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Marie Ackerman Adoption, 1897

source:  Semi-Weekly News:  23 March 1897, Vol. 13, No. 24



In the Richland County probate court Henry Ackerman and wife adopted Marie Ackerman, the five-year-old daughter of their son, Edward Ackerman.  Mrs. Ed Ackerman died some time ago in Cleveland.  A Cleveland attorney, W.A. Babcock and wife adopted the Ackerman child through an application to the Human Society of that place.  Mr. & Mrs. Babcock sought to hold the child but Henry Ackerman of this city did not purpose that they should have it.

Accordingly he began legal proceeding yesterday to secure it.  By his attorneys, Jenner, Jenner & Weldon, he applied to Judge Duncan in common pleas court and a writ was issued by the court instructing Sheriff Boals to bring the child here from Cleveland. 

Sheriff Boals went to Cleveland and had all kinds of troubles before he finally secured the little girl.  Babcock at first refused to give up the child, stating that the order of the Richland County court was not legal.   In an encounter Sheriff Boals threw Babcock over a table.  The latter asked Boals to go before Judge Dickey, the intention being to leave the child behind, but the sheriff was one too many for Babcock and insisted that the child be taken right along.  Then the Babcocks wanted to dress the child in another room, but this was also objected to.  Finally after much controversy Sheriff Boals got the child to the depot and brought it here.  The little girl is now in the care of the sheriff's family at the county jail awaiting the final order of the court.

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