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Farmers of Weller Township Unite

source:  Semi-Weekly News: 10 August 1897, Vol. 13, No. 64

An organization known as the Farmers' Mutual Protection association has been formed in Weller township, the object of which is to prohibit promiscuous hunting of game, nuts, berries, etc., with which the residents of the township have been much annoyed.  The association is well regulated and has at present a roll of nearly 50 members, to which it is expected 50 more will be added within a few weeks.  A general fund has been provided to meet any expenses of prosecuting trespassers upon the premises of the members.  The following is a list of the members up to July 15:

George Ferguson J.C. Horn Joseph Fisher Jesse Martin
George Robinson Harry Freer George H. Hughes C.C. Ward
C.W. Robinson A.L. Pittenger A. Ferguson William Reding
Milton Reding Charles Pifer J.F. Pittenger J.E. Osbun
Clem Zeitler J.P. Groff J.W. Clingan J.T. Oswalt, Jr.
E.R. Pugh S.H. Harnly S.E. Burns Reid Weis
Adam Grimes R.C. Grimes D.C. Stewart James M. Grimes
A. Hetler Freeman Osbun Samuel Pugh Park Osbun
William Steigerwald A.H. Clingan O.R. Ferguson E.A. Clingan
H.H. Stoffer H.O. Pittenger W.G. Hughes Ed Wallace
Andrew Oswalt William Linn C.M. Hughes J.A. Rutan
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