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Where They Are:  Former Mansfielders Who Are Now Residing In Other Localities

source:  (Mansfield) Semi-Weekly News


Semi-Weekly News:  23 February 1897, Vol. 13, No. 16

Frank Weidner, who learned the barber trade with Ahlheim & Beck Bros., has a barber shop of his own at Dungan, Cal.

Charles Miller, son of William H. Miller, and formerly a student of the Mansfield public schools, studied law with H.W. Ritchie at Minneapolis, Minn., and is now practicing law at that place.

John Ginter is engages in the plumbing business in Cleveland.

Burt Geddes is a clerk in a railroad freight office at Denver, Col.

George Drackert is located in San Francisco, Cal.

Joseph Scholl is engaged in the drug business in Toledo.

W.F. Irwin is passenger and ticket agent for the Pennsylvania railroad company at Canton.

Homer S. Bare, formerly agent for the Union News company, is assistant ticket agent for the P.F.W .& C. railroad at Canton.

A.A. Schantz is general passenger agent for the Detroit & Cleveland Navigation Co., at Detroit, Mich.

Will Fitch is in Washington, D.C., working on a newspaper.

Louis Hine is now traveling through the eastern states and makes his headquarters in Cleveland.

Charles Rogers is an employee of a large clothing store in Washington City.

Charles Gates is a resident of Washington, D.C., and is employed in the National Bureau of Printing and Engraving.

Charles Hartenfels is freight agent for a railroad at Ft. Wayne, Ind.

Charles Gongwer is on the reportorial staff of the Cleveland World.

Roma Koppes is in Cleveland on the Cleveland Leader.

M.N. Mix, formerly city editor of the News, is in New York with the World.

A.E. Heiss formerly of this city, is the Washington correspondent of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

John Hwosdowich is in Muncie, Ind. 

Jacob Arting is in Chicago working in the Palmer House barber shop.

Jacob and William Koerper are working at the barber trade in New York City.

Howard Black, formerly Union news agent at the union depot, is in San Francisco, Cal.

Will and Fred Hunter are living at Los Angeles, Cal.

John Emminger is working at Lima.

Semi-Weekly News:  02 March 1897, Vol. 13, No. 18

Arthur Chapman sold his laundry on Walnut Street in 1892 and went west.  He is now the proprietor of the New Method Steam Laundry at Elwood, Ind.

Orrin Bradford is in the state insurance commissioner's office at Columbus.

Ernest Buechler, after leaving here, was for a time an operator in the Western Union Telegraph office at Akron, but he is now in the office of the same company at Cleveland.

Allan Martin for a time conducted a ticket brokerage office in the Hurford House at Canton, but he is now located at Ft. Wayne.

Charles Gimbel is a telegraph operator in the Western Union office at Akron.

William Harmon, the first chief of Mansfield's paid fire department, is a resident of Kansas City.

Milt West has a good position in a billiard hall in Columbus.

Homer Lee, formerly of Mansfield, has for years been at the head of the Homer Lee BAnk Note and Engraving company of New York City.

Otto Sens, formerly of Mansfield, who removed with his father to Los Angeles, Cal., some years ago, is engaged in business there.

Charles Hunt, formerly of this city, was for years engaged in the merchant tailoring business in Chicago.  A short time ago he married and removed to Fredericktown, this state.

W.H. Burkholder is in Cleveland on the Leader.

Hubbell Geddes, is at Springfield, Mo.

Harry Brumbaugh is employed in a furnishing store in Toledo.

Milt Keiser has a shoe store of his own in Shelby.

Will McElroy, son of Alexander McElroy, of Madison Township, who is at present visiting his parents, is a civil engineer and located at Helena, Mont.

George Irwin is in business in Helena, Mont.

Harry Orem is a traveling freight agent for a railroad company and gets all over the country.

Frank M. Enos, who forsook the cigar and ticket brokerage business for the stage, is in San Francisco.

Charles Keiser, son of B.F. Keiser, is a resident of Galion.

Charles A. Niman is in Chicago.

Frank Parker is on a newspaper at Springfield, Mo.

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