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Shelby Independent News:  07 January 1875, Vol. 7, No. 11


S.S. Bloom, Editor and Proprietor

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The Pettit-Rinehart case from Shiloh, has been up for trial this week.

We notice that Dr. Bricker has a street lamp in front of his residence.  We trust our streets will soon be generally lighted up on dark nights by such lamps.  The cost is but a trifle.

Mrs. Brown is now on a visit to her old friends in Shelby, while her husband is engaged in his work, "The Government of Ohio".  All were pleased to meet her after an absence of nearly fifteen years.  Time has dealt very gently with her.

Mr. Josiah Alleman from Williams County, is on a visit to his old friends in Shelby.  We regret to learn that his wife died of Typhoid fever, September 30th. last, in the 41st. year of her age.  Otherwise we learn that he has had prosperity attend him.  We had a pleasant call from him.  Come again, Cy!

Morch Encampment No. 70, I.O.O.F., elected the following officers for the ensuing term, viz.:  R. Brooks, Chief Patriarch;  W.A. Shaw, Senior Warden;  Fred. Dennis, Junior Warden;  S.S. Bloom, High Priest;  N.F. Mickey, Scribe and John Mack, Treasurer.

Sharon Lodge, No. 159, I.O.O.F., elected the following named officers for the ensuing term, viz.:  Richard Brooks, Noble Grand;  N.F. Mickey, Vice-Grand;  H.M. Kendle, Secretary;  John Mack, Perant Secretary;  H.H. Shriner, Treasurer;  John Mack, N.H. Loose and W.N. Rex, Trustees.

DIED, William Weaver, at Coesa, Whitley Co., Ind., December 27th., 1874, aged 27 years, 1 month and 18 days.  The subject of this notice was a resident of Bloominggrove Township, near Rome, Richland Co., Ohio.  He was a young man respectably reared, with worthy relations to mourn his untimely death.  The circumstances of his death are very sad.  The foul demon of strong drink, gave the murderous blow that ended his life;  which should be an effectual warning to many young men of our day.  On Saturday night, the 27th. of December, Mr. Weaver, and a man named Carey, and others, were drinking, and as usual, a quarrel resulted between Carey and Weaver, who, previous to that evening, were friends.  As the latter started for home, (brother-in-law he was visiting), the former followed, evidently with evil intentions.  Weaver halted, the quarrel continued, and after a few words, Carey took up a stone, and, with a most terrible oath, struck Weaver on the head with a stone.  He was soon entirely unconscious and thus died on Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock;  his remains were taken to Shenandoah and buried December 31, followed to the grave by a large congregation of -----  [remainder of article illegible]


LIBRARY ASSOCIATION -- The Literary Society of the association met on Tuesday evening December 29.  N.H. Loose in the chair -- Mrs. Harter, Sec. pro tem.  As it was the last evening of the six months term of office, the Executive Committee and Treasurer submitted their reports.  In the former the Librarian's report was included.  The next in order, was the election of officers, as follows:  Dr. L.P. Holbrook, President;  Rev. N.H. Loose, Vice-Pres.;  Miss Docia Smith, Secretary;  H. Marvin, Esq., Treasurer;  Judge J.B. Meredith, Librarian;  L.P. Holbrook, Rev. D.I. Foust and Mrs. M. Turner, Ex. Committee.  Thus officered, the Association is ready for future work.  The following literary exercises closed the duties of the evening.  Recitations by the Misses Carrie Harter, Maggie Harter and Linna Marvin, and Select Reading by Mrs. Harter.  The subjects all read and recited were interesting, and all did very well.

MARRIED:  January 4th., 1875, at the residence of the bride's father, Geo. Roberts, Esq., of Shelby, by Rev. J. Matlock, Mr. A.E. Clapp, of St. Paris, O., to Miss Emma A. Roberts. 

An old folks sing took place recently, at the residence of Mr. John Hershiser, Esq., as a sort of dedication of his new house.  It will be remembered that his dwelling was last summer destroyed by fire.  It has been rebuilt, and he is again occupying it.  He is to be congratulated upon the early repair of his loss.  Insurance helped to do it.

The members of the Buckeye Mutual Fire Insurance Company held an election on last Saturday, and re-elected the following members Directors, to serve for the ensuing year, viz.:  W.R. Bricker, Thos. Mickey, H. E. McMillin, Rod D. Stober, D. Billow, S.F. Stambaugh, S.S. Bloom, Isaac Wheeler, Isaac Bricker, R.W. Cahill, D.I. Foust, and R.J. Butter.  These Directors will meet next Saturday to elect their officers for the ensuing year.

Richland County has had a "healthy decrease of population", through means of the Court.  Judge Dirlam last week sentenced John Wallace to seven years to the Penitentiary, for cutting with intent to kill Con. Seaman;  and John Ward for two years for the same offense.  William Shipp two years for grand larceny, and Richard Wharf, son of Ex-Sheriff Wharf -- one year.  John Weaver of Belleville, one year, for shooting with intent to kill Cooke.  Sheriff Dickson took the four first named to Columbus last week.  The latter remains to await the decision of the Court on a motion for a new trial.

Shelby Lodge, No. 350, F. & A.M., elected the following officers, viz.:  D. Cummins, Worshipful Master;  John Saviers, Senior Warden;  L.C. Hayes, Junior Warden;  John Mack, Treasurer;  B.D. Sipe, Secretary;  I.A. Myers, Senior Deacon;  W.A. Shaw, Junior Deacon;  S. Weaver and A. Greenleafe, Stewarts;  C. Daugherty, Tylor;  E.S. Close, John Dempsey and Jno. Fireoved, Financial Committee.

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