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Lexington Freight Car Robbers Arraigned

source:  Richland Shield & Banner:  27 June 1891, Vol. LXXIV, No. 6




This morning the following prisoners were arraigned in Common Pleas Court to plead to the indictments found against them by the recent special grand jury as follows:

FRED DRUMMUND, burglary and attempted burglary on the house of Samuel Rank, of this city, on the night of June 15th.

JOHN SPOOLMAN, burglary and larceny in entering a B.&O. freight car at Lexington about June 1st., 1890, and stealing a case of shoes valued at $48, a box of soap valued at $10 and a box of soap valued at $5, making $63 in all.

BURTON HIVELY and JOHN SPOOLMAN, charged with stealing from a B.&O. freight car at Lexington, twelve hides valued at $48.

ELMER HIVELY and JOHN CUNNINGHAM, stealing from a B.&O. freight car at Lexington, eight sixteen-pound cans and twenty-four four-pound cans of canned meat valued at $28.

GEORGE CUNNINGHAM and ELMER HIVELY for stealing a quarter of beef and one box of boneless ham from a B.&O. freight car at Lexington.

JAMES CUNNINGHAM and another, charged with stealing from cars at same place three 140-pound sacks of flour valued at $6.

BURTON HIVELY and JOHN CUNNINGHAM charged with stealing, on the 15th. of March, 1891, from a B.&O. freight car at Lexington, one barrel of whisky valued at $60.

ELMER and BURTON HIVELY and JOHN SPOOLMAN, for stealing one lot of butter in firkins, valued at $25.

JOHN SPOOLMAN charged with having on the 10th. of March, 1890, received and concealed, one barrel of stolen whisky valued at $80.

The reading of the remainder of the indictments was waived by N.M. Wolfe, attorney for the defendants, who asked that the record show that they pleaded not guilty.  The were as follows:

GEO. CUNNINGHAM, stealing six sacks of flour and 60 bars of soap, value, $15.

ELMER HIVELY, stealing 16 hams, valued at $20, and a lot of hosiery of considerable value.

BURTON HIVELY, JAMES CUNNINGHAM and JOHN SPOOLMAN, stealing one bucket of lard, value $3.

BURTON HIVELY, charged with stealing one barrel of whisky from a B.&O. box car on March 10th., 1890.

All the above defendants, after pleading not guilty, stated that they were unable to pay an attorney, except SPOOLMAN, who had already retained N.M. Wolfe, and the latter was appointed by the court to defend them all.

HENRY SPOHN, who pleaded guilty when first arraigned in Justice Smith's court, then pleaded guilty to the following counts of the indictments against him:  stealing butter, valued at $25, on June 1st., 1890;  hosiery, valued at $20, Nov. 19, 1890, and 6 sacks of flour, worth $9, on Feb. 1st., 1891.

The trials were then assigned for hearing in the above order on June 29th., after which Sheriff Tressel conducted the prisoners back to jail.

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