o Manuel Harter
of near Hastings
" 5/20/1897 Mansfield n/a Allison Smith
St. Joe, IN
Ruby Castor
" 5/20/1897 n/a Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles James Frank Vila Walker -
5/28/1897 n/a n/a n/a Jake Swank
Sina Brubaker
near Ankenytown
" License n/a n/a Lee M. Palmer Leefe E. White -
6/1/1897 License n/a n/a Edward M. Ely Ella E. Griffith -
" License n/a n/a E.O. Myers Minnie Arnold -
" License n/a n/a Peter Kanugh Anna Puhalik -
" License n/a n/a Robert Gourley Florence Myers -
6/4/1908 5/27/1897 Mayflower Church Parsonage
Rev. R.H. Edmonds Robert Gourley / Gourly Florence Myers -
" 6/2/1897 Lutheran parsonage
Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles M. Herbert Kagey
Grace M. Barton
" 6/2/1897 n/a Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles Marion W. McCullough
Dora J. Baker
" 6/2/1897 n/a Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles Frank Hoffman Lidda A. Smith
" 6/1/1897 n/a Rev. F. Buesser Phillip Shaefer Susie Theis -
" 6/9/1897 n/a n/a George Christian
Marion, OH
Stella Farrar
" 6/2/1897 Shelby n/a Elmer Kirkpatrick Ivy Douglass -
" 6/3/1897 Shelby n/a Ben Sloane Edith Davis -
" License n/a n/a Roland T. Enzor Mettie B. Murray -
" License n/a n/a Philip Schafer Susie Theis -
" License n/a n/a L.D. Rogers Elnora Molder -
" License n/a n/a Lorenzo D. Shambaugh Mary J. Poland -
" License n/a n/a Henry W. Switzer Hilda E. Hershiser -
" License n/a n/a Ben H. Sloan Edith L. Davis -
" License n/a n/a Elmer Kirkpatrick Ivy Douglas -
" License n/a n/a Frank Hoffman Lidda A. Smith -
" License n/a n/a F.C. Vogenberger Ella Rutan -
" License n/a n/a Marion M. McCullough Dora J. Baker -
" License n/a n/a Homer E. Balliet Emma Barr -
" 6/2/1897 bride's parent's home
n/a Elmer Kirkpatrick
Iva Douglass
6/8/1897 6/2/1897 bride's parent's home
Rev. Schissler Lorenzo D. Shambaugh Mary J. Poland
d/o Simon Poland
" 6/2/1897 Mansfield Rev. F.A. Gould
(of the ME Church)
Frank Vogenberger Ella Rutan -
" 7/1/1897 n/a n/a Barney Price Lizzie Koch
" 6/2/1897 n/a n/a F.C. Vokenberger
Ella Rutan -
" License n/a n/a Robert Finical Edith Line -
" License n/a n/a Robert Statler Orilla Donaugh -
" License n/a n/a Charles A. Mayer Effie Merrell -
" 6/2/1897 Mt. Union, PA n/a P.M. Bottorf
bro/o Dr. Bottorf
n/a -
6/11/1897 6/5/1897 Evangelical parsonage
Rev. J.S. Fitterer Robert Stattler Rilla Donough -
" 6/6/1897 bride's grandparent's home
near North Liberty, OH
Rev. S.B. Grisso Christopher Burton
Jessie Crunkilton -
" 6/9/1897 bride's home
W. Main St., Shelby
n/a George Christian
Marion, OH
Stella Farrar -
" n/a Hoosick Falls, NY n/a George Hagens
tool maker at cycle works, Shelby
n/a -
" 6/9/1897 Charles W. Upson home
234 Park Ave. West
Rev. A.B. Putnam
Rector, Grace Episcopal Ch.
Wilbur Sanders Upson
of Upson Bros. Coal Co.
Lida McGrew
sis/o Mrs. Charles W. Upson
" 6/9/1897 n/a n/a George B. Christian
of Marion, OH
Stella R. Farrar
" 6/17/1897 1st. Congregational Ch. n/a Walter C. Polk
Eva M. Purdy
d/o Mrs. M.E. Purdy
13 Wood St., Mansfield
" License n/a n/a Sherman Koontz Della Russell -
6/15/1897 6/12/1897 Shelby Rev. Findly W.R. Marvin Lulu Wentz -
" 6/9/1897 n/a n/a P.A. Guthrie
Columbus, OH
Emma Funk
Boughtonville, OH
formerly of Mansfield
6/18/1897 6/17/1897 Weller Twp. n/a Sherman Koontz Mrs. Dell Russell -
" 6/16/1897 David Hostetter home
Rev. Williamson
of the UB Church
John Kohler
of Pavonia
Jennie Hostetter
d/o David
" 6/16/1897 First Lutheran Ch. parsonage
Rev. H.L. Wiles, D.D. Charles Schroer, Jr.
furniture business
Elizabeth Scott
" License n/a n/a William N. Winebrenner Melinda Bachlet -
" License n/a n/a Henry W. Simpson Mary J. McKee -
" License n/a n/a Lee E. Carter Pearl A. Shultz -
" License n/a n/a John B. Kohler Jennie Hostetter -
" License n/a n/a John M. Reed Irene Tubbs -
" License n/a n/a W.C. Polk Eva M. Purdy -
" License n/a n/a Charles A. Schroer, Jr. Elizabeth Scott -
" 6/16/1897 Probate Court Room
'Squire Richardson John M. Reed
Irene Tubbs -
" 6/16/1897 bride's home
2 m. sw of Mansfield
Rev. F.M. Proctor Henry W. Simpson Mary J. McKee -
" 6/15/1897 n/a Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles W.N. Winebrenner Malinda Bachelet -
" 6/15/1897 n/a Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles D.E. Carter Pearl E. Schultz -
6/22/1897 6/21/1897 Shelby Rev. Wilson Mark Hammond
Minnie Exler
" 6/20/1897 Shelby n/a Henry J. Shafer
Bertha Guthrie -
" 6/16/1897 David Hostetter home
near Mifflin
n/a John Kohler Jennie Hostetter
d/o David
" License n/a n/a Willis S. Painter Bertha A. Ewers -
" 6/17/1897 First Lutheran Ch. parsonage
Rev. H.L. Wiles, D.D. Willis Painter
Bertha Ewers
" 6/24/1897 Dr. Frank Cowan home
Ashland, OH
n/a E.E. Warner
Helen O. Cowan
Ashland, OH
d/o Dr. Frank Cowan
6/25/1897 License n/a n/a Charles B. Rowalt Daisy Gerhart -
" License n/a n/a Gordon Adam Cora Bisline -
" License n/a n/a C.S. Kelley R.M. Steffey -
" 6/23/1897 n/a n/a City Engineer M.A. Munn Clara M. Rittenburg
6/29/1897 6/23/1897 bride's home
n/a Charles B. Rowalt Daisy Gearhart -
" License n/a n/a Robert M. Bell Mary J. Gipe -
7/2/1897 6/21/1897 Mt. Vernon, Knox, OH n/a Leroy Isenberg
Richland Co.
Laura Culp
Knox Co., OH
" License n/a n/a W.S. Harris Bernice Zahner -
" License n/a n/a Roy Rife Etta Fike -
" License n/a n/a John W. Harris Ida Varner -
" License n/a n/a E. Lambright Verda Leech -
7/6/1897 6/30/1897 John Gault home
North Jackson, OH
Rev. E.V. Zollars
President, Hiram College
& Rev. George Anderson
Rev. Jay Edward Lynn
Lulu Olive Gault
student, Hiram College
d/o John Gault
" License n/a n/a John F. Hartman Ora Sigler -
" License n/a n/a William H. Zehner Margret Maher -
" License n/a n/a J.W. Bemiller Arabell Fellows -
7/9/1897 7/4/1897 Allen Long home
south of Butler
n/a Alpha Long
s/o Allen Long
Minnie Phillips
Holmes Co., OH
" 7/7/1897 Rev. Sprinkle home
Ashland, OH
Rev. Sprinkle Roy Rife
Etta Fike
" License n/a n/a George Sheely Daisy Snyder -
" License n/a n/a Edmund McCormic Leonore Devore -
" License n/a n/a Rolla Cross Edith Pugh -
" License n/a n/a William T. Gandert Anna Gutekunst -
" 7/6/1897 n/a Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles Edmund McCormic
Elnora Debore
" 7/7/1897 n/a rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles Rolla Croff
Edith Pugh
" Memorial Day
Butler n/a Harry Bennett Nannie McBee
d/o George McBee
7/13/1897 7/12/1897 St. Lee's Church
New York City, NY
n/a Sylvester N. Leary
s/o James D. Leary
New York City
Marie Lahm
d/o Alice H. (Mowry) Lahm
formerly of Mansfield
" License n/a n/a George Klinkle Roxie Crouse -
" License n/a n/a Samuel Beer Amanda Foss -
7/16/1897 7/12/1897 Harrie Lindsey home
n/a Johnny Columbus
Conductor, Erie railroad
Mrs. Edith Ward -
" 7/14/1897 Quincy J. McIllvain home
Rev. F.G. McFarlan
of the Baptist Church
Samuel T. Beatty
of Card Electric Works
Lilly E. McIlvain
d/o Quincy J.
" License n/a n/a Newton Mansfield Novene Stockman -
" License n/a n/a J.A. Columbus Edith I. Ward -
" License n/a n/a S.T. Beattie L.E. McIlvaine -
" License n/a n/a Peter C. Dickey Lela Leemaster -
" License n/a n/a Charles Schuster Anna Kryskiwick -
" License n/a n/a Loin Heickel Minnie Wagoner -
" License n/a n/a Dimon J. Herring Mae F. Webber -
" 7/14/1897 First Luth. Ch. parsonage
Rev. Dr. Wiles Loin Heickel Minnie Wagoner -
" 7/12/1897 Methodist parsonage
n/a John Columbus
Mrs. Edith I. Ward
" 7/14/1897 English Lutheran parsonage
Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles Dimon J. Herring
E. Fourth St., Mansfield
Mae F. Webber
d/o Samuel W. Webber
Park Ave. East, Mansfield
7/20/1897 7/19/1897 Wellington, OH Rev. Robert Wagoner
bro/o bride
Henry E. Sheets
Editor, Shelby Republican
Jennie Wagoner
Ashland, OH
" 7/17/1897 M.E. parsonage Rev. Dr. F.A. Gould B.B. Bowen
Emma Frolly
7/23/1897 License n/a n/a B.B. Bowen Emma Frolly -
" License n/a n/a William E. Junkin Anna M. Shields -
" License n/a n/a C.H. Hart Anna McCue -
" 7/20/1897 n/a 'Squire Richardson C.H. Hart Anna McCue -
" 7/21/1897 minister's home Rev. N.H. Loose, D.D. W.E. Junkins
Annice U. Shields
7/27/1897 License n/a n/a Thomas M. Hess J. Alverda Mohn -
" License n/a n/a Fred Schwab Lottie Bemiller -
7/30/1897 7/15/1897 New York, NY n/a Milton M. Fagaines
s/o Mrs. S.A. Fagaines
printer at NY
Mattie Hosman -
" 7/29/1897 Mansfield Rev. F.A. Gould William Hess Verda Mohn -
" 7/24/1897 Leslie House parlor
New Castle, PA
Rev. Dr. Jordon
First Presb. Ch.
John C. Strouthers
Port Jarvis, NY
Sophia Allene Tait
d/o Mrs. James J. Tait
" License n/a n/a J.D. Lysinger Susanna Pelletier -
" License n/a n/a Thomas Carr Catharine Dunlap -
" License n/a n/a Curtis Hackett Mary Dent -
" 7/26/1897 minister's home Rev. N.C. Loose, D.D. J.D. Lysinger
Susanna Pelltier
" 7/22/1897 n/a n/a Omar L. Pyle
s/o George W.
Park Ave. East, Mansfield
Emma McClish
Ada, OH
8/3/1897 7/28/1897 Shelby Rev. Wilhelm Byron Roseborough Bertha Baker -
" License n/a n/a Byron Roseborough Beatrice B. Baker -
" License n/a n/a Terry B. Yingling Anna Grabill -
" 7/29/1897 n/a Rev. F.A. Gould Terry B. Yingling Anna Grabill -
8/6/1897 8/4/1897 59 Park Ave. East
Rev. Dr. F.A. Gould John H. Mohler
Ida May Hill
" 8/2/1897 M.E. Church n/a Mark Hamilton
formerly of Columbus, OH
Rosa Snyder
Canton, OH
" 7/31/1897 Presbyterian parsonage
Ashland, OH
Rev. D.B. Duncan Duff Pancoast
drug clerk
Kate Roller
clerk, M.A. Bowman's store
" License n/a n/a Emery A. Laser Bertha M. Farrington -
" License n/a n/a Charles P. O'Neil Elizabeth E. Knapp -
" License n/a n/a Walter s. Harter Carrie B. Adams -
" License n/a n/a John H. Mohler Ada May Hill -
8/10/1897 8/4/1897 bride's home
Huron St., Bellville
Rev. J.N. Barnett Walter S. Harter
Tiffin, OH
formerly of Bellville
Carrie Adams -
" 8/7/1897 n/a Rev. Wiles
of Mansfield
Harry Welch
Florence Wentz
" License n/a n/a W.L. Laser Roselle G. Clowes -
" License n/a n/a Harry Welch Florence Wentz -
" 8/7/1897 Lutheran parsonage
Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles Harry Welch
Florence Wentz
8/13/1897 8/4/1897 bride's parent's home
n/a W.S. Harter
near Butler
Kittie Adams 6
" 8/10/1897 Erie, PA n/a Edmund Burg
Asst. Superintendent at
cycle works
Mary Crouch -
  8/11/1897 n/a n/a David Hostetter
1 m. west of Mifflin
Miss Sanders
near Burbank, OH
sis/o Rev. Sanders
8/17/1897 License n/a n/a Adam Pifer Emma Falk -
" License n/a n/a George P. Hamilton Fannie Burghard -
8/20/1897 8/18/1897 Mansfield Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles John J. Houston Dora Hackett
8/24/1897 License n/a n/a John J. Huston Dora Hacket -
" License n/a n/a A.L. freehafer Olive L. Robinson -
" License n/a n/a Edwin W. Dickey Myrtie L. Bloor -
" 8/19/1897 Park Ave. West
Rev. Frank G. McFarlan Edwin W. Dickey
of Humphryes Manufacturing
Myrtie L. Bloor
Principal, Newman St. School
8/27/1897 n/a Shelby Rev. E.M. Counsellor W.H. Spice Dora Cramer -
" 8/25/1897 F.H. Odell home
Poplar St., Mansfield
Rev. R.H. Edmonds M.R. Keiser Elsie Odell
bro/o F.H. Odell
" 8/24/1897 Mrs. Phronia Naylor home
54 S. Mulberry St., Mansfield
Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles James J. Shelley
of Voegele & Dinning Candy
Nellie Stewart

n/a Prison
Canton, OH
'Squire Robertson Henry Secrist, 52
Prisoner at Canton, OH
Cassie L. Brown, 23
8/31/1897 8/25/1897 bride's parent's home
Markley St., Bellville
Rev. Canfield John D. Shafer Nellie E. Rummel -
" 2/18/1897 Covington, KY Rev. Mr. Gundy Clifton F. Small
s/o Simon Small
638 Bowman St., Mansfield
Hattie Martien
d/o Joseph Martien
254 W. Bloom St.
" License n/a n/a W.H. Spice Dora Cramer -
" License n/a n/a John C. Matthes Yetta G. Remy -
" License n/a n/a Henry J. Secrist Cassie L. Brown -
" License n/a n/a J.J. Shelley Nellie Stewart -
" License n/a n/a John D. Shafer Nellie E. Rummel -
" License n/a n/a Milton R. Keiser Elsie T. O'Dell -
" License n/a n/a Murray Stevens Minnie Davis -
9/3/1897 9/1/1897 Cleveland, OH n/a Samuel Muthersbaugh
formerly of Shelby
n/a -
" n/a n/a n/a John McKee
Lou Moore
Greenwich, OH
" n/a n/a n/a Charles Allen
____ Ashley
" 9/8/1897 n/a n/a David Shriver
Grace Barnes
" 9/1/1897 Mansfield Rev. Dr. Wiles Charles M. Downs
Grocer on Wayne St.
Lydia E. Schmutzler
d/o Margaret
208 Wayne St., Mansfield
" License n/a n/a Frank A. Keister Lettie A. Keister -
" License n/a n/a Charles M. Downs Lydia E. Schmutzler -
" License n/a n/a John G. Kielhoefer Elizabeth Heiser -
" License n/a n/a Ora S. Dysart Ethel McLane -
" 9/1/1897 Mansfield Rev. F. Buesser John G. Kielhoefer Elizabeth Heiser -
9/10/1897 9/2/1897 Shelby n/a Emerson A. Laser Bertha Farrington -
" 9/8/1897 Lutheran parsonage
Rev. H.L. Wiles, DD W.D. Sigler Fannie Daubenspeck -
" 9/9/1897 Park Hotel Rev. Dr. Wiles Newell Price
Elizabeth Kath
" 9/8/1897 groom's sister's home
Galion, OH
Rev. I.L. Oakes G.C. Sigler
Richland Co.
Jennie Heselton
Richland Co.
" 9/16/1897 Nettie Frazier home
Upper Sandusky, OH
n/a Ira Sterner Nettie Frazier
sis/o Mrs. Alice McBride
" License n/a n/a David Shriver Grace M. Barnes -
" License n/a n/a Francy Stevenson Lizzie Smith -
" License n/a n/a Lincoln C. Moore Lauretta T. Davis -
" License n/a n/a W.D. Sigler Fannie Daubenspeck -
" License n/a n/a G.C. Sigler Jessie Heselton -
" License n/a n/a John J. Beelman Edith M. Buck -
" License n/a n/a Charles A. Weddell Ida Bridges -
" License n/a n/a Charles C. Allen Carrie Ashley -
" License n/a n/a Theodore Walker Zona Steel -
9/14/1897 9/8/1897 n/a n/a Theodore Walker
Zona Steele
d/o Edwin Steele
south of Bellville
" 9/9/1897 n/a n/a Curt Willis
Jennie Mozier
near Shiloh
" 9/9/1897 Plymouth n/a Charles Allen
____ Ashley
" License n/a n/a Curt Willis Ida J. Moser -
" License n/a n/a Newell Price Elizabeth Koch -
" License n/a n/a E.S. Balyeat Alverda Balliett -
" License n/a n/a John R. Rickets Zolo Richey -
" License n/a n/a Charles Bessore Alice Zedicker -
" License n/a n/a James P. Robinson Margaret Reynolds -
" 9/2/1897 Mansfield Rev. R.H. Edmonds Ora S. Dysart Effie McLeane -
" 9/9/1897 bride's home
116 S. Hedges St.
Rev. Frank G. McFarland Edwin Balyeat
Mattress works
Alverda Balliet -
9/17/1897 9/14/1897 Mansfield n/a Jeff Sonnanstine
s/o City Clerk Sonnanstine
Fannie Virol
" 9/14/1897 Marietta, OH n/a Rev. Johnson ____ ____ -
" 9/14/1897 Rev. J.E. Lynn home
158 W. 4th. St., Mansfield
Rev. J.E. Lynn Jeff A. Sonnanstine
Fannie E. Voirol
" License n/a n/a J.A. Sonnanstine Fannie E. Voirol -
" License n/a n/a Minor H. Gleason Mina E. Greer -
9/21/1897 License n/a n/a J.B. Piper Catharine Miller -
" License n/a n/a Elmer T. Kitzmiller Delia Hewlett -
9/24/1897 9/22/1897 Mansfield Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles Thomas Gleason
formerly of Mansfield
Mina Greer
" 9/20/1897 Ashland, OH Rev. W.F. England David S. Sampsell Edith S__ckler
Teacher at Salem, OH
" License n/a n/a John Rebman Myrtle E. Sturgeon -
" License n/a n/a David Moser Lizzie Carr -
" License n/a n/a W.B. Alexander Charlotte Willey -
" License n/a n/a J.W. Craig Lulu Pittman -
9/28/1897 License n/a n/a Cyrus Litt Jane Warner -
" License n/a n/a George McDonald Lizzie Kissle -
" License n/a n/a George Stewart Cora E. Davis -
" License n/a n/a M.J. Agnew Emma L. Follin -
" License n/a n/a Harlan Henry Anna L. Collins -
10/1/1897 9/25/1897 Mansfield Dr. H.L. Wiles George Stewart
Flora Davis
" 9/28/1897 n/a n/a ____ Smith Della Thrush -
" n/a n/a n/a ____ Agnew
Knox Co., OH
Emma Follin
Richland Co.
" 9/28/1897 Anna Nicholson home
23 Woodlawn Ave.
Rev. Dr. W.A. Broadhurst
of Presbyterian Ch.
Orwell S. Riddle
Editor, Daily Shield
s/o W.P. Riddle (Ashland)
Henrietta Nicholson
d/o Anna Nicholson
" 9/30/1897 C.J. List home
Park Ave. East
Rev. F.A. Gould J.E. Young Caroline R. List
d/o C.J.
" 9/28/1897 bride's home
Rev. T.H. Scott
of Zanesville, OH
Rev. W.O. Scott
s/o Rev. T.H. Scott
Rilla Craig
" 9/27/1897 n/a Justice J.R. Richardson C.J. Greenfelder
Galion, OH
Mrs. Liza Andress
" 9/29/1897 Loudonville, OH n/a Joseph Stevens
T.W.V.&O. fireman
Dora McGuire -
" 9/29/1897 Mansfield n/a Fred Wendland Emma Siddons -
" 9/29/1897 Christian Ch. parsonage
Rev. J.E. Lynn J.C. Rogers
Troy, OH
Mrs. Nimrah Helmick
Covington, ??
" License n/a n/a W.O. Scott Rilla Craig -
" License n/a n/a C.J. Greenfelder Liza Andress -
" License n/a n/a Ray Truex Regina Greer -
" License n/a n/a C.J. Ross Bertha M. Kirkpatrick -
" License n/a n/a J.C. Rogers Ninvah U. Helmick -
" License n/a n/a Fred Wentland Emma Siddons -
" License n/a n/a L.A. Thompson Caroline Frank -
" License n/a n/a J.E. Young Caroline R. List -
10/5/1897 10/3/1897 Mr. & Mrs. Knox home
Highland Ave., Mansfield
Rev. Frank G. McFarlan William D. Sweet
Anna S. Cole -
10/8/1897 10/5/1897 Stephen Coe home
(grandparents of bride)
Rev. O.C. Kramer
of Perrysville, OH
Ezra Darling Ethel Davis 8
" 9/30/1897 Hugh Kirkpatrick home
west of Butler
Rev. Workman C.J. Ross
Cando, ND
Bertha Kirkpatrick -
" 10/5/1897 Samuel May home
'Squire Green Winnie DeWitt Francis Humphrey -
" 10/4/1897 Baptist parsonage
W. 2nd. St., Mansfield
Rev. Frank G. McFarlan Thomas Newman Kittie Nelson -
" 10/6/1897 parsonage Rev. D.J. Meese Walter Jesson Bertha Etz -
" 10/6/1897 n/a Rev. H.L. Wiles Frank hess Emma Koch -
" License n/a n/a William D. Sweet Anna S. Cole -
" License n/a n/a John Dent Lulu McKittrick -
" License n/a n/a Thomas Newman Kitty Nelson -
" License n/a n/a Howard W. DeWitt Francis Humphry -
" License n/a n/a George B. Wilt Anna I. Michener -
" License n/a n/a Ezra Darling Ethel Davis -
" License n/a n/a Horace M. Cook Cora M. Jacques -
" License n/a n/a Allen Ball Mary E. Koogle -
" License n/a n/a Lloyd M. Mi__er Orpha R. Morris -
" License n/a n/a Glenn W. Paxton Hattie M. Walker -
" License n/a n/a James Castor Celia Loback -
" License n/a n/a Frank Hess Emma Koch -
" License n/a n/a Frank C. Whitcomb Geogna Hill [sic.] -
" 10/7/1897 St. Joseph's church
Cleveland, OH
Rev. Theodore Arentz Arthur P. Vennum
formerly with the News
Barbara Ehlinger
Cleveland, OH
" 10/6/1897 n/a Rev. F. Buesser James Castor Celia Loback -
10/12/1897 10/6/1897 Mansfield n/a James Castor Celia Lobach
d/o Capt. Lobach
south of Bellville
" 10/6/1897 n/a n/a Glen Paxton Hattie M. Walker
d/o Foster Walker
" 10/6/1897 B.F. Morris home
near Shenandoah
Elder C.S. Cliffe Lloyd H. Miller Orpha Morris
d/o B.F. Morris
" License n/a n/a Simon Shafer Mary Gipe -
" License n/a n/a Walter R. Jesson Bertha Etz -
" 9/28/1897 bride's home
130 Fayette St.
Allegheny Co., PA
Rev. Dr. McGill John F. Gant
Pittsburg, PA
Nettie Barr
formerly of Mansfield
10/15/1897 10/13/1897 n/a n/a John A. O'Neil
Mary Kimmer
" 10/12/1897 Roger Heath home
Rev. Torbet J.P. Gilligan
Constance Heath
d/o Roger Heath
" 10/6/1897 bride's parent's home
n/a Howard Cook Cora Jacques -
" 10/14/1897 Darlington n/a William McFerrn [sic.] Myrtle Murphy
" 10/10/1897 F.M. Hammet home
east of Mansfield
Rev. J.E. Lynn Wilbert Gatton Alma Hammet -
" 10/12/1897 n/a n/a Walter Newton Southworth Edna Murray Damsel
Evanston, IL
d/o William H. Damsel
" License n/a n/a Wilbert Gatton Alma L. Hammett -
" License n/a n/a J.P. Gilligan Constance Heath -
" License n/a n/a J.A. O'Neil / O'Niel Mary Kemmler -
" License n/a n/a Wesley Baker Ines Russell -
" License n/a n/a Albert Mull Susie Hunt -
" License n/a n/a Peter Keinath Addie B. Lybarger -
10/19/1897 10/14/1897 bride's home
St. Mary's, OH
Rev. W.W. Criley, D.D.
Wooter, OH
uncle of the bride
Moses B. Haletine
Prescott, AZ
Anna M. Criley
d/o Dr. J.M. Criley
formerly of Mansfield
" 10/14/1897 Baptist parsonage Rev. Frank G. McFarlan Franklin P. Fox
Laura B. Laser
" License n/a n/a Franklin P. Fox Laura B. Laser -
" License n/a n/a Jacob W. Niman Elizabeth E. Royce -
10/22/1897 10/14/1897 Rev. N.H. Loose home Rev. N.H. Loose, DD W.L. Baker
near Ganges
Inez Russell
near Ganges
" 10/14/1897 Rev. N.H. Loose home Rev. N.H. Loose, DD Peter Keinath
near Shiloh
Addie B. Lybarger
near Shiloh
" 10/21/1897 Reid Pugh home
Weller Twp.
n/a Ben Stofer Anna Mary Pugh
d/o Reid Pugh
" n/a n/a n/a W.C. Moffett
Weller Twp.
___ ___
Ashland Co., OH
" License n/a n/a Harry Guyer Libby May -
" License n/a n/a Allen McNaull Nettie Palm -
" License n/a n/a Boyd Fackler Rachel Rhodes -
" License n/a n/a George Hawk Clara Bloom -
" License n/a n/a Lorenza F. Hout Estella F. Boals -
" License n/a n/a Alpha D. Rinehart Nellie M. Muscrosft -
" License n/a n/a B.F. Stofer Anna M. Pugh -
" 10/18/1897 n/a Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles Allen McNaull Nettie Palm
10/26/1897 10/18/18987 Lexington Rev. Dr. Wiles Allen McKnaull Nettie Palm
d/o Frank Palm
" 10/20/1897 David Boals' home
Crider Memorial
Rev. Clark Lorenzo F. Hout Stella Boals
d/o David Boals
" 10/20/1897 n/a Rev. Dr. F.A. Gould Alpha D. Rinehart Nellie Muscroft -
" n/a Elizabeth, NJ n/a William R. Richart
Elizabeth, NJ
formerly of Mansfield
Blanche Barnard
d/o Frederick Barnard
" License n/a n/a J.J. Darling Ella Dolph -
" 10/18/1897 n/a Rev. Dr. F.A. Gould Harry Guyer
Washington, D.C.
Libby May
" 10/20/1897 n/a Rev. Dr. F.A. Gould Alpha D. Rinehart
Nellie Muscroft
" 10/21/1897 n/a Rev. R.H. Edmonds J.J. Darling Mrs. Ella Dolph -
10/29/1897 10/27/1897 bride's parent's home
n/a Will Mumma Lizzie Boyce -
" License n/a n/a George Alton Calkins Jessie Edith DeWitt -
11/2/1897 n/a n/a n/a Charles K. Haverfield
formerly of Epworth
resident of Indianapolis
Ada May Seymour
Spiceland, IN
" n/a Indianapolis, IN n/a Grant Worthing
Galion, OH
Dora Reed
" 11/9/1897 n/a n/a Rev. A.W. Clokey, D.D.
Pastor, Presbyterian Ch., Galion, OH
Maude Campbell -
" License n/a n/a Jacob Guise Martha M. Moss -
" License n/a n/a Louis Wendtlendt Mersella Huffman -
" License n/a n/a N. Benedict Maggie Lamor -
" License n/a n/a William Shew Lamrie Wirt -
" 10/27/1897 Mayflower parsonage
Rev. R.H. Edmonds William Shew
Lanie Wirth
11/5/1897 11/2/1897 Shelby Rev. George Wilson Fred C. Mohr Amy Cline -
" License n/a n/a J.W. Browneller Anna Cairns -
" License n/a n/a Fred C. Mohr Amy B. Cline -
" License n/a n/a W.M. Shaffner Oille Gray -
" License n/a n/a Marion Stoffer Amelia Simmons -
" 11/3/1897 Presbyterian parsonage
Rev. D.J. Meese W.M. Shaffner Ollie Gray -
11/9/1897 11/4/1897 Mansfield Rev. George H. Reen
St. Luke's Luth. Ch.
Frank Burkhart
Hattie Remy
" 11/25/1897 Kansas City, KS n/a Frank B. Collins
Kansas City, KS
Harriet E. Hull
d/o Theodore H. Hull
Flint St., Mansfield
formerly of Kansas City, KS
" License n/a n/a Frank Burkhardt Hattie Remy -
" License n/a n/a William Swihart Effie Stahl -
" License n/a n/a W.C. Loyd Mary Halverstadt -
" License n/a n/a H.A. Klussman Elda Rice -
11/12/1897 License n/a n/a T.R. Davidson Bertha Samsel -
" License n/a n/a William J. Frederick Mary Mace Porter -
" License n/a n/a S.A. Shisler Mary Clever -
" License n/a n/a James Major Rhuie Faulkner -
" License n/a n/a C.A. Bieber Mary Thrush -
" 11/11/1897 Mansfield Rev. D.J. Meese Charles Lewis
(champion cyclist)
s/o Henry M. Lewis
Tillie Watkins
d/o John Watkins
" 11/11/1897 'Squire Richardson's office
'Squire Richardson Charles W. Messersmith
Omaha, NE
Anna M. Benny
11/16/1897 n/a n/a n/a William J. Frederick
Mary Paxton
formerly of Lexington
" n/a bride's parent's home
west of Shelby
Rev. John Wilson James Major Rhuie Faulkner -
" License n/a n/a Atwood Barr Flora Oberlin -
" License n/a n/a Charles Lewis Matilda A. Watkins -
" License n/a n/a Charles W. Messersmith Annie M. Benny -
" License n/a n/a Simon P. Shatzer Caroline Hill -
" License n/a n/a William J. Miller Anna Patton -
11/19/1897 11/14/1897 Shelby Rev. E.M. Counsellor Simon P. Shatzer Mrs. Caroline Hill -
" 11/11/1897 Charles Au home
Rev. Shisler
of Woodbury, OH
Atwood Bently Barr Flora Oberlin -
" 11/17/1897 bride's home
W. 2nd. St., Mansfield
Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles Alonzo Keith
Anna Bennighoff
" 11/17/1897 First Lutheran parsonage
Dr. Wiles Thomas H. Pollock
Augusta Fisher
" 11/17/1897 Probate Court
Mayor J.P. Henry Carlton Cross Garnhart
Cora I. Wright
" 11/17/1897 Butler Rev. Mittersbaugh
(Methodist minister)
William J. Frederick, 58
Garrett, IN
Marie May Paxton, 24
formerly of Darlington
d/o Mrs. Shafer
" License n/a n/a Carlton Cross Garnhart Cora L. Wright -
" License n/a n/a Thomas H. Pollock Augusta Fisher -
" License n/a n/a D.H. Morgan Cordelia M. Houston -
" License n/a n/a Isaac J. Austen Nora Stoafer [sic.] -
11/23/1897 11/17/1897 E.R. Houston home
near Olivesburg
Rev. Frank A. Fry
Doylestown, OH
(uncle of bride)
Dr. D.H. Morgan
Smithville, OH
formerly of Chicago
Cordilia Houston
near Olivesburg
d/o E.R. Houston
" License n/a n/a C.O. Harris Laura E. Rhodes -
" License n/a n/a J.D. Pisel Cora A. Walker -
11/30/1897 11/25/1897 Bellville Rev. J.N. Barnett
Lutheran church
Fred Bollinger Grace Mowry -
" 11/24/1897 bride's home Rev. Badgely
of Galion, OH
Wesley P. Smith
Bellefontaine, OH
Lila S. Arter
Sandusky Twp.
" License n/a n/a Wesley P. Smith Lila S. Arter -
" License n/a n/a Frederick Schwab Caroline Zeautezwitz -
" License n/a n/a D.O. Barr Minnie E. Hoopes -
" License n/a n/a John N. Ferguson Anna Eckheld -
" License n/a n/a William D. McGinty Lizze E. Nunmaker -
" License n/a n/a E.W. Robison Anna Burger -
" License n/a n/a L.A. Craighead Laura A. Dimmick -
" License n/a n/a Fred V. Bollinger Grace E. Mowry -
" License n/a n/a W.M. Wilson Lettie L. Swearingen -
" 11/24/1897 Mansfield Rev. George H. Reen William L. McGinty Lizzie Nunmaker
d/o John Nunmaker
" 11/24/1897 William Ferguson home
Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles John W. Ferguson
Anna Eckhold
Akron, OH
" 11/25/1897 First English Luth. parsonage
Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles L.A. Craighead
Spring Mill
Laura A. Dimmick
11/26/1897 First English Luth. parsonage
Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles Walter M. Wilson
employed at Butler Cyclone office
Lydia "Rettie" Swearingen
12/3/1897 11/30/1897 bride's home
near Blachleyville, Wayne, OH
n/a George Piper
Ritta E. Morris -
" Thanksgiving
Summit St. M.E. Church
Kansas City
Rev. W.C. Coleman Frank B. Collins
Kansas City
Hattie E. Hull
" License n/a n/a M.B. smith Clara M. Doran -
" 12/1/1897 First English Luth. parsonage
Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles Charles S. Cole
Ula Watkins -
12/7/1897 12/1/1897 First English Luth. parsonage
Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles M.B. Smith Clara M. Doran -
" 12/2/1897 First English Luth. parsonage
Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles Cary Noble Estella McCormick
" License n/a n/a Frederick Longsdorf Belle Castner -
" License n/a n/a Perry Noble Estella McCormick -
" License n/a n/a Alva L. Joliff Mattie White -
12/14/1897 n/a - - Ross McDaniel Emma Sillman
Palmyra, OH
" 12/5/1897 Mansfield Rev. F.A. Gould, D.D. Alva Joliff
Mattie White
" 12/6/1897 H.L. Creveling home
143 N. Mulberry St.
n/a James McComb
Lydia Johnson
" 12/8/1897 n/a Rev. Fairfield P.P. Marsh
Middletown, OH
Elizabeth Reed
d/o N.K. Reed
W. 2nd. St., Mansfield
" License n/a n/a Ephraim Bull Catherine Metcalf -
12/17/1897 12/9/1897 bride's parent's home
North Liberty, OH
Rev. Huntsberger Lamont N. Cook Ida Wallace -
" License n/a n/a Henry Saviers E.A. Anderson -
" n/a Covington, KY n/a Berry B. Dickey, 20
Covington, KY
s/o Judge Jabez Dickey
formerly of Mansfield
Lena Wieland, 22
Mt. Gilead, Morrow, OH
12/21/1897 12/14/1897 Congregational parsonage
Rev. Thompson James C. Johnson
Harrisburg, PA
Foreman, Pennsylvania Comp.
shops @ Harrisburg, PA
Mrs. Addia Slusser
Harrisburg, PA
sis/o Mrs. Samuel Dise
" 12/23/1897 bride's parent's home
n/a Ross McDaniel Emma Eilliman -
" 12/15/1897 n/a Rev. J.E. Lynn Henry Saviers
E.R. Anderson
" 12/29/1897 First Methodist Church
Champaign, IL
n/a Prof. James Wesley Scott
Loudonville Public Schools
Evelyn Berkley
d/o David Berkley
Champaign, IL
" License n/a n/a L.V. Ebersole Ida M. Gutshall -
" License n/a n/a J.N. Culbertson Mary Imhoff -
" License n/a n/a John Feightner Effie J. Fisher -
" License n/a n/a Samuel J. Miller Nellie Newcomer -
" 12/19/1897 n/a Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles John H. Feightner
Effie J. Fisher
12/24/1897 12/22/1897 Peter Odson home
N. Diamond St.
Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles Willard F. Metcalf
Lucy Reed
" 12/22/1897 Lutheran parsonage
Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles William Adams Sadie A. Antrican -
" 12/22/1897 Lutheran parsonage
Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles Burns J. Epley Minnie O.L. Downs -
" License n/a n/a Eli Heckert Clara Roethlisberger -
" License n/a n/a Charles C. Gates Sadie C. Tooker -
" License n/a n/a Frank Garverick Ida A. Garber -
" License n/a n/a A.M. Jones Linda Shutle -
" License n/a n/a S.D. Hoover Alma V. Hour -
" License n/a n/a Roy S. Hubbs Pearl Hitchman -
" License n/a n/a Willard Metcalf Lucy Reed -
" License n/a n/a William Adams Sadie A. Antrican -
" License n/a n/a Burns J. Epley Minnie O.L. Downs -
" License n/a n/a Charles Spade Lillie Garrett -
" License n/a n/a William F. Ridenour Mary E. Snider -
12/28/1897 12/23/1897 James Silliman home
Rev. S.E. Wrentmore Ross McDaniel Emma Silliman
d/o James Silliman
" 12/23/1897 Henry Cotter home
271 E. First St.
Rev. F.A. Gould
of the M.E. Church
John Shively
Florence Cotter
d/o Henry Cotter
" 12/22/1897 bride's home
near Mansfield
Rev. William Clarke
of United Brethren Ch.
S.D. Hoover Alva V. Hout 17
" License n/a n/a Elmer Parish Zenia Tongue -
" License n/a n/a John Shively Florence Cotter -
" License n/a n/a Ellis A. Hisely Hattie Nell -
" License n/a n/a Orlen S. Dent Gussie E. Hartupee -
" License n/a n/a Samuel S. Secrist Lavina M. Riblet -
12/31/1897 12/24/1897 Newville Rev. Sears Charles Spade Mutersbaugh Lillie Garret 16
" 12/25/1897 Jesse W. Riblet home
near Hastings
Rev. Fitterer Samuel S. Secrist Lavirna M. "Vernie" Riblet
d/o Jesse W. Riblet
" 12/30/1897 M.E. parsonage
Rev. Joseph Mottershead Dr. R.S. Hubbs Pearl Hitchman
d/o Albert Hitchman
" 12/25/1897 Mansfield - Orlie Dent Gussie Hartupee -
" 12/28/1897 First Presb. Ch. parsonage
Rev. D.J. Meese John A. Vanderbilt Parmelia M. Logan -
" 12/27/1897 First English Luth. Ch. parsonage
Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles George F. Frontz
Perrysville, OH
Elner Griffith
near Mansfield
" 1/1/1898 Grace Episcopal Church
Rev. A.W. Mann John Sutter
"deaf mute"
Stella France
"deaf mute"
" 12/29/1897
6:30 p.m.
First English Luth. parsonage
Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles John Ritchey
Crish Shambaugh
" 12/29/1897
7:00 p.m.
First English Luth. parsonage
Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles Fred Maurer
Marie Miller
" 12/29/1897
8:00 p.m.
First English Luth. parsonage
Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles Albert W. Rambo
Annie M. Remy
" 12/29/1897
Mansfield Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles Franklin D. Mowry
Grace A. Moser
" License n/a n/a Nathaniel McComas Mandy Riley -
" License n/a n/a Henry H. Zent Mallie Burke -
" License n/a n/a John A. Vanderbelt [sic.] Mahala Logan -
" License n/a n/a George Frontz Elner Griffith -
" License n/a n/a Jesse Kuhn Maggie A. Ulrich -
" License n/a n/a G.H. Morton Louisa Hetler -
" License n/a n/a Paul Johns Elizabeth Riling -
" License n/a n/a Franklin C. Mowry Grace A. Moser -
" License n/a n/a John Ritchey Crish Shambaugh -
" License n/a n/a Fred Maurer Marie Miller -
" License n/a n/a Harry T. Manner Essie Miller -
" License n/a n/a G.W. Schroeder Tillie Weynmeller -
" License n/a n/a Albert M. Rambo Anna M. Remy -

* * NOTES * *

1.  Mr. Wallace, the groom, is at present in the employ of the Long Distance Telephone Company.  The newly married couple will go to New York immediately after the ceremony.  Mr. Wallace has a brother in business in Australia, and it is possible that after a time, Mr. & Mrs. Wallace will remove to Australia.

2.  Mr. & Mrs. A.H. Alderman left for their future home, at Sydney.

3.  Mr. & Mrs. Frank Hafley will reside at Cleveland, OH.

4.  Mr. & Mrs. Schroer will reside on West Fourth St., Mansfield

5.  As reprinted from the New Castle (PA) Courant-Guardian, 26 July 1897

6.  The young couple will reside at Tiffin, Seneca, OH

7.  Brother of the groom is N.V. Riddle, of Berea, OH;  sister of the groom is Mrs. Plank, of Ashland

8.  Mr. & Mrs. Ezra Darling will go to Spokane, Washington where they will engage in educational work.

9.  Mr. & Mrs. John A. O'Neil will reside on Oak St. in Shelby.

10.  Mr. William H. Damsel (father of the bride) was formerly with the Adams Express Company in Mansfield. 

11.  John Watkins was the foreman of the Baxter Stove Company.  Henry M. Lewis works for the Eclipse Stove Co.

12.  The marriage was originally planned for 11/9/1897.

13.  John Nunmaker was the former County Auditor

14.  Butler.  To judge from the language of extracts from the Garrett, Ind., Herald, William J. Frederick, who cut quite a caper in this place by marrying Miss Maria Paxton against her will some time ago, is not held in the highest veneration there.  It is claimed that his wealth is all a myth, and he has another wife living, who was driving from home by his cruelty, which fact allowed her a divorce.  [Semi-Weekly News:  10 December 1897, Vol. 13, No. 99]

15.  There are three announcements of this marriage.  One in the "Pavonia" section, one in the general news section and the third in the Brief News Notes section.

16.  "This is the couple who were to have been married in public on July 3, but parental objections necessitated the exhibition being declared off.  Charles lost the marriage license, but was given another one."

17.  An additional notice of this marriage appears in the Mifflin column of the 31 December 1897 edition.

18.  A second notice of this marriage appeared in the Hastings column of the 31 December 1897 edition.

19.  The ceremony will be officiated in sign language.

Abstracted by Amy E. Armstrong, Monday, December 22, 2008

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