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Bellville Independent:  30 May 1895, Vol. 8, No. 2

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Jas. F. Boals, of Mansfield, democratic candidate for sheriff, was in Bellville Monday.

Samuel B. Donel, notary public, will be ready to make out pension papers at his office.

Miss L. Maglott and Mr. Bone visited over Sunday with J. Maglott and family.

Mrs. Smith, of Benton Harbor, Michigan, is visiting at the home of her sister, Mrs. Hiram Charles, South Main Street.

Arthur, son of Mr. J.H. Palm residing near Lexington, is still carrying his left hand in a sling, as the result of a severe cut inflicted some four weeks since.

W.P. Gillam, of the ENTERPRISE at Nevada, was in Bellville the first of the week on business.

Miss Hilderbrand visited over Sunday with Miss Della Maglott at her home on South Huron Street.

Mr. and Mrs. Harris, of Bucyrus, are guests of Mrs. H's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Koerber, on Markey Street.

Mr. Samuel Carlin whose severe illness has been mentioned in previous issues, we are pleased to see, is now so far recovered as to be able to be out and at his place of business again for a portion of the time each day.

Mr. Jacob Poorman, of Darlington, was a welcome caller at this office Saturday.

A.L. Walker, the shoe merchant, returned from quite an extended business trip last Saturday afternoon.

Mr. Jerry Garber, a medical student at the Cleveland college, visited with friend and relatives at this place last Sunday.

A little daughter was born to Mr. Tom Long and wife on Monday.

Mrs. Ida Jackson returned home Tuesday morning after spending the winter with her sister, Mrs. Blake Elston, at Peoria, Ill.

B.L. Garber has hired the proprietors of the Fredericktown Mill to take charge of their mill when they complete the improvements they are now making.  Mr. Garber will not move his family until spring having property rented here.

Miss Mollie Patman, of Mansfield, spent Sunday with her parents.

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Sheidley and Miss Rummell, and Messrs. Frank and Samuel Fisher were in Mansfield attending the ball game last Friday afternoon.

Mr. M.E. Young has accepted a position with A. Hare the druggist, and is now on duty at that place, having commenced work last Thursday.  Mr. Young is an accommodating and efficient clerk.

Miss Jennie Huntsman, of Woodivew, and her sister, Mrs. Mary Hiskey, of near Bellville, were in town last Friday and while here favored the INDEPENDENT with a welcome call.

At the farm of J.J. Fisher in the southern part of Jefferson Twp., near the Knox County line, a disastrous fire occurred last Saturday evening while Mr. Fisher was absent from home.  The barn caught fire in some unknown manner and burned to the ground.  Two of the horses in the barn at the time died as the result of injuries received and another is rendered almost worthless.  Other property in the way of stock, hay, harness and vehicles was destroyed and the loss is estimated at between $1000 and $1500, without insurance.


Mr. A. Sueney's house burnt down to the ground on Wednesday at 6 o'clock.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Sam Thuma, a son.

Miss Ella Roseberry is working this summer for Mrs. Annie Lairmer.

Mrs. Isaac Carter is improving.

Miss Grace Courtney is able to teach school.

Ikey Coe is improving with the mumps.

Edith Sunhuck [sic.] was at Mansfield on Thursday last.

Mr. Charley Shafer died May 25 with quick consumption.

Mrs. Edith Logan of Lexington was the guest of her cousin Bessie and Lee Logan.

Squire Marlow has the mumps.

Mr. Ben Lairmer and George Sunnuck had their houses painted.

Mrs. M. Harbaugh is suffering with a tumor.

Mr. Louie Deems was the guest of G. Sunnuck.


Mr. and Mrs. E. Simpson, of Bellville, were in this vicinity last Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Pearce spent Thursday in Mansfield.

M.L. Mitchell wheeled to Perrysville, Friday.

On last Friday there was added to the home circle of J. Schumacher's a young Shoemaker.

Mrs. Oscar Wilson and daughters were at Mansfield, Thursday.

B.F. Traxler and lady visited in Mansfield Saturday and Sunday, the guests of the Misses Wood.

Beach Smith, of Bellville, was at Butler on Thursday.

Grace Hildenbran is visiting with her sister, Mrs. Wintermute, at Mt. Vernon.

J. Bell was at the county seat Wednesday and Mr. and Mrs. John Wilson, Saturday.

The many friends of Mrs. Elizabeth Myers were shocked to hear of her sudden death on last Monday, 10 a.m.  She will be greatly missed as she was a kind neighbor and affectionate friend.  The funeral services will be conducted by Rev. W.A. Noling at 1 o'clock Wednesday afternoon.


Mrs. Mary Ricsecker of Galion visited Mr. Edward Stewart's last Thursday and Friday.

Mrs. J. Graham, son and daughter, of near Johnsville, visited Wm. Paste last Wednesday.

Mrs. B. Swank and children of Mansfield, are the guests of Mr. G. Aungst.

Mr. D.M. Teeter and family Sundayed with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Baughman near Lexington.

Mrs. Walter Oberlin of Bellville, visited her parents Mr. and Mrs. H. Mowry several days last week.


G.V. Frye and wife, of Chicago, have taken up their residence in their elegant summer home.

The C.E.'s of Congregational church held a social at the home of Miss Edith Shepard Friday evening.  Ice cream and cake were served.  A pleasant time was had by all.

Miss Nellie George is the guest of her sister, Mrs. M. Sackett, of Ruggles.

Miss Ella Hill is spending the week at the home of her aunt, Mrs. C. Beck, near West Point.

Mrs. M. Stough and sister, Miss McFarland, of Crestline, were guests of Mrs. E. Stough.

Chas. Barr and wife entertained company from Washington and Mansfield Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Grimes of Lafayette visited Dr. Stober and family recently.

Fred Black of West Point was in town Sunday.

Mrs. E. Sowers entertained guests from Galion Sunday.

Mr. Stelts was to call on Miss Jessie George Sunday.

Rev. J. Kaley has accepted a call from the Congregational church at Vermillion, O.  He leaves for that place next week.  The church here deeply regret losing him as he has proved a most efficient pastor.  Especially has he proved a helper and leader in the Endeavor Society.

Miss Winnie Blair went to Fredericktown Sunday to remain until after the commencement at that place.

M. Moore and family, Frank Welty and wife, of Mansfield, were guests of relatives and friends here over Sunday.

Mrs. Hedges, of Mansfield, was the guest of Mrs. E. Sowers, Monday.

Mr. D. Stahl, formerly superintendent of Public Schools, is in town putting in the blackboards in our new school building.

The funeral services of Mr. Chas. Shafer, an old German resident of near this place, was held Monday.  The remains were interred in the town cemetery.

Mrs. Sarah Beverstock, of Tiffin, O., is the guest of Miss D. Beverstock.


Mat. McKay and sister, Kate, of Martell, visited at J.F. Lanehart's on the 26th.

C. Swank and wife, of Ankenytown, were guests at J.L. Swank's on the 19th.

Miss Bertha Kirkpatrick returned home from A.R. Workman's on the 25th.

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