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Abstracted from the original papers held by the Richland County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society

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07 May 1887, Vol. LXIX, No. 50

Independence.  It's Bill Taylor is the boy that can boast of being the father of the only pair of genuine twin daughters in old Democratic Worthington.  Billy is now putting up two smokers to a man.

Woodville.  The wedding of our young friend Mr. Willard McCullough, and Hattie, only daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Rufus Sears, took place Wednesday evening at the residence of the latter.  A large number of friends responded to invitations.  Mr. & Mrs. McCullough received numerous handsome and useful presents.  May happiness and blissful lives be their pleasant lot through life's journey.

Isaac P. Fisher, of Lucas, and John Bierly, of Bellville, have been granted pensions.

Daniel Rhodes, formerly of Bellville, died near Ashland this week.  Interment at Bellville.

W.R. Stoutner, a former resident of Mansfield, died this week at Parksville, Ky.  The body was brought here for interment.

Mrs. James Allison, formerly of this city, but since living at Wichita, Kan., was taken with paralysis recently and died this week.

The remains of Miss Anna Condon, who died at her residence on East Market Street, Tuesday night, were interred in the Mansfield Cemetery, Thursday afternoon.  She was aged 86 years and came to this country in 1814.

Frederick Kern, the barber, by his attorneys, Geddes & Geddes, has petitioned for divorce from his wife, who it is alleged resides in New York and has been guilty of adultery at various times.

Marriage Licenses Issued:  Samuel W. Andrews & Binnie Minaugh;  Jacob C. Baker & Anna Sheehy;  John B. Neal & Anna Plank;  Williard L. McCullough and Hattie M. Sears;  George Leach & Mary Foster;  Samuel E. Hartung & Emma Scmucker [sic.];  William B. Smith & Lizzie Griefenstein;  Amos Frisch & Mary Grieving.

The following persons have been granted teacher's certificates by the board of county examiners at the meeting held April 23d.:  Ella H. Young, Bellville;  Jennie Quinn, Savannah;  Elmer Kerr, Lucas;  W.L. Morthland, Mansfield;  Geo. Greenewald, Mifflin;  Hattie W. Wigton, Newville;  Jeff. Hershiser, P.B. Rogers, Shelby;  Orpho McGann, Jessie Scott, Plymouth;  Emma Simon, Vernon Junction;  M. Crawford, Hinesville;  Nanna Douglass, Shiloh.  There were five continued and three failures.

Sarah E. McWilliams, widow of Israel Johnson, of this city, has been granted a pension.

Robert Carter, of Springfield Township, brother of Ex-County Treasurer Merchant Carter, of this city, died Sunday night from paralysis of the heart after a continued illness.  Deceased was about 60 years of age and a well-known and esteemed resident.

The remains of Mr. Enos Miles were interred in the Mansfield Cemetery Sunday afternoon with Masonic honors, and Revs. D.W. Smith and G.W. Huddleston, as officiating clergymen.  Deceased was nearly 70 years of age and had been blind since 1863.  He was well known in this and surrounding counties as the "blind book agent" in which vocation he made a competent livelihood and many warm friends.  The history of his life is replete with many interesting incidents and, for one who was so unfortunately afflicted, he was exceedingly bright and cheerful.

14 May 1887, Vol. LXIX, No. 51

Independence.  It is with pleasure we record the marriage of Mr. John B. Neal, of West Salem, and Miss Anna Plank, of this place, by Rev. J.W. Walkey, which happy event occurred at the Evangelical parsonage on Wednesday evening of last week.

Independence.  George Swank and Sarah Yarger were united in marriage last Sunday by Rev. Henry Keller.  The now Mrs. Swank resides with her parents near Salem church.

Independence.  Mrs. Elizabeth Kanaga, the aged mother of Israel Kanaga, died last Friday after a prolonged sickness, at the ripe old age of 86 years, 5 months and 22 days, during all of which time she had been a constant member of the Evangelical church.  Her obsequies took place Sunday forenoon at the Zion Cemetery, Four Corners, conducted by the Rev. J.W. Walkey.  May she rest in peace.

Independence.  Rev. and Mrs. J.W. Walkey attended the wedding this week of their son, Arthur H. Walkey, Esq., of Cincinnati, at Lancaster, to Miss Henrietta Gravett, of that place, which happy event took place at the home of the bride on Wednesday evening at half past seven, the marriage ceremony being performed by Rev. Walkey.  We may add, Miss Gravett is a sister of the wife of Rev. J.H. Lamb, who was pastor of the Evangelical church here several years ago.

Shelby.  At the residence of the bride's parents, Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Bloom, on Wall Street, Miss Jennie Bloom and Mr. Wm. G. Light were united in marriage in the presence of a few invited guests on Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock.  Both the contracting parties are residents of Shelby and are well and favorably known and their many friends, with the SHIELD scribe, will unite in offering their hearty congratulations.

Shelby.  Jesse Roberts, one of Jackson Township's oldest citizens, died at his home, 3 miles southeast of town, May 6th., at the age of 80 years and 8 months.  The funeral services were conducted by Rev. M.L. Kunkelman, of the Lutheran church, on Sabbath, at 11 o'clock, and the interment was made at Mt. Bethel Cemetery.

Bigelow W. Brown, of this city, was granted an increase of pension this week.

John Langstaff of this city, was granted a divorce from his wife, by Judge May, Thursday, on the ground of willful absence.

John E. Backesto [sic.] and Miss Emma Crosier, of Shenandoah, were married by Rev. Dr. Wiles at the Lutheran parsonage Thursday.

Mrs. Emma Wolford, of Bloominggrove Township, has been adjudged insane by the Probate Court and taken to the asylum at Columbus.

Probate Court Appointments:  Samuel Marriott has been appointed executor of the estate of Enos Miles, dec'd;  and A.V. Patterson, guardian of Rachel Gladden, an imbecile.  The last will and testament of Hannah Patterson and Jesse Roberts have been admitted to probate.

Marriage Licenses Issued:  Ira A. Baker & Lizzie M. Snyder;  John packer & Emma Daniels;  William G. Light & Jennie Bloom;  John E. Backesto & Emma Crosier;  William Gross & Louisa J. Smith;  Curtis A. Baxter & Mattie Wilson.

Joseph B. Mercer, of this city, and Norman Wood, of Adario, were granted pensions this week.

During the thunder storm last Monday afternoon Miss Arah Witmeyer, who lives nine miles north of this place, near Ganges, was struck by lightning and probably fatally injured.  The young lady had been to the latter place on an errand and on returning had taken temporary shelter from the storm in an old log barn a half mile this side of the village, when the electric current struck the building and passed from it to the arms and shoulders of the girl and to her feet, tearing off both her shoes and rending a part of her clothing into shreds, leaving the unfortunate one lying there until found an hour afterwards by her cries attracting attention.  The accident is much deplored in the neighborhood where the young lady's amiable ways and kindly disposition had won the love and respect of all.  The physicians regard her recovery as very doubtful.

Jacob Wolf, formerly with Shonfield & Friedrich, died some time ago in Germany, where he had spent some months in recreation.

Hayes Jordan, from far-away Kansas, writes his friends in this city that he is smoking twenty-five cent cigars over the arrival of a nine pound boy at his home last week.

Emil Frisch, of the fire department, married Mary Greving last week and when off duty now his time will be spent with his bride in Johns Addition, where they have taken up a residence.

Benj. F. Condon has been appointed administrator with the will annexed of the estate of Ann Condon, deceased.  The last will and testament of Belle G. Whitford has been admitted to probate.

The widowed mother of John and Israel Kanaga, of Worthington Township, died on the 6th. inst., aged 84 years.  Her remains were interred at the Four Corners church near Independence on Sunday afternoon.

21 May 1887, Vol. LXIX, No. 52

Independence.  Simon Arnold died Friday morning and was buried on Saturday.

Independence.  William E. Shaffer died suddenly at the home of Henry Secrist on last Sunday, May 15th., 1887, aged 19 years, 7 months and 26 days.  Brother William had been unwell for several days, though not confined to his bed.  The attack with ended his earthly existence came upon him suddenly, so that he was not able to utter another word and in a few moments passed away.  He was converted over a year ago at a revival meeting held in the Salem Church and united in church fellowship with the Evangelical association.  The funeral sermon was preached by Rev. J.W. Walkey in the Zion church.  The occasion was unusually impressive.

Lexington.  Mrs. H.P. Maxwell died on last Tuesday A.M., and was buried on Thursday, after a long siege of illness from that dreadful disease, consumption.  She leaves a husband and five children and numerous friends to mourn her loss.  She was an affectionate wife, a devoted mother, and was of a genial nature, and all those who knew her knew her to love her.  A large concourse of friends followed the remains to their last resting place.  The bereaved family have the sympathy of their friends in their time of affliction.

Springfield Township.  The home of Mr. John Smith near Toledo Junction was the scene of a wedding last Thursday evening.  At that time Mr. William Gross and Miss Lou Smith were married by Rev. Barron in the presence of about forty guests.  The presents embraced a well-selected and substantial variety.  Mr. and Mrs. Gross went to house-keeping the next day in Galion, whither they are followed by the best wishes of all their friends.

Mifflin.  Last week the citizens of Mifflin heard of Levi Lambright's death.  he was for a long time a resident of Mifflin Tp., and was then very affluent, but his last years, when nearly four score, saw reverses and want for some of the comforts of life.

Mifflin.  Ruben Markley, a victim to pulmonary consumption, died last Wednesday night at his home north of Mifflin.

Mifflin.  We hear that the pension of J.C. Hart was allowed and he will receive some $1200.

Pensions have been granted to Chas. A. Super and John F. Winter, of this place.

The remains of Andrew Dorlen, who died at his residence on North Sugar Street Tuesday, were interred at the cemetery Thursday morning.

In the Probate Court Ithamar Shafer has been appointed administrator of William E. Shaffer, deceased.  Application has been made to admit to probate the last will and testament of Adam Reeder, deceased.

The funeral of Mrs. Charles L. Gibbons, who died from heart disease last Wednesday at the age of 34 years, took place Friday afternoon from the residence of her husband on West Fourth Street, Revs. Dr. H.L. Wiles and Louis Krebs officiating.

Marriage Licenses Issued:  William H. Edmondson & Clem Cobben;  William A. Ferree & Libbie Adams;  Jared D. Purdey & Mrs. Emily Ward;  John Brooks & Tillie Kingicsafer [Kingsafer];  Andrew J. Myers & Mary McMahon.

On last Monday occurred the golden wedding anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. William Slaybaugh, of Shelby.  A large number of friends and relatives gathered at their home to celebrate the occasion, and in behalf of the same a number of valuable and handsome presents were given to the aged couple.  In the evening the Shelby band serenaded them.  They are among the old pioneers of Sharon Township, and are at the head of a prominent and highly esteemed family.

The following are the successful applicants for teachers certificates at the examination held on May 7th.:  Louis Dickes, Perrysville;  Leonard Sanker and Catharine Barr, Shenandoah;  Forest S. Harding, Corsica;  Gertrude Mathews, Bellville;  Emma Grubaugh and John O. Hughes, Mansfield;  Edwin Brown and Blanche Trimble, Shelby;  George W. McFarland, Barnes.

Mrs. Emily M. Ward, of this city, widow of the late Frank Ward, was married to Dr. J.D. Purdy, of Chicago, Ills., at the Presbyterian parsonage Sunday morning by the Rev. D.J. Meese.  But a few invited guests witnessed the ceremony.  The newly married couple will likely make this city their permanent residence, Dr. Purdy establishing an office here.

The family of J.H. Cale, consisting of himself, wife and five children, who reside on Vennum Avenue, were mysteriously afflicted last week with a sickness indicating symptoms of poisoning.  A three-year-old son died on last Saturday.  Drs. Reed and Craig are of the opinion that the illness was caused by using water from a cistern which had been contaminated by waste running into the same.  The remaining members of the family are now considered out of danger.  The cause of the fatal malady will be thoroughly investigated.

The funeral of James E. Pleasants, who died last Sunday evening, after a brief illness from Bright's disease, took place from the residence of his father, at No. 35 E. First Street, Tuesday afternoon.  He was nearly 36 years of age.

28 May 1887, Vol. LXX, No. 1

A pension has been granted to William Downs, of this place.

Mr. J.P. Stewart received yesterday a very handsome memorial tablet from an eastern publishing home in memory of his brother Edward, who died last Sunday.

The following were the successful applicants at the teacher's examination on May 21st.:  Eva St. John, Rives P.O.;  Barbara Lorenz, Ontario;  Samuel P. Hunter, Shenandoah;  Samantha Wolfe, Mansfield;  D.H. Charles, Barnes P.O.   Miss Lorenz received a certificate for four years.

The funeral of Mrs. James Allison was held from the M.E. church Tuesday afternoon, the remains having been brought here from Wichita, Kansas.  Rev. G.W. Huddleston and Rev. G.W. Pepper, of Ashland, officiated.  A number of relatives and friends of the deceased attended from a distance.

Marriage Licenses Issued:  Justus Piazier & Mary B. Fiddler;  Martin Bittinger & Sophia F. Weisinger;  John Powers & Belle Ridenour;  Charles W. Marriott & Florence Long;  Robert Lowrie & Annie R. Varndell;  Thos. C. Rummel & Mary F. Leiter.

On last Sunday afternoon the startling news reached the city of the very sudden death of Edward S. Seward, which occurred at the home of J.B. Case, in Washington Township, where he had gone to spend the day with friends.  Shortly after dinner the deceased went out to the yard where he reclined in the shade of a tree to watch some of his companions toss a ball, when soon their attention was attracted to Mr. Seward by his head falling to the ground and by a groan which he uttered at the same time.  When he was lifted up he was found unconscious and was immediately carried into the house, where he soon expired.  A sudden rush of blood to the had is assigned as the cause of the young man's death, he having experienced trouble of this kind for some years.  His remains were taken to the home of his parents in Springfield Township on Sunday evening, where they were embalmed and on Tuesday afternoon brought to the Mansfield Cemetery and deposited in the vault, the funeral being attended by a large concourse of people.  Deceased was 26 years of age.  He was a brother of Ex-Prosecuting Attorney James P. Seward and Deputy Auditor John F. Seward.  The deceased held a position in the mail service on the line between Crestline and Pittsburg until last winter, when he resigned and came to this city to read law in the office of Keith & Seward.  He was a young man of irreproachable character and had many warm friends who deeply sympathize with those who so unexpectedly lost a son and brother.  The obsequies were attended by the courthouse officials, who presented a beautiful floral tribute;  also by the members of the Y.M.D.C., of which organization Mr. Seward was a member, in a body.  The club gave a fine floral offering.  <<resolution omitted>>

The funeral of Mrs. Mary M. Crouse who died last Sunday morning, aged 78 years and four months, was held from her late residence at No. 4 Crouse Street, on Tuesday at 2 o'clock p.m.

The serious illness of Mrs. James Allison at Wichita, Kansas, and of which we have previously noted, resulted in her death a week ago.  Her remains were brought here for interment and were laid in the cemetery on Tuesday afternoon.

The Infirmary Directors took Emma Smith and her illegitimate child to the Infirmary last Saturday.  She is scarcely 17 years of age and is one of a large family that have figured in all sorts of scrapes and whose condition and circumstances have been the most distressing of any in our city.

Amy E. Armstrong, Sunday, September 23, 2007

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