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Reunion of the 1st. Ohio Independent Battery, 1896


RICHLAND SHIELD & BANNER:  10 October 1896, Vol. LXXIX, No. 22


Submitted by Amy


First Ohio Independent Battery is holding its first annual reunion in this city, Oct. 7.  About twenty-five of the members of the company are in attendance and are thoroughly enjoying themselves.  The reunion was held in G.A.R. hall in the Memorial Building, and the wives and daughters of the veterans prepared a thoroughly enjoyable dinner, which was discussed at the noon hour.  There was no regular program, handshaking, talking over old reminiscences, and enjoyed themselves in an informal manner.  The battery was recruited in this city and the members were mostly residents here.

This battery was mustered into service Aug. 6, 1861, at Camp Chase, O., by Howard Stansberry, United States Army, mustering officers to serve three years.  On the expiration of its term of service, the original members, except veterans, were mustered out, and the organization composed of veterans and recruits were retained in service until June 26, 1865, when it was mustered out at Columbus by H. Latimer Beck, first lieutenant 13th. Infantry, United States Army.

The list of battles in which this battery bore an honorable part is not yet recorded but is as follows as far as could be learned:  Carniflex Ferry, W.Va., Sept. 10, 1861;  South Mountain, Md., Sept. 14, 1862;  Antietam, Md., Sept. 17, 1862;  Lexington, Va., June 11, 1864;  Stevenson's Depot, Va., July 20, 1864;  Winchester, Va., July 24, 1864.

James R. McMillin and George P. Kirtland served as captains of the company;  George L. Crome, Robert C. Smith, Isaac C. Fair, C.H. Fee, Dennis J. Ryan, as first lieutenants;  George R. McClung, John R. Hooker, John M. McCleary, as second lieutenants;  David Hullston, John Stout, William McBride and William T. Moreton, as first sergeants;  Frank Seaman and W.F. Barkley as quartermaster sergeants;  John C. Bracken, Jacob Litler, Isaac C. Melliger, Edward E. Nash, Henry Snider, H.D. Morris, Mark Fitzwater, A.K. Price, Henry Beistline, Frederick Kirtland, and Eli Crouse as sergeants;  Ethan Bliss, Alvin Casebeer, John D. Chance, J.D. Grayson, Oliver Guthrie, B.D. Harrison, W.H. Hicks, Lewis Johnson, William Johnson, Levi Kestler, Charles Mountain, John Moser, A.F. Nail, C.L. Norris, W.J. Purdy, Thomas Reed, Bascom Reynolds, W.H. Rhoades, Jesse Rodgers and Frederick Smawley as corporals.

The following were in attendance:  J.H. Fee of Adrian, Mich.;  M.A. Ricksicker of Galion;  H. Beistline of Shelby;  Eli Crouse of Mansfield;  Andrew Mount of Shiloh;  George Burgoyne of Mt. Gilead;  H.S. Rose of Shiloh;  John Serringer of Plymouth;  Oliver Guthrie of Shiloh;  J.K. Cumberworth of Shiloh;  A.K. Meyers of Mansfield;  John Thompson of Mansfield;  H.E. Aumend of Plymouth;  A.F. Nail of Mansfield;  Backus Ruckhan of Plymouth;  William Davis of Ashland;  H.N. Snyder, John R. Hooker, Charles Mountain, all of Mansfield;  W.J. Purdy of Winchester, Ind.;  G.W. Hofman of Plymouth;  Robert Patterson of Mansfield.

At the election of officers in the afternoon, the officers of the past year were re-elected and the battery will meet here again next year.

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