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Shelby Independent News:  20 May 1875, Vol. 7, No. 30


S.S. Bloom, Editor and Proprietor

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E.W. Niles, an aged resident of Jackson Township, died on last Sunday morning.  His funeral took place on Monday.  An obituary notice will no doubt appear, written by those who can better give the facts than we can.

MARRIED, By the Rev. W.W. Anderson, at the residence of the bride's father, Charles Hutchinson, Sr., Mr. Samuel Trauger and Miss Sarah E. Hutchinson, both of Plymouth Twp.

MARRIED, May 13th., 1875, at the residence of E. Lawson, Forest, Ohio, by the Rev. C. Hill, Mr. William Dow, of Mansfield, Ohio, and Miss Lucetta Lautermilch, of Shelby, Ohio.

DIED, On last Sabbath morning, 16th. inst., Eli W. Niles, in the seventy-seventh year of his age.  Mr. Niles was born in Duchess Co., N.Y., May 11th., 1799.  He united with the Baptist church in his youth, and maintained a Christian character to the close of his life.  After his first marriage he settled in Bath, Steuben Co., New York.  He removed to Seneca County, Ohio, afterwards, where he buried his wife and two daughters.  In the fall of 1849, he was married to Mrs. Anna Fulton Gillespie, his surviving widow.  Soon after this marriage, he came to the vicinity of Shelby, where for twenty-five years he was respected by all who knew him.  For thirty years preceding his death, he was afflicted with a painful cough, but he never uttered a murmuring word.  His only desire was to suffer patiently and be received at last to mansions of eternal rest.  He leaves two sons living in Noble County, Indiana.  His last day was a wearisome one, and being told that it was the last day of the week, and that the morrow would bring a day of rest, he replied, "I hope soon to enjoy that eternal rest".  His wish was granted;  and on the Sabbath morning, his spirits left this world of care and pain, and by faith in Christ, entered into rest.  "The fathers:  where are they?"  -- W.W.A.

Knights of Honor is another new Order which has come into existence as a candidate for public favor within the last two years.  A Lodge was instituted in Shelby on the evening of April 28th., with a roll of twenty-three members.  The following officers were elected for the current term:  W.T. Mickey, Dictator;  B.J. Williams, Vice-Dictator;  J. Saviers, Assistant Dictator;  S.F. Stambaugh, Recording Reporter;  S.H. Palmer, Financial Reporter;  H.R. Lybarger, Treasurer;  N.F. Mickey, Guide;  Al. Moore, Sentinel;  H. Davis, W.R. Bricker and W.P. Shook, Trustees.  The Lodge has rented the room in Bowman Block in connection with the Grangers, where it meets on the first Wednesday evening of every month, and at such other times as may be specially called.  The object of this new Order, is much the same as other benevolent or beneficial Orders.  It ha connected with it the additional feature of providing a sum not exceeding two thousand dollars to be paid to the widow and orphans of a deceased member, in good standing in the Order, on the mutual aid plan, adopted by members of other Orders.

Rev. Luther Dodd, pastor of the Presbyterian church of this place from 1841 to 1851, being on his way from his present home in Rockport, Missouri, to the Presbyterian General Assembly at Cleveland, expects to return and preach in Shelby the first Sabbath of June.

On last Thursday afternoon as Mr. Joseph Duncan was going to the Depot on the C.C.C.&I. Ry., side-track, just south of the railroad bridge across the Blackfork, he stepped on the main track in front of a moving train, was hit by the engine, which threw him from the track but crushing his foot, so as to require amputation.  He was on his way to take the afternoon "local" to Crestline.  We learn that Drs. Mack and Bricker amputated his limb, at the residence of Mr. William Ward, where he died on Sunday morning.

Mrs. Bargaheiser, widow of Jacob Bargaheiser, deceased, died on Monday last.  Funeral Wednesday.  Notice next week. 

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