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Workingmen's Convention

source:  Ohio Liberal:  04 June 1873, Vol. 1, No. 9


Submitted by Amy


It is evident to every one that the condition of the workingmen of the country is not prosperous, and that for years past the tendency has been continually from bad to worse, until it is painfully apparent in the experience of nearly every laboring man that his expenses are greater than his income. 

To farmers and mechanics alike this rule applies.  The cost of living, the cost of production, the cost of transportation, are fully double what they were a dozen years ago.  Our taxes -- National State and local -- have largely increased, and in every other direction the tide is against us.

The cause of all this, we believe, lies in a defective system of legislation and in corrupt legislators.

Political parties as they now exist, are no longer trustworthy, but have become mere machines to plunder the producers of the country for the benefit of a few special interests.  Railroad Rings, National Bank Rings, Protective Tariff Rings, and a thousand other Rings, big and little, run the Government and grow rich at our expense, and we feel, therefore, that the time has come to seek relief.  All we ask from Government is economy, justice and equal rights, security for all and favor to no one, and this much we insist upon receiving.

In order to further these ends, we, the undersigned, citizens and workingmen of Richland county, cordially invite our fellow workingmen of the county, without regard to past political associations, to meet together at the court house in the City of Mansfield, on Saturday, the 7th. day of June, next at eleven o'clock A.M., and then and there to concert together some general plan for future action.

John Booth James Meeds John Zeiters Josiah Boyce
E.H. Day Elisha Condon Conrad Dinges Frank Condon
Zac. German R.M. Coulter Adam Hinely J. Ricksicker
Henry Au D.P. Miller H. Dickson John Scott
H.C. Day Joseph Day J. Courtney George Hartenfels
H. Campbell C. Huffman G. Mitchell William Post
L.M. Campbell W.M. Gass J. Griebling Miller Carter
Jackson Carter Marcus Day Wm. K. Oberlin R. Patterson
Simon Stentz Joseph Roe John C. Kennedy J.W. Fickes
J. Backensto Smith R. Ralston Robert McCune Harrison Ralston
Joseph C. Finney John Leppo Wm. Dill T.H. Leppo
W.O. Niman Joseph Cairns Jacob Shin J.F. McNamara
C.H. Miller C.F. Grice John Oberlin M.M. Lash
Peter Maglott Jonah Clever Hugh Piper David Baker
C.F. Collins H.C. Collins F. Shackler Jacob Maglott
J.H. Sutton Jacob Maglott, Jr. James Carroll John Fleming
D.J. McCrady B.F. Ridenour Samuel Ritter Wm. S. Charles
Alonzo Shufett Isaac Baker James Brown Samuel Secrest
Thomas Tingley F.R. Palmer Samuel Stevenson Steel Thrush
Alexander Brooks Jacob R. Hall James Terman John A. Murphy
Peter Wentz H. Hall H. Walters Wm. Post
George Ernst J.H. Post Archer Moore John W. Moore
E. Bowers Ed. S. Wolff John Wolff William Cole
A.B. Stitt Robert Moore Nath. Mitchell Harvey Kilgore
Stephen Lilley A. Aungst E.M. Wise George Daum
Jacob Newman C.P. Bristow Deacon Cunningham James Race
Thomas B. Race John Cline, Jr. J. Hummel Isaac Abey
Solomon Hale E.R. McKee D.C. Fogelsong Robert C. Beattie
B.M. Crouch C.R. Marshall M. Reed Harrison Andrews
J.C. McColley John Koonz Cyrus Day J.M. Condon
Dennis Campbell Joseph Peterson S.W. Grice W.W. Smith
Philip Bear Samuel Ritter J.H. McConnel Wm. Constance
Christ. Baer Levi Ritter John Cline John W. Niman
T.S. Brown Wm. Rusk Wm. Rinehard J. Tinkey
Wm. Atchison John Fulton R.C. Brown Robert Bell, Jr.
Jacob Toby John Fox C.C. Charles John Vanderbelt
Manuel Garver Wm. Piper John Deardorf Jacob Dirr
Samuel Ferguson C.W. Linn S.M. Hickox Jacob Motteyaw
J.H. Sipe Godfrey Guthnecht Emanuel Myers Harry Brown
John F. Murphy H.R. Niman V. Vantilburg Fredric Johnson
L.G. Folsom Daniel Scott Henry Post Jas. W. Logan
S.L. Dillie C.A. Wolff Wm. Reed John Cole
John Winemiller G.A. Hershey J.W. Hanlon Asabel Goldsmith
C.E. Rooker Peter Beer Jacob Cline Wm. W. Russell
John Daum W.S. Harris Asa Leach George W. Keith
Wm. Hess Sixt. Pfenning J.P. Ferguson J. Fightner
John Fogelson David Mace Wm. R. Morrow John Finney
L. Ritter J.T. Oswalt Jas. Marlow, Jr. George McKinley
Charles C. Shafer James Martin Jeremiah Kirkpatrick John Hammett
George Miller Wm. McKelvy John Neal Wm. Robinson
James Crow James Hughes Merchant Carter Ellis Carter
Jacob Sheier Thomas H. Carroll Alexander McElroy W. Altgold [Altgeld]

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