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Military Records:  Spanish-American War

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Officers & Men of Company M, Ohio National Guard

Spanish-American War


Semi-Weekly News (Mansfield):  29 April 1898, Vol. 14, No. 37


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(individual pictures available for those whose names are underlined)

Left for service on April 26, 1898

Captain -- Fred S. Marquis

First Lieutenant -- C.H. Hughes

Second Lieutenant -- W.S. Bradford

First Sergeant -- John B. Huggins

Sergeants -- J.G. Alvord, Peter V. Hine, Jesse A. Starrett, John B. Gailey

Corporals -- Rufus King, Theodore Bride, C.C. Beelman, John W. Gandert, W.T. Frankeberger, R.C. Porch, Thomas Bell


Fred Byrd Jud Livermore
Jeff Bloom R.B. Lowrey
Harry Bride A. Longsdorf
William A. Culp Albert Massa
C.E. Chatlain William McKay
William Colesworthy Joe McGuire
Frank Craig Harry McFarland
George W. Coleman J.W. McFerren
F. Carrick Frank Maines
Charles Day Arthur Nichols
Harry Daugherty * Frank Overhalt
A.D. Etzwiler Elda Phipps
E.L. Eckis Harry Race
Elmer Fisher William Reed
Guy Hiltabiddle Ed J. Sawhill
William Hartman D.W. Spitler
Harry Hoyer Charles Shay
Charles Hall Joe Seymour
Alfred Harrington B.C. Summerville
George Hainer Warner Shade
Wade Harbaugh Lawrence Stull
H.B. Hull Perry E. Smith
Charles H. Huston David Trease
Thomas Hastings William Wolf
Charles Irwin J.W. Warner
Charles R. Johnson A.M. Wilcox
W.C. Johnson George E. Winters
August Kraska Charles Young
Pat Kanary Anson Smith
George Kessler Charles Gates
William Karg Frank Beverstock *
J.C. Lamberton F.E. Connelly **

* Frank Beverstock was from Lexington, as was Harry Daugherty - who was born and raised in Lexington.  [source:  Semi-Weekly News (Mansfield):  03 May 1898, Vol. 14, No. 38]

** F.E. Connelly of Shelby, was originally not a part of the company because it was overcrowded, but was contacted in May (1898) by the captain, and told to report to Camp Bushnell in Columbus.  [source:  Semi-Weekly News (Mansfield):  06 May 1898, Vol. 14, No. 39]

Company M Boys at Camp Bushnell

The following additional information was reported in the June 17, 1898 issue of the Semi-Weekly News (Mansfield).

In June 13, 1898, several additional recruits were examined by Dr. Foster, of Mansfield, and 19 additional men headed off to join Company M, they were:

Andrew Webber John J. Warner Thomas E. Taylor Charles S. Tucker
Arthur Monaster Urich Roethlisberger Joseph H. Mackley Ira E. Post
Samuel F. Moffett John T. Simon Arthur Knapp William C. Donnan
Samuel Shrader William H. Beam Conrad Neubert Pat A. Hogan
Amos G. Simpson Norman R. Snyder Richard H. Rickets xxxxxxxxxxx

Capt. Marquis continued examining recruits on June 15th., and an additional five recruits were selected, they were:

Andrew Heidinger V.E. Bruce Edward Winters
Ralph Myers David Moser xxxx

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