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Abstracted from the original papers held by the Richland County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society

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02 October 1886, Vol. LXIX, No. 20

Independence.  There is a brand new daughter down at Sam Dowdell's unless Dock Hubbs has made a big mistake.

Washington.  Darius Robinson, our P.M., received a telegram Monday notifying him of the death of his brother's child, who resides in Wayne Co.

Lucas.  Born on Sept. 27th., to Mr. & Mrs. John Hill a son.  Everything Democratic.

Springfield Township.  Miss Ella Herschey and a Mr. Thompson, of Kansas, were married Wednesday night at the home of the bride's father, southwest of Ontario.

A pension was granted on Tuesday to Henry Markley, of this city.

A pension was granted last Monday to Wm. Richards, of Jefferson Township, this county.

Will S. Keiser and Miss Osee J. Laird were married Monday evening by Rev. G.W. Huddleston at the residence of John C. Lewis on N. Water Street.

Chas. E. Barton, son of James Barton, of Spring Mill Street, was married Tuesday evening to Miss Clara Wickham, daughter of Col. Wickham, of Norwalk (Ohio), and niece of Hon. Chas. P. Wickham, the Republican nominee for Congress.

Ida Hugo was appointed guardian of Rosa Hogo and John Schrack was appointed assignee of Samuel Dougal in Probate Court this week.

Marriage licenses:  Delno D. Cook & Louisa Snook;  W.C. Oyler & Minnie E. Long;  W.S. Keiser & Osse J. Laird;  J.M. Scott & Jennie B. Cairns;  J.B. Swigart & Etta Smith;  L.B. Thompson & Ella M. Hershey;  W.E. Cameron & Alice M. Welshon;  C.N. Zerby & Anna B. Gilkison;  Samuel F. Fuller & Ida Schrack;  Harvey H. Shenefeld & Fannie E. Lantz;  Dr. Wm. E. Loughridge & Fannie P. Wood;  Frank A. Hickox & Iona D. Pittenger;  Christ Routson & Mrs. Bina Blanchon;  E. Frank Coulson & Sella Stewart;  Emil Zimmerman & Betsy Feick;  Wm. Zehner & Hattie Haislet.

Eliza J. Reed wants divorce and alimony from Alex. F. Reed, and charges him with failure to provide, idleness and adultery.  The couple were married in 1865 and have one child.  F.F. Douglass is plaintiff's attorney.

The nuptials of Dr. wm. E. Loughridge and Miss Fannie Wood were celebrated in a quiet and elegant manner Wednesday evening at the home of the bride's parents on W. Market Street.  The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Dr. Bronson, of Grace Episcopal church.  A supper of unusual elegance was served, after which the wedded couple left for a short trip up the lakes.  The SHIELD unites with many others in wishing the couple unalloyed pleasure in the new state.

A sad case of insanity comes from near Woodville, our southern suburb, where Tom Ford, an old soldier and member of the G.A.R. of this city, who has been troubled with spinal disease for some time past, became violently insane last Sunday, and mounting a horse, started off to join the soldiers whom he claimed were meeting at Newark to go to war.  His wife soon alarmed the neighbors, who started in search and found him on Monday still on his horse at Visbinder's Corners, four miles south of the city.  He was taken home.  An inquest of lunacy will be held soon in Probate Court.  Ford imagines that he is Commander-in-chief of the armies of the United States.

On Wednesday evening, a few minutes after 6 o'clock, at the family home on N. Main Street, Mrs. Louise Voegele, widow of Henry Voegele, died after a short illness of a congestive chill.  The deceased was born in Germany in June, 1821, and had been a resident of this city since 1855.  She was the mother of Recorder Wm. Voegele, Charles, Albert, Gus. and Fred. Voegele, Mrs. Wm. Toby, Mrs. Wm. Remy, Mrs. Geo. Ludwig, and Mrs. Geo. Meister.  While in her death the above named lose a fond and worthy mother, the community are also the loser of a faithful Christian lady and a useful member of society.  The funeral takes place to-day (Saturday) from the residence on N. Main Street.

Mrs. Jacob Claberg, of Butler Township, died last Saturday.

Married on Wednesday evening, Sept. 22nd., at the residence of the bride's mother, Mr. Chas. E. Murphy to Miss Annie M. Keith, the Rev. J.A. Dunlap officiating.  After the ceremony a bountiful repast was served to the small number of near relatives of the bride and groom who were present.  The bride received a number of presents, among which we noticed the following:  Charles E. Keith, glass cake stand and fruit dish;  James B. Keith, set of silver knives and forks;  Mr. & Mrs. Albert Murphy, set of fruit plates;  Miss Ella Murphy, table cloth;  Mr. & Mrs. Frank Case, pair of linen towels;  Miss Bertie M. Keith, silver sugar spoon and butter knife;  father and mother of the groom, pair of blankets;  Mr. Alonzo Keith, a lamp;  mother of the bride, card basket;  Grandma Keith, majolica spoon-holder and pepper and salt shaker;  Miss Tillie and Truman Murphy, glass tea set and fruit dish;  Mr. & Mrs. H.D. Keith, dinner set of 36 pieces.

The pension of Wm. Gerhart, of Bellville, was increased last week.

William Hackett, the father of Mrs. Simon Dolph, died last Friday at the home of his son-in-law, Frank W. Foulks, No. 17 E. Fourth Street.  The remains were taken to Rome for burial.

William C. Oyler and Minnie E. Long, two young people aged 20 and 17 respectively, residents of Johns Addition, were granted a marriage license last Monday and the couple were married at Justice Endly's office Monday evening, the consent of the parents of both having been obtained.

Mrs. Elizabeth Zellner, wife of W.S. Zellner, living 1 miles east of this city, died on Tuesday of last week of pneumonia of the lungs, after an illness of six weeks.  Mrs. Zellner was a daughter of George Ridenour and was 38 years of age.  She leaves a husband and three little children to mourn the loss of a good wife and mother.  The funeral took place on Thursday afternoon, and was largely attended.  Interment in the cemetery at Emanuel church.

09 October 1886, Vol. LXIX, No. 21

Shelby.  Mrs. Catharine Shanabrook, who resided on Walnut Street, died on Tuesday after a lingering illness from consumption.  She leaves a husband and several children to mourn her death.

Independence.  Married -- At the residence of Grandmother Nancy Shively by J.G. Staunton, Esq., Chas. B. Rowalt and Maggie Shively, on Saturday evening last.  Happy may they be.

Bellville.  Born - - On Friday, Oct. 1st., to Mr. & Mrs. Al Oberlin, a daughter.

Springfield Township.  Roy, three years old son of Peter Dillon, died last Friday night of cholera infantum.  The funeral, held Sunday, was very large.

Elias Shanabarger, of Monroe Tp., was granted a pension last week.

The following persons were granted teachers certificates at the examination held Sept. 25th.:  James C. Sheelenberger, Lexington;  W.H. Kirkpatrick, C.D. Walker, Plymouth;  F.H. Conley, Shiloh;  A.R. Stickler, Davis P.O.;  Emma Howard, Bellville;  F.P. Fox, Adario;  Geo. W. Siders, Hayesville;  Florest S. Harding, Corsica;  Sam'l Snaively, Blanche Reed, Newville;  LeGrand McDonald, Fredericktown;  Mary Castor, F.B. Weaver, Perrysville;  J.E. Gongwer, Paradise Hill;  Ira A. Sheppard, Shelby;  F.D. Donaldson, Greenwich;  J.W. Cook, Vernon Junction.  There were 25 applicants and 18 successful, 2 failures and 5 continued.

We are pained to record this week the death of one of Mansfield's noble and highly respected women, Mrs. Albert F. Remy.  The good woman passed to eternal rest at 3 o'clock on Monday afternoon after a brief illness.  Mrs. Remy was troubled with a tumor, which, after the birth of a child, about a month ago, developed rapidly alarming symptoms, although at times she seemed entirely out of danger and every hope was indulged in by her host of friends for her speedy recovery, it was not to be so.  The deceased was married to Albert F. Remy in 1881.  At that time she resided with her uncle, Mr. E.J. Forney.  Thus death again robs a home of its sunlight and cheerfulness, society of a useful and affable member, the church of a hard-working conscientious Christian lady.  Mrs. Remy was 29 years old and was the mother of two small children.  The grief-stricken husband and other relatives have the sympathy of the community in this sad bereavement.  The funeral took place from the home on W. Third Street.  Wednesday and was largely attended.

A very quiet wedding took place at the home of Dr. Perkins Bigelow, corner of Third and Mulberry Streets, on Wednesday about noon.  The contracting parties were Miss Sallie Wigle, of this city, and Wm. L. Carr, of Winona, Minn.  Miss Wigle is well known here as a lady of pleasant disposition and highly cultured.  The couple left for Winona, Wednesday evening, where Mr. Carr is engaged in business.

Our old friend John McCormick, of Franklin Township, will be 69 years old on the 27th. of this month.  Many other men have lived to this advanced age, but it is very seldom indeed that we find a person of 69 years whose mother is yet living.  Mr. McCormick's mother is living near her son's residence, in good health and unimpaired mind.  She is 87 years old and bids fair to live to a much greater age.

The following marriage licenses have been granted since our last report:  Joseph L. Linden & J. Burton Reynold;  Fritz B. Douglass & Sally Meice;  Chas. B. Rowalt & Maggie Shively;  William F. Hobush & Clara B. Light;  John R. Courtney & Flora L. Kennedy;  Sylvester Forsythe & Clara Hackett;  William L. Carr & Sally M. Wigle;  Jacob Hisey & Lillie White;  Geo. B. Feighner & Carrie E. Champion;  Richard E. Brady & Nora Curren.

Ora K. Fisher and Sadie E. Hammett, daughter of Joseph Hammett, living northwest of the city, and sister of Deputy Recorder A.A. Hammett, were married Friday at the home of the bride's parents.

Royal Dillon, a young son of Peter Dillon, living northwest of the city, aged 2 years, died last Friday night of croup.

A.W. Cline petitions for divorce from his wife Jennette Cline on the grounds of adultery with one Samuel Kaler.  This is the couple who created a sensation in Shelby some time ago by their adulterous conduct.  The woman has since left her husband and is now living, according to the petition, with this man Kaler, in Sherwood, Defiance County.  Skiles & Skiles are attorneys for the plaintiff.

16 October 1886, Vol. LXIX, No. 22

Independence.  A new daughter at George Teeter's since last Sunday.

Independence.  Mr. Albert E. Black and Miss Anna A. Stafford were united in the bonds of holy matrimony in the parsonage in Independence, Oct. 13th., 1886, by Rev. J.W. Walkey.  May the marriage voyage of this happy pair be a joyous one through the sea of life.

Bellville.  Mrs. E.O. Post has received an appointment as teacher in the State Orphanage at Chattanooga, Tenn., and started on Wednesday for that place, intending to stop a few days with her daughter at Columbus.

Among the pensions granted on Tuesday was one to Sarah E. Stough, of Lexington, this county, widow of Wm. C. Stough.

Emanuel Garver made application Thursday in Probate Court for a guardian to be appointed for one Geo. Garver, an alleged imbecile.

Mrs. Amelia Graham, who resides with her daughter, Mrs. Jos. H. Black, on South Mulberry Street, celebrated her ninetieth birthday last Sunday.

Word was received by LeRoy Parsons, Monday, announcing the death of Mr. Cyrus Shumway, of Philadelphia, Pa., or near there, by being killed on the railroad.  Mr. S. formerly lived here and is well known in Mansfield.  He was the father of Mrs. Parsons.  The remains were buried at Massillon, O., on Wednesday.

The following persons were granted teachers certificates at the examination held Saturday, Oct. 9th.:  John D. Benninghoff, Emma Black, Mansfield;  J.F. Dill, Bellville;  C.A. Hoffman, C.T. Wolford, Shenandoah;  F.F. Leasure, Shiloh;  G.W. McFarland, Barnes;  Nora e. Daubenspeck, H.F. Boyd, Perrysville;  Jerry C. Tucker, Lucas;  Finley Walker, Ontario.  There were 18 applicants.  7 continuances.

Marriage licenses issued:  Samuel M. Pool & Laura J. Bloos;  Curtis E. King & Jennie Boyce;  Henry H. Arnold & Freda Neff;  Ed. W. Wirth & Mary Matthes;  Peter Cline & Anna Roost;  Albert E. Black & Anna A. Stafford;  Geo. M. Shiver & Norah B. Powell;  James A. Baird & Flora E. Keller;  Ira S. Berry & Mary E. Rummell.

A peculiar petition for divorce was filed Monday by Dirlam & Leyman.  The style of the case is Mary A. Booth vs. John Booth and Henry Booth.  The petition avers that the couple were married on the 13th. day of May, 1884, and soon after that plaintiff loaned defendant $500, twenty-five dollars of which was afterwards expended for her own benefit.  One of the conditions of her marriage to Booth was that he was to deed to her 45 acres of land in Union Township, Van Wert County, O., but soon after the marriage the defendant transferred said property to his son Henry, who is accordingly made a party defendant in the suit.  The charge of the plaintiff is extreme cruelty.  The petition states that at times defendant would threaten to horsewhip her, beat her with a heavy chain, choke her, threaten to "rip" her heart out, and once it is claimed he did kick her from a wagon on the road from Mansfield to their home in Troy Township.  Plaintiff asks for $475 loaned defendant, divorce and restoration to her maiden name, Mary Ann Shortess.

The following appointments have been made in Probate Court since our last issue:  Joseph Shantz, executor of Matthias Schambs;  Wm. M. Foulks, guardian of Charley Walters;  A.J. Twitchell, assignee of Ulrich Roethlisberger.

Mrs. Eliza Ottinger, wife of Josiah Ottinger, and mother of County Clerk S.F. Ottinger and James Ottinger, of this city, died at her home near Independence on Thursday.  The deceased was 59 years, 10 months and 10 days old.  The funeral will take place at 11 o'clock to-day (Saturday).

Lee Huffman, a 22 months old son of Bud Huffman, was accidentally drowned last Friday evening about six o'clock by falling into a cistern on the premises at Bloom and Water streets.  The little one was playing with other children near the cistern and upon the mother going in search of the child she was horrified to find the lid of the cistern up and, upon looking in, finding the body floating.  The alarm was given and the body recovered.

Two divorce cases from Plymouth attract considerable attention on account of similarity in dates and complaints.  They are styled Cora Brandt vs. Fred Brandt and Henrietta Champion vs. Lewis Champion.  Both couples were married in December, 1881, at Plymouth, both husbands left about the same time, thus making the grounds for divorce in both cases willful absence.  Both want a divorce and other relief and restoration to maiden name.  Skiles & Skiles are attorneys for plaintiff.

Burial Record.  The following are the interments made in the Mansfield Cemetery for the quarter ending September 30, 1886:

Month Name Cause Y M D
July Rebecca Stenden heart disease 62 5 2
" Etta Smith scrofula - 2 -
" Santa L. Anderson drowned 55 - -
" Emley Etzwiler spinal fever 37 3 1
" Emma L. Breed heart disease 46 - -
" Nina S. Weldon diphtheria 6 8 28
" Sarah E. Winans lung fever 25 - -
" James Purdy old age 83 - -
" Alma Fuchs brain fever - 11 12
" Albert Wolf general debility 70 7 9
" James W. McGinty congestion brain 2 6 -
" Infant Hunt stillborn - - -
" Jessie Donahue measles 4 - -
" Arthur Berno brain fever - 11 15
" George W. Case cholera morbus - 2 -
" Edith Moore brain fever - 11 -
" Mrs. L.W. Nevius unknown 37 5 20
August Infant Troll brain disease - - 3
" Arthur B. Brown poison 1 10 19
" Grover C. Mitchell unknown - 4 -
" R.J. Van Fossen bursting blood vessels 53 - -
" Annie D. Moore heart disease 86 3 18
September John Koch general prostration 78 11 -
" James O. Walters diphtheria 6 3 -
" Infant Bishop cholera infantum - - 10
" Geo. P. Bock diarrhea 2 3 10
" Lizzie A. Simpson consumption 34 2 13
" Geo. L.F.M. Bock dysentery - 9 -
" James Appleman spasms 2 - 25
" Mary A. McKee lung disease 59 - -
" Louisa S. Voegele pneumonia 65 3 18

23 October 1886, Vol. LXIX, No. 23

In Memoriam.  DIED -- At her home near Independence, Richland County, Ohio, October 14th., 1886, Eliza (Garrett) Ottinger, aged 59 years, 10 months and 10 days.  Mrs. Ottinger was born in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, December 4th., 1826, removed with her parents to Ohio in the year 1837, was married to Josiah Ottinger, March 3, 1844, was the mother of five children.  She leaves her husband, two sons and a daughter, also two brothers, two sisters and a large number of other relatives and friends to mourn her loss;  but they are comforted with the memory of the pure and useful life she lived, and the sweet hope of reunion in the heavenly land.  She was for thirty-two years a consistent member of the Methodist Episcopal Church.  Funeral services were conducted by Rev. H. Keller, at the Evangelical Church, at Independence, Ohio, October 16th., 1886, and her remains were laid away to rest in Independence Cemetery near the body of the son who preceded her to the heavenly home eighteen years ago.  <<scripture omitted>>

MARRIED -- KING-BOYCE -- Married at the bride's home in Franklin Township, on the 11th. of October, 1886, by Rev. H. McLaughlin, Mr. Curtis E. King and Miss Jennie Boyce, both of Richland Co., Ohio.

MARRIED -- SHRIVER-POWELL -- Married at the bride's home in Franklin Township, on the 14th. of October, 1886, by Rev. H. McLaughlin, Mr. George M. Shriver and Miss Norah E. Powell, both of Richland Co., Ohio.

Among the pensions granted at Washington this week was one (re-issued) to Andrew B. Keith, of this city.

John L. Bell died last Sunday of consumption at the residence of his brother-in-law, S.S. Balliett, on West 3rd. St.  His age of 32 years.  The funeral took place Tuesday at 10 a.m.

John Booth, of Perry Tp., the defendant in a divorce case filed last week in Common Pleas Court, made an assignment to Attorney Geo. Moorehouse, Tuesday.  Booth assigns all his personal and real property.  The real estate consists of an 80-acre farm and a 32-acre piece of land in Perry Township.

Marriage Licenses Issued:  James H. Seymour & Elizabeth M. Lawrence;  Levi C. McMullen & Louisa Warns;  Phil. J. Wentz & Jessie B. Campbell;  Henry M. Leedy & Florence S. Little;  John P. Conrad & Jessie E. Cherry-Peters.

The following appointments have been made in Probate Court since our last issue:  George Moorhouse, assignee of John Booth, bond $13,000;  Thos. Willett, administrator of Mary Jane Slack;  David Zeiters, executor of Amanda C. Zeiters;  Application was made Wednesday to have the will of Charles Jolley admitted to probate.

Charles Jolley, a brother of J.M. Jolley, died at his home in Springfield Township, last Thursday, and was buried on Saturday.  Mr. J. was 67 years old.

Mr. & Mrs. M.L. Miller left for Philadelphia last Saturday, where they go to attend the wedding of their son Gus to a lady of that place on the 27th.

Sherman Sigler, a young man 21 years old, died at the residence of his uncle, Henry Zigler, at 39 Wood Street, last Sunday afternoon.  The young man had been west in the hope of benefiting his health, but returned home to die.  The remains were buried at Petersburg Tuesday.

Mrs. Susan Schrack, of Monroe Township, died last Friday at the residence of her son, Joseph Schrack, at the advanced age of 91 years.  The deceased lady was an aunt of John Schrack, Esq., Mrs. J.J. Douglass and Mrs. Wm. Armentrout, of this city.  The funeral took place on Saturday.

Last Saturday afternoon, Dan. Kramer, a brakeman on the N.W.O. railroad, and well known here where he resided when off the road, was killed at Tiffin while making a coupling, by having his head caught between the foot boards of the cars.  His parents reside at Salem, O., whither the body was taken for burial.

The Misses Ehlers, of 140 S. Main Street, received a telegram Monday from Albany, N.Y., containing the sad news of the death of their brother, Henry Ehlers, while stopping at a hotel in that city.  Mr. E. was employed in a railroad office in New York City, was about 40 years of age, unmarried, and was well and favorably known here.  The remains will be brought to this city for interment.

Last Saturday, Catharine Diehl, of Cass Township, through her attorneys, F.F. Douglass & C.W. Marriott, filed a petition in Common Pleas Court asking for alimony from her husband, Peter Diehl.  The couple are the parents of seven grown children, and the petitioner charges the husband with negligence and abuse and an utter failure to provide.  The husband is possessed of considerable property and an injunction was asked for and granted restraining him from disposing of same until after hearing of the case.

Independence.  A wedding anniversary took place at Geo. Staley's last Tuesday in honor of their 33d. year of married life.

Independence.  The remains of the late Mrs. Josiah Ottinger were interred in the Independence Cemetery last Saturday.  Her funeral was preached by Rev. Henry Keller, of Knox County.  She is survived by three children and her husband, who deeply mourn her loss.  May her light shine brighter than ever upon the other shore.

Independence.  Levi McLaughlin and family left for their new home in Missouri on Tuesday of last week.  They will be greatly missed by a host of warm friends here whose sincere with is that prosperity may smile upon them abundantly in their new quarters.

Bellville.  Mrs. Florence Little, of this place, and Mr. Henry M. Leedy, of Dakota, were married on Wednesday, Oct. 20th.  Mrs. Leedy will shortly remove with her husband to his far western home.  She will be greatly missed from our place as she has been prominently associated with its educational and church work for a number of years.

MARRIED.  On Wednesday evening, Oct. 20, 1886, at the pleasant home of Mr. J.H. Cherry, 58 East Market Street, this city, the marriage of Mr. J.P. Conrad, of Lexington, O., and Miss Jennie E. Peters, of Mansfield, O., was duly solemnized by Rev. G.W. Huddleston, pastor of the Mansfield Methodist Episcopal church, with Mr. H.J. Mansfield, of Warsaw, Ind., and Miss Jennie L. Peters, of Doylestown, O., as attendants.

30 October 1886, Vol. LXIX, No. 24

Shelby.  We are informed that on Wednesday of this week the marriage of Mr. Will R. Brooks, of Shelby, to Miss Amy Wolf, of Wyandot County, was solemnized.  Their friends in Shelby unite in wishing them a long and happy life together.

Independence.  It's enough to give a fellow the fidgets to think of the number of midgets;  but Doc. Hubbs knows a woods that's full of them, consequently it will have to be put up with.  George Keifer, George Pritchard and Walley Beemiller are among the lucky number who can boast of additions to their families in the way of a new daughter each.

Washington.  Mrs. Charles Bridges, who ha been very low with typhoid fever, died Sunday morning and was buried Monday at 2 p.m. in the Washington Cemetery.  The deceased was aged 41 years, 10 months, 13 days.  She leaves a husband and six children to mourn her loss.  Mr. B. has the sympathy of the community in the hour of their sad bereavement.

Washington.  J.W. Bowman, of this place, and Miss Mary Loro, of Lucas, were married Sunday at Mt. Zion.

Washington.  Mrs. J.S. Smith and Mrs. Martha Sirpliss attended the funeral of Mrs. Dean at Bellville Sunday.

Bellville.  A quiet wedding took place at the residence of Louis Garber on South Main Street on Wednesday evening, Oct. 27th., the contracting parties being his youngest daughter, Ella, and Mr. Abe Lockhart, youngest son of A. Lockhart, Sr.  Only the immediate relatives of the bride and groom were present.

Bellville.  Frank Hathaway, son of Simon Hathaway, died at the home of his parents on North Main Street at 5 a.m. on Sunday, Oct. 24th. in the 22nd. year of his age.  He had been suffering with an incurable disease for several months but no one imagined his end so near and the announcement of his death was a sad surprise to his many friends.  The funeral took place on Tuesday at 1 p.m.  The services were conducted by Rev. White of the Disciple church.

Bellville.  Mrs. Mary J. Dean died at the residence of her son-in-law, J.S. Olin, near this place, on Friday, Oct. 22d., aged 63 years.  The funeral took place on Saturday, services conducted by Rev. A. Philpot, of the M.E. Church.

Bellville.  Bert Armstrong, a former inmate of the Columbus Insane Asylum, who has been at his home near this place for some time, became suddenly worse last week and was returned to the asylum on Friday.

Thomas Hanna, of Lucas, was granted a pension last Friday.

Final naturalization papers were issued last Monday to John S. Spice and Joseph Long.

Among the pensions granted on Monday was one to Charles H. Miller, of Hastings, this county.

The lunacy case of Thomas Ford has been dismissed in Probate Court on the testimony of Dr. Race, who says that Ford seems to be in his right mind again.

The application of Emanuel Garver for the appointment of a guardian for George Garver, of Washington Tp., an alleged imbecile, was dismissed in Probate Court on Monday by the plaintiff withdrawing the case.

Mrs. J.N. Hemphill, whose maiden name was Stark, and whose parents live on East 2d. Street, this city, died at her home in Washington, D.C., on Sunday.  The deceased was a sister of Mrs. Herbert DeCamp, now of Detroit.

A three years old son of W.S. Kerr died Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock.  Mr. Kerr, who was at Columbus on business, arrived home about an hour after the child died.  Mr. & Mrs. Kerr have the sympathy of their many friends in their sudden and sad bereavement.

Marriage licenses issued:  J.W. Russell & Nora Carr;  J.W. Bowman & Mary E. Lorow;  Jacob Hanafius & Lena Koston;  J.H. Randall & Nellie Butler;  Lawrence R. McIntyre & Flora E. Miller;  Abe Lockheart & Leulla Garber;  W.J. Hatch & Hattie Hilborn;  Wm. Frank & Katharine Flockerzie;  John A. Fisher & Jennie Long;  Landie D. Kirsh & Cynthia G. Curtis;  Geo. W. Williams & Lucy Curtis;  J.H. Emminger & Harriet Startsman;  John F. Elliott & Ada Shively;  Mitchell S. Dickson & Mary E. Baker;  Joseph P. Henry & Margaret A. Lutz.

Last Saturday the old Hoover homestead, owned by John Hoover, of this city, and located 10 miles west of the city, was the scene of a family re-union.  The family consisted of four brothers and five sisters, who for forty years have not assembled together until that day.  The old homestead is now occupied by Mr. Charles Lyon and family, and there the brothers and sisters and their families spent the day.  Those who were present were as follows:  Messrs. William, Samuel and Joseph Hoover, of Middlebury, Ind., and John Hoover, of this city.  Of the sisters there were Mrs. J. Nusbaum, of Goshen, Ind., Mrs. I. Hipple, of Terre Haute, Ind., Mrs. Jacob Halflich and Mrs. Jacob Roush of Markle, Ind.  Mr. & Mrs. Lyon were prepared to entertain the visitors in excellent style and spread a sumptuous feast.  Among the other guests were Mrs. H.G. Shively nee Della McGuire, of Markle, Ind., Messrs. Joseph and John Diday, of Galion, Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Fisher, Mr. & Mrs. Chas. H. Voegele, Mr. & Mrs. Frank McGuire, Mr. Joseph McGuire, of this city.  A most pleasant day was spent within the pales of such pleasant recollections.

The famous Darling bastardy-alimony-divorce case has at last been disposed of by Judge May, who granted a divorce to the woman last Saturday and restored her to her maiden name, Miss Emma Algire.  The decree was granted on the grounds of willful absence and non-support.  The defendant is at present in Indiana.

Amy E. Armstrong, Sunday, September 16, 2007

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